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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to apologize to those of you who were annoyed/pissed off about the chain letter that i sent some of you and i promise that it'll never happen again. Hm...i'm pretty sure that there was more...oh yeah! I won't be able to visit anyone's site for a while because my dad had accidentaly messed my computer up and I don't know when we'll be able to have it fixed. The only time I'll have a chance to be on myO is when I'm in school...which is now

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Monday, February 26, 2007

last part o' the story

like the title thingy said, this is where the story comes to a close....or does it?

“We’ll see about that, there’s nothing o this earth that can stop us, let’s go” Alister and Destiny follow new path which leads them to a single chamber with a giant statue in the middle
“Not another one…” Alister says with annoyance and walks toward statue to take a closer look “hey, what’s this?” reaches towards statue’s right eye and pulls out a glowing black stone
“Can it be? It is! We finally found the Stone of Darkness! Now all we need to do is to return to that old hag’s place so she can cure you, our search is finally over!”
Alister and Destiny begin to celebrate, but they celebrated too early because the statue begins to violently shake and slowly begins to change form. The statue suddenly explodes, sending Destiny and Alister to the opposite sides of the chamber and sue to the blast, and smoke quickly fills the room. The smoke from the explosion quickly clears and in the center there us a giant ghost-like apparition “I’m Free!! And I have the two of you to thank. So instead of killing you I will allow the both of you to become my personal slaves”
“We are slaves to no one” Alister and Destiny say simultaneously
“Oh well, I was going to kill the both of you either way” it hyperextend (stretches) its arms and seizes Alister and begins to slowly squeeze his life away
Tremendous pressure on his body causes Alister to bleed internally and he begins to cough up blood “What are you waiting for?? You can still save yourself! Forget about me and run!! I don’t want you to see me die this way…”
Images of Death flash before Destiny’s eyes and instantly she knows what she had to do “No,” she says in a voice that doesn’t belong to her “no more running away, today is the day that I must embrace my destiny and who I really am,” a dark aura surrounds Destiny “I am the Angel of Death”
Dark aura consumes Destiny and when aura fades away the features of Destiny have changed. Her once light blue hair has been turned to jet-black and her light blue eyes turned to black as well. Suddenly a surge of new found power race through Destiny’s veins and she focuses all that power into her right fist, dark light begins emanating from her right fist “Now do me a favor,” Destiny then rushes towards ghost like figure and lands a single blow straight to the things heart “and DIE!!”
“What have you done?!? NOOOOO!!” ghost-like apparition utters a blood curdling scream and then fades away into the darkness which it was released from. Destiny walks towards Alister.
“Destiny?” Alister coughs an alarming amount of blood due to internal bleeding “is that really you?
“Yes, but please, don’t move so much, any more loss of blood and you’ll surely die” Destiny then kisses Alister’s lips and while doing so transfers nearly all her newfound power to him, healing his wounds and stopping his internal bleeding “Now sleep” Alister then passes out and then falls to a deep sleep
“Not a bad idea…” Destiny collapses to her knees “not a bad idea at all…” she then passes out next to Alister.
Next day and a few rays of sunshine pierce through the clouds. Destiny awakes up with a pulsing headache and she has also forgotten all that has happened on the previous night, she has also regained her old features. “What the hell happened to me last night…? And why does it feel like my head was run over by a bunch of horses…?
“Oh look, Sleeping Beauty has finally decided to wake up”
“Shut up…I’m not in the mood…”
“Sorry” Alister then smiles at her
“Why are you smiling at me like that?”
“No reason…no reason at all…”
“Tell me….or I’ll kill you….I’m seriously not in the mood to play around…”
“Oh really? Then I guess I won’t be giving you this then.” Alister shows her the Stone of Darkness
“Is that…?”
“Yup, with this you can be finally cured of your flashbacks and our lives can return to the ways they were, all we need is to go to that old hag’-“
“-my mother’s”
“Right, all we need to do is go to your mother’s house so she can cure you”
"Now that we got all the stones...does that mean that you'll leave...?
"You can be so silly at times...of course not, because I lo..."
"You what...?"
"Um...nothing...nothing at all..."
"Tell me, you know I have my ways to make you talk"
"Um..." Alister takes a few steps back "...I'll tell you this, if you can catch me before we get to your mom's house, then I'll tell"
"What's that supposed to mean....?"
"THIS!!" Alister starts running away from Destiny
"What the...hey wait up!" She then starts chasing Alister
Meanwhile atop the cave, two figures dressed in black appear.
"It seems Piastol has finally awakened" one figure says to another
"Yes..this should be interesting to say the least"


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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Here's the secon part of stone. if you're interested in reading it, you gotta read the first part which is found below this post.

