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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello everyone! Not much to say, so I'll keep this post short, ok?

Today was kinda cool, just found out that it's spirit week in my school, which is pretty much...um....wait...just what the hell is spirit week...?? I guess that shows you how little school spirit I have. ^_^' All I know is that people come to chool dressed a certain way, like I think tomorrow's superhero day, so I won't be surprised if some people come dressed like Superman or something. I think Monday was twin day-dress in the same clothes and the like- and for some time I made fun of a friend since his younger brother looks like him and said that his brother could be his twin, which he responded with his usual "Oh yeah? Well your mom's a man and your dad likes it that way" and I responded with "You like ponnies!". lol
If some of you are wondering, I'm still sick...-_-' But something cool happened today! It started to rain like crazy with a lot of wind, and I mane A LOT of wind, me and alfred thought that one of the palm trees our school has was going to topple over since it was bending a lot. Sadly...it did not. ^_^' Then all of a sudden it just stops raining and becomes really sunny....i hate the weather...I want it to rain, I love the rain yet never knew why. ^_^' Oh, remember ths Dir en Grey cds I said that I lost? Well my friend's going to get them for me again. Not only that, but today he gave me 5 more of their cds and one of their music videos! Right now I'm listenong to Marrow of a Bone, have no idea what their saying...but I don't care! lol
You won't believe what I just found...you know the music video I have on my site, right? Well I found the lyrics to that song in English, and wow....I knew that song was sad, but I never knew how sad it was. I'm going to post the lyrics below, and if you want to see the vidoe and read the lyrics, be my guest. If not....bite me! lol just kiddimg. ^_^

The way that I used to walk with you is gone
But still, I always walked with you, I wonder if I'll ever be able to meet
youThe snow falls gently on a hill
Even though I can't reach you, I understand
The flower in your room that you loved is now...The day of last years final snow
The promises that were hard to exchange
When I remember them, they melt, and spill from my handsThe snow falls gently on a hill
Even though I can't reach you, I understand
The flower in your room that you loved is now...All alone by the window, just staring at the snow
While remembering you, seeing you in the glass
I give you a final kissCome on, smile, don't cry anymore
From here on, I'll always be watching youThe snow falls gently on a hill
Even though I can't reach you, I understand
The flower in your room that you loved is now...A light that quietly begins to color the inside of the town white
You saw the season's final colorsThe sound of the tears that fell is cruel isn't it
You saw the season's final colorsThe four seasons, and your colors, will soon vanish
The snow melts, and flowers bloom on the street corner
The "colors" that you saw, softly begin to meltThe day of this years final colors(A single flower on the street corner
When I look up into the sky, the final snow melts from my hand)

Oh, before I forget, below are the naswers to the riddles of the previous post:
1) Halfway, because once you reach that point you'll be running OUT of the forest.
2) The answer is 1. The pattern of the #'s doesn't matter and if you notice that in the begging I say that 1=5 so therefore 5 must equal 1. Tricky one, huh?

Oh crap...this post is long...and I said it was going to be short. Sorry about that. ^_^'

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

As of today...I am now officially sick. -_-' Well...I guess you could say that I was sick since Wednsday, but the thing is, whenever I get sick, it usually lasts 1 or 2 days tops, and this is what...my 5th day? Yeah...something must be wrong since the last time I was sick this long was this summer when if I layed down, there was no getting up. Whenever I got up the whole room would start spinning slowly and then get faster and faster until...well, you can guess what would happen afterwards. Even WITHOUT eating I would still throw up and the symptoms would usually last until nightfall....but this time it feels...different. Odds are it's just a minor cold, which is odd because I can go out without a sweater on the coldest days and not feel a thing like on Tuesday...hm....I think I just figured out why I got sick...^_^'
On top of that, I lost my Dir En Grey CD's! Well, they weren't cd's..just the songs...but still, where are they!? I put them on my computer one day and the next, they vanished! Oh well, hopefully I can get my friend to give them to me again. If not...i'm screwed...lol. Oh, while we're on the subject concerning music, how can I put a song to play on myO? I really want to put one of the naruto songs my friend gave me...yet I don't know how...^_^'

Let's see if you can solve these riddles, I'll give you a hint, they're way easier than they look:

1) For how long can you run into the woods?

1 = 5
2 = 20
3 = 35
4 = 50
5 = ? (in other words, what does 5 eqeal?)

