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Monday, February 12, 2007

   A Very Decent Monday
Today was actually a very neat day. First off, I got to miss the entire morning of school. My Economics teacher chose four of the six peeps in my class (myself included in those numbers) to participate in the Economics Challenge today. So, I went to most of Calculus, but being as all three of us were part of the Economics team, my math teacher let us study the whole time (no lie about the number there either lol). Well, we got there at about 9, got a free t-shirt, uber spiffy note pad and pen, and free breakfast. Now, before I go any further, I must tell you all my Economics experiance. I have had ONE semester, last semester no less, of Economics. My class did the Stock Market Game at the same time. That's it. Another member of my team, Maria, who can own my butt intelligent-wise any day, had actually read a book on Economics over the weekend and did a ton of research on the internet to prepare for this. Me? I was studying the morning of... My other classmate, Matt, had done possibly some studying that morning but really, he didn't. Same went for Kyle. In short, we were there for the food. Not only was there a free breakfast, there was free lunch. These other teams had been preparing for this challenge and had done a lot more Economics and some had even been to this Challenge last year. To boot, all semester my Economics teacher kept saying that none of his teams had ever made it to the Lightning Round. So again I say, we were there for the food XD. Now I must explain how the challenge was set up. There were three rounds and then the Lightning Round. The first three rounds were written tests and each idividual team member did the first two rounds/tests by themselves. At the end of each round the tests were collected and the top three points were combined to make the team score and those points were added to the total for the next round. For the third round, it was a group effort and one answer sheet was given to each team. The two teams with the highest points would then advance to the Lightning Round and the winner of that would represent my state in the regions that are held in L.A.. After the first round, my team was in second. And we were convined they had made a scoring error. Second round, we were first. At the end of the written part, WE WERE THE TOP SCORING TEAM!!! Now, we had set ourselves up for failure and were just hoping to not be last this whole time so we were beyond shocked and deadpanned. Well, needless to say we lost the Lightning Round, but still, we took second in the state!!! AND GOT A TROPHY!!!! There really is no way to describe how shocked and how excited we were once it finally set in and our hearts stopped pounding. Then we got our free lunch, certificates that said we had participated, and then they did team awards and individual awards. The individual awards dealt with the top two who had scored the highest on the written tests. This is the real miracle. I TIED WITH A GUY FROM OUT OF TOWN FOR SECOND PLACE!!!!!!! Me, who hates numbers, graphs and the like and who has very little Economics experiance. And all I have to say is, I'm a darn good guesser. But I do feel bad, because I know the real award should have gone to Maria. She will always work herself up and get uber nervous but I know that she really knew a lot more than I did. But there you have it! Being as the other guy is from out of town, he got the present award for taking second: a trophy and a $50 savings bond, which I will also recieve at a later time!!! I am so happy!!!! So yeah, this week is starting out great. And now, it is time for sleep even though it's just 8 p.m.... I nearly clonked out during practice so I know I'm dead lol. Night all! =^_^=
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