“Finally some action, I was kinda getting bored” Alister then throws some of the knives at the living statues with all his might. When they hit the statue the harmlessly fall to the ground “It looks like our normal attacks won’t affect them…” Alister brings out a bomb from his bag “…but this will!” lights bomb and throws it towards one of the statues and bomb explodes covering the whole room in smoke “Did I get him?” Suddenly a stone hand reaches out of the smoke and seizes Alister’s neck and flings him towards the opposite wall.
Destiny stares at Alister and then at statues “Seems you’re stronger than we expected, no worries, I’ll be happy to be the one who sends you all to hell” she then runs towards one of the statues and then swings her sword aiming it at the statue’s side, the sword is caught by the statue and then the statue seizes her and flings her besides Alister.
“Damn…” Alister says with disbelief “I know I wanted some action, but I didn’t mean this much…oh well, at the very least I didn’t expect we had to resort to this.” Alister brings out the Stone of Fire and then looks at Destiny “You ready? Go!”
Destiny quickly materializes some sort of magic shield that surrounds the four statues “Your turn.”
Alister nods “Moon of fire, hear my call! Moon of fire, obliterate my enemies, once and for all! Pyro Explosion!!” Area inside of magic shield flashes red and then an enormous explosion takes place within them, quickly obliterating all that is/was inside
“That was fun while it lasted, but I was expecting more of a challenge from those things…”
Alister and Destiny get up and dust themselves off. Suddenly a section of the wall moves to the left revealing a new path
“I assume we’re supposed to go through there,” Alister then points to revealed path “let’s go.”
“Wait, take a look at this” points to strange writing near entrance “All...those who enter...shall die...”

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

not much happened today...wait...it rained! in fact, it's still raining ^_^ but did it have to start raining right when school ended...? by the time i got home i was soaking wet ^_^' not that i mind it though, i love the rain. I wish it would rain everyday...hm...but then i'd have to learn how to swim lol

Bzzzzzzz..... by *Leversa on deviantART

random questions:
1) do u know how to swim?
2) um...what do u think is dristacting inuyasha so much...?

my answers:
1) not at all, and i've been to the beach many times ^_^'

by any chance does anyone remember that I mentioned a short story i wrote? well below is part of it, enjoy ^_^ and if u want me to post the rest, just say so

In a time where magic ruled the land there used to live a female given the name Angel of Death for having killed thousands of people. On the day she was caught and burned at the stake, she promised that 50 years later a female will be born who will possess all her powers and will wreak chaos across the land. 50 years later, a child named Destiny was born.

By: Sifredo Quijada Jr

It is lightly raining; Alister (age 19. Sworn protector of Destiny, he won’t rest until a cure for her is found) and Destiny (age 21. Since the age of 19 she has been suffering from odd flashbacks where an old woman has been referring her as “Angel of Death”) are standing outside a cave, peering into the vast unwelcoming darkness that awaits them inside. Their search for the last sacred stone is almost over! For two years now they have been searching for the sacred stones that will relieve Destiny of her curse; the last stone-the stone of darkness-is deep within the depths of the cave.
“This is it’” Alister says with delight “once we get this last stone our journey will finally be over and we can live in peace once again.”
“Yeah…” Destiny says hesitantly “but it’s so dark and there might be monsters inside, maybe we aren’t ready for this…”
“Are you kidding?? Of course there’ll be monsters in there but you shouldn’t worry, I’ll protect you. Besides, all our years of hard work has brought us to this moment, there’s no going back.”
“Will you stop acting so childish?” Alister says with annoyance in his voice “if you want to stay out here in the rain then stay, but I’m going in.” Alister enters the cave and Destiny soon follows and goes by his side “Took you long enough, here, you should hold this.” Alister hands Destiny the Stone of Light, the stone starts vibrating and then radiant white light shines and entire chamber is lit. Strange drawings fill all four walls and each corner of the chamber is adorned with a strange statue
“This place looks so strange…hey Alister, we should be careful in a place like this you never know where booby traps might be hidden.”
“Those type of things only exist in stories, we both know that those type of things never happen in real life” Alister moves forward to take a closer look at a picture, pressure of his foot towards the floor pushes a part of it lower and the exit becomes blocked
“What did you just do…?”
“Heh, that trap was probably just for show; besides, when we get the stone we’ll just make our own way out.” The eyes of all four shadows glow red and slowly come to life “Crap…” Alister stares in disbelief as all four statues surround them
“Idiot…” Destiny then brings out her sword and hands Alister some knifes/blades