I'll post the answers in my next post...if there is a next one...and if anyone actually tries them.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The second/last day of CAHSEE, or in other words, the end to the boredom. lol Unlike yesterday, today wasn't as boring. One of the students actually thought about bringing 2 movies to watch. So for most of the 4 hours we were all stuck there, we spent it watching The Grudge and some other movie....I think it was the second part of Bring It On, since the movie was full of cheerleaders and afterwards I spent it playing Slapjack with a few friends and my hand is still sore! lol Damn Kwan...why did he have to slap so hard?? Then again, he was out to hurt Carmen and instead he ended up hitting me and Johanna most of the time. ^_^' And in return, Carmen kicked him a lot, so I guess it's even. lol
After that I bumped into a friend of mine and he had what I had earlier asked him for, he gave me some Naruto soundtracks and 4 Dir En Grey CDs!! If only I knew what they were saying...yeah...I really need to learn Japanese. lol ^_^'

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hm...i haven't posted in how long...? oh well, not as if anyone even reads these things. lol
today was pretty cool, boring as hell at times, but cool nontheless. see, they were giving the cahsee (a test that determines wether you pass High School or not.) and since my first period teacher was the proctor of one of these tests, everyone that wasn't taking the test was moved to another class. So the whole time, we were doing nothing, naturally you would think that it was fun, but after 4 hours...yeah, by the time 2 hours passed, even I wansted work....hey, it beats boredom. After a while of being bored I took brough out a stuffed bull and a stuffed dog (why i had them in there beats me....) and started to mess around with them and then two friends joined in; it was fun. ^_^ Poor reg though (yeah...i named the dog reg...lol) one of them kept abusing him/her (smacking it, etc etc.) so when she put her head down to rest a bit,I started to balance them the dog on her head and put the bull in front of her to freak her out when she gets up...it worked and she almost hit me for it. ^_^' then i went home, went to an eye doctor/optometrist and I'm going to get new glasses on Tuesday. so that was pretty much my day, and yours?

1) How do you like the new background?
2) Have you seen the video I put (Dir En Grey-Aint Afraid to Die)? and if so, did you like it?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just finished writing an essay for ap english lit about joy luck club that's due tomorrow and was given to us to do since friday. but i just had to wait until the last minute to do it...oh well, at least i'm done with it. now i can relax and just, listen to music; right now i'm listening to "aint afraid to die" by dir en grey...even though i have no idea what they're saying. ^_^' oh well, you don't have to understand the lyrics in order to like/love a song, right? If you want to see the music video, it's the one i have in my site. please watch it and tell me what you think. ^_^
Tomorrow i have 2 quizes and am i going to study u ask? the answer: not at all. Even though I don't study I still get good grades, so I see no reason as to why I should start now.

Random questions:
1) anyone know where i can get the translations of japanese songs in eng;ish?
2) Do you have: Xbox/Xbox 360, Gamecube/wii, or PS2/PS3?
3) Would you rather know when your going to die or how?
4) Do you still watch pokemon? If so, which is your favorite one?
5) Have you heard of an anime called Elfen Lied?
6) Have you ever heard/seen an anime/manga called chobits?
7) What's that!?! *points up*

My answers:
2)Gamecube, but i really want the wii or atleast a PS2.
3)When so I can live life to the fullest and most importantly spend the most time as possible with the one I love.
4) Not really, but my favorite pokemon is blaziken.
5) Yup! I love it! ^_^
6) Love it! have the first volume ^_^

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

i saw 300 yesterday and it was awesome! u must see it! even though it is rated R...hehehe...lol. I don't want to mess the movie for any of you, but i will say this. my favorite parts of the battles (are there were tons of them!) was when they made it go slow motion so you could see everything. and i mean everything, like when...well, if you want to kno what i'm talking about, then you should see the movie yourself, but i must warn you, there is A LOT of blood/gore, so if you are weak of heart, you should NOT see this movie. There are also some parts that aren't appropriate for "minors" to see.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

good morning everyone! I'm not going to be on much longer, I have to get ready to go watch 300 w/some friends so before I go, here’s a few pics for u. ^_^


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Thursday, March 8, 2007

The bunnies are coming! Okay...that's enough randomness for one post. lol ^_^'
I can't wait for this Saturday, me and a few friends are going to see 300 and then maybe sneek in to watch The Zodiac afterwards. I've been waiting to see that movie for a long time, ever since the beggining of this year to be exact since that was when we saw the preview for it while waiting to watch Apocalypto. Not only me, but most of my friends too, we're been planing to watch it for a long time and we finally are going to see it. Afterwards we're just going to walk around aimlessly and then go to Pennylane to go see if there are any cds that we might like, hopefully this time i won't be broke like last time we went to see Hannibal Rising...and Apocalypto. -_-'

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

ok, remember the song i was talking about? well here's the music video. ^_^

Mitsu to batsu/Tsumi to batsu

this is another music video by dir en grey. this is one sad yet beautiful song. enjoiy! ^_^

aint afraid to die

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

   Finally! ...what the...

for the past few days i've been looking for the lyrics for "mitsu to tsuba/tsumi to batsu" (no one really know what the actual title is) and i finally found them! you see, it wouldn't have taken me so long to find them if the places i went to hadn't kept the lyrics in japanese, so that got me thinking...why the hell would i be looking for the lyrics if i knew japanese? lol well anyways...the point is that i found them and...it was not what i was expecting...apparently, the song is basically about rape from the rapist's point of view...but i don't care! i love the vocals and the visuals, even though the song is kinda weird... lol ^_^'
oh i got this letter today from the school that says that i am required to partake in "community learning" and if u don't kno what tht means, it basically says that the school wants me to do community service and if i don't, i won't graduate....yeah...i think my school is after me...i'm screwed...lol. oh well, how bad can it be?

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