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hello everyone. right now I'm in school and i'm not supposed to be using the comp right now, so i'm gonna keep this post short. After school i'm going to my friends house so we can play super smash bros. melee. it used to be just for fun, but damn elias just had to mention that we had to put something on he line. For some time, Fernando has been bothering us to join his team for Econ challenge (some school club/competition thing) and said that if he beats us, then we'll join. which would be no problem...but fernando's good...real good. The rules for this bet is simple, he has to be the one to take away our last life and deliberatly killing self is not allowed. Hopefully i'm not gonna lose...cuz if i lose...i'm not going alone lol

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The party wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, actually it was kinda fun ^_^ It had good food and good music, u kno, the the type that is easy to dance too.
I'm kinda worried about a friend of mine, it seems that he has been depressed/sad some time now. people get sad, i know, but it's different with him. u see, me and him are alike, even if we are in pain or anything close to it, we don't show it that much, so when i saw him on friday, i knew instantly that something's wrong. he wouldn't say much, but from what he told me, i can tell that it's something bad. I don't wanna say much, but the song bellow pretty much says what he's going through

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Friday, February 16, 2007

today was pretty cool ^_^ in one of my classes a friend brought some floam (foam+...?=floam. just what is floam...?) so for the whole period i was just playing with it, i'm pretty sure the teacher was giving us a lecture for the next assigment, but i couldn't pay attention...the floam was too tempting, it's so sticky plus when u roll it into a ball, it bounces ^_^' the teacher saw what i was doing and he took it away -_- *mumbles* evil teacher
As for second period (AP Economics) we had a chapter test, which wouldn't have been a problem...except i had kinda forgot to read the chapter ^_^" so i basically ended up using my common sense and what i knew about GDP (gross domestic product) to go through the whole thing. it was pretty easy actually and i was pretty confident about how i did on the test...that was until my friend said that he thought the test was really hard...but no worries, in that class i've been on a roll so i'm pretty sure i did fine.
Tomorrow went from a day i couln't wait for to a day that i don't want to happen cuz me and my friends made plans to go to the beach (good thing) then all of a sudden i was told by my parents to cancel all plans cuz we are going to go to a party for my cousin's 15th birthday ( bad, usually boring as hell thing). I don't like the family parties we go too...it's always for a relative who i have never met and there's usually no one my age to talk too...oh well...

Dir en grey-clever sleazoid (for some of u darker metal or j-rock fans)

while we were taing the test parts of this song kept repeating itself in my head ^_^'

Dir en grey-Saku (unrestricted version)

as u can see, the band changes their look a lot ^_^

random questions galore:
1) would u rather have a very attractive looking yet very dumb boyfriend/girlfriend or and average looking intelectual one? keep in mind that the attractive looking one can be a model and the acerage looking one is fun to be with

2)Do u believe that us humans will still live on earth by the year 2100?

3)Does true love really exist?

4)if u found out u were going to hell after death, how would u behave?

5)Who is braver or has more courage...the one who has a gun to fight or the one who doesn't?

6)Should mercy killing be considered murder?

7)What leads to greater success, hard work or raw talent?

8) do u like country music?

9) what would u rather have, powers to create or destroy?

10) if u saw a ghost, would it scare u?

11)how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

12) do u see the world in black and white (good and evil are separate) or in shades of gray (good and evil are mixed)?

13) do u anger easily?

14) if u had on day to live, how would u spend it?

my answers:
1) average and intellectual

2) there is a posibility, so yes

3) of course it does

4) the same as always, i wouldn't let that change who i am or how i live life

5) the one without a gun, the other is cowardly hiding behind the gun

6) no

7)hard work, raw talent, like beauty, might one day fade away yet hard work stays forever

8) no

9) create



12) shades of gray


14) all the things one is not supposed to do *smiles eveily* haha! actually, i'd spend it with the one's i love the most ^_^

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


hello everyone, happy v-day!

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Friday, February 9, 2007

This week was kinda funny yet busy, yesterday being the bussiest of them all because we had to write our own short story and type the whole thing in ne day! He said it was gonna be a piece of cake. HA! mine was 7 pages long typed and I didn't get that much sleep cuz I was working on it plus the usual math analysis (pre-cal). I even fell asleep during class, his class! I was gonna flip him off and then fall asleep..but I was too sleepy to do it ^_^' The saddest thing of all about it was the fact that everyone else's was 1-2 pages! so I guess I overdid it...just a little bit...hehe ^_^ the really cool thing about it was the fact that one of my friends loves the story and she only read the prologue which is barely a few lines long ^_^ know she's making me print a copy for her. The day I wrote it was the day that I got a cool dragon necklace and today was the first day I wore it and while I was talking to a friend, all of a sudden I hear "The power of christ compells you* and I get smacked in the back of the head by my friend's bible. He laughed and then he said that he thought my dragon necklace looked like a demon with wings...right...he just wanted a reason to smack me...now my head kinda hurts...asshole...lol
Below is the prologue that I was speaking of:

In a time where magic ruled the land there used to live a female given the name Angel of Death for having killed thousands of people. On the day she was caught and burned at the stake, she promised that 50 years later a female will be born who will possess all her powers and will wreak chaos across the land. 50 years later, a child named Destiny was born.

I might post part of the story on my next post...whenever that'll be...but that's only if people are interested in reading it. Oh, and I'll be gone tomorrow. my friends wanna celebrate the end of a very stressful week by going out to the movies and I have no choice but to go...they said that if I refuse that they'll tie me up and take me there...they know where I live...*looks out window* lol
why is it so cold? I have no idea why...*takes bite out of ice cream*

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Finals are over! for the past few days we've been having finals at my school, but they finished on friday and since i have no homework this weekend, I can finally rest ^_^
This friday was also the last day that a friend of mine was gonna be at LHS (lincoln high school) so we threw her a going away party and it was at my friend's house who has the dalmation from hell! *thunder is heard* lol if some of you are wondering what i'm talking about, i'm talkimg about the dalmation that bit my arm the other day. This time the mother was tied up in the backyard so there was no way she was going to bite me, so I began to play with the puppies for a while. I was moving one of the dog's toys and it would try to catch it with it's mouth. after a while my friend saw me and she told me "you do know that the dog isn't aiming for the toy, but for your hand, right?" so I just left it alone, got up and all of a sudden the dog started to bite my pants, it was really funny cuz to get to the living room you had to go over a board and since the dog was holding on to my pants so I couldn't -_-' but enough about the dog, the whole time we spent at my friend's house we spent playing guitar hero 2, watching horror movies, and eating pizza. I think that I got better in the game, then again I did stay away from medium and played it on easy ^_^"
That all happend yesterday, and as for today, i spent most of it at a relative's funeral. He was 72 when he died and in a way i'm glad that he did, for the past few weeks I've been hearing that he was really sick and had trouble breathing sometimes, so now I'm glad that he's dead so he won't feel any more pain. Now that I think of it, I have already lost two relatives, the other being my uncle at his late 20s due to a car accident, in less than a year. I hope that wherever they are, that they're having a good time and you never know, they might be watching me as I speak.

Lost In Death

I once had a small house
That had a brown mouse
Where I was happy as can be
For I had no new enemy
But now I am lost in this world
Searching for things that I can’t find
That would remind me of my past
That was taken away so fast
But all that is gone
And so am I
Like a faint glimmer in the sky
Always to be forgotten
But never to be remembered
So this is how death feels
It feels dark
It feels cold
I can’t see anything
So all I do is wander aimlessly
With no purpose
Nor any sense of direction
If this is death
Where are the angels?
Where are the demons?
Is all that I have been told a lie?
Am I really dead?
Maybe I’m merely unconscious
No, I’m dead
Dead to the world
Dead to myself
Just like I have always been

Rest in peace old man. You will be missed by most, remembered by all

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