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Monday, January 29, 2007


Today was way cool! It was the first time that I got to se a friend of mine in over a year and seeing her made me realize how I missed her, She's changed quite a bit, she seems a bit taller now, but of course I didn't tell that...she would've killed me if I made a short joke ^_^' I heven't seen or heard of her ever since she left and joined the navy. yup, she joined it straight after she graduated from high school. Sadly she won't be staying long, she's gonna leave next week since that's when she's going to washington and be shipped of to a navy base near afghanistan. which means she's gonna be fighting in the war, I hope she's going to be okay, but I shouldn't worry, she's not the type to die so easily, so she'll be just fine.

Random question:
1) what would you rather control: fire or water?
2) are you easily distracted?
3) do you have a bad memory?
4) what would you rather control: earth or wind?
5) what's 2+2?
6) what's that!?! *points up*

My answers:
2) no, of cour-*spots something shiny* very shiny ^_^
3) at times
4) rather control the wind cuz that might also mean that I can control the weather
5) monkey!

Now back by popular demand: Ninja of the night! (okay, no one actiually asked for it, but i'll put it anyway, and if you don't like it, bite me! but not so hard, okay? ^_^


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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yesterday was pretty cool, me and a few friends hung out at a friend's house to play some video games and just hang out. her dog had two puppies and it was the first time that I got to see them. They were both white with black dots and both looked kinda cute ^_^ I was playing with them and all of a sudden their mother bit me! not only that but one of the puppies scratched me! I'm starting to think that dogs hate me...oh well, I always liked cats better anyways, always thought that kitties were cuter than puppies *notices that a group of people are staring at me and looks at them* what? can't a straight guy say that he likes kitties? *people keep staring*...*glares at people*...*touches nearest thing and it causing it to burst to flames* *people run away* much better ^_^
after I got bit we started to play guitar hero, the game is so cool! it's the first time I ever played it so I played it on easy and was pretty good too. kinda got cocky and decided that I should play it on medium...bad mistake...I sucked at it ^_^' after a while I went home and when my parents saw the bite it was funny how they reacted cuz they couldn't have been more opposite of each other. my mom was worried if I was hurt and my dad just didn't give a damn lol. All he asked was if I was okay and there, no more questions ^_^'
Today was cool too, me and a few friends went out to eat and while waiting for the food we just started to talk about things that have happened to us and then I realized what a crappy neighberhood we all live in. most of our families were affected by rival gangs that live around where we live. Not like I give a damn about the gangs, as long as they don't hurt my friends or family that is.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Not much to say so I'm gonna keep this post short. kinda bummed out right now, I was supposed to be hanging out with friends having a good time, but it was postponed...again! now I don't have any plans...oh well, it could be worse. atleast I don't have tons of homework...*looks at stack of papers*...like I said...no homework *pushes stack of papers of desk* -_-'
It's so cold! must.burn.stuff. lol ^_^

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Friday, January 19, 2007

ouch...kinda that hurts...

hiya guys, how's it been? life been good? bad? neutral? As for me, I'ts been okay, except for the pain I've been feeling on the side of my neck. must've slept bad or something cuz the pain started when I just woke up and felt something like a sharp object pierced my skin...could it be?? was I attacked by invisible vampires?? lol, well when my little sister noticed that my neck hurt she offered to give me a "massage" and I said sure...bad mistake...cuz when she had the chance she started to poke me there like crazy. at first I was mad at her, but I got over it quickly and got my revenge by tickling her like crazy. she's very ticklish and by knowing that, I used it to my advantage ^_^ When I told a friend of mine about it, she started to give me a real neck massage, it felt good, hands were kinda cold, but still good. I still feel the pain, but less often now ^_^
I can't wait for tomorrow! me and a few friend are gonna hang out and do...um....we don't know yet, maybe watch a movie

random questions:
1) any plans for the weekend?
2)what type of ice creal do you like?
3) choose: rain or sunny
4) do you have a gaiaonline account?
5)do you like cheese? (hey...I said these would be random ^_^
6) choose: zombie or vampire
7) what are you wearing?
8) what's that!? *points to your left*

my answers:
1) hang out with friends and do stuff
2) dunno
3) rain
4)yup (if you do, add me to your friendslist...but that's only if you want to. username: Avicus Blaze)
5) yup ^_^
6) vampire
7) um...black shirt, black pants...and for some reason only one sock...wonder where the other one went...

Sasuke- Just like you (amv about sasuke's hate towards Itachi)

Meant to be

naruto funnies

love the ending, poor neji

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hope you like these amvs!

felt like writing post...but nothing much has happened...so...um...enjoy these amvs!

Naruto- Ninja of the Night

Naruto-Real Ninjas

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy new year everyone! Hopefully this year’ll be better than the last one.

The past few days have been pretty good for me. I got a printer the other day and a while back I was able to buy the new Zelda game for the gamecube. It’s pretty cool, might be the greatest Zelda game of all time, but it’s too early to say. Having link turn in to a wolf is pretty fun, especially now that I can get him to talk to animals ^_^ if only they had something useful to say, lol. I’ve already beaten two bosses….but they were kinda easy. When I started the first and second boss battles I was hoping that they’d be a bit harder than the one’s from the past games. Oh well, at least I got link to sumo wrestle a goron, doing that was kinda fun ^_^
This new years was the best for me since I got to spend it at my friend’s house, I had lots of fun. We watched movies and played with his Xbox.

Random Questions:
1) how’d you spend your new year’s eve?
2) How many languages do you know?
3) If aliens came to you and asked you to join them in taking over the world, what would you do?
4) What’s your favorite novel?
5) Are these random questions bothering you?
6) Choose: ice cream or a muffin
7) Is your winter break almost over?
8) If you could be trapped in an island with one of your favorite anime characters, who would it be?
9) If you bring 12 anime characters in the real world, who would they be?

My answers:
1) I spent it at my friend’s house watching tv, playing on his computer, watching movies, and playing on his Xbox
2) 3: English, Spanish, and French.
3) I’d join them and at then when we have control of the world, I’d betray them and make the world mine ^_^
4) Battle Royale
5) Nope
6) Um…ice cream ON my muffin?
7) Sorta, one more week left
8) Hinata
9) Haku, hinata, kazuma, chi, shikamaru, naota, jiraiya, tsunade, samejima mamimi, scheris, rhyuho

Garaa: why aren’t I in that list?
Me: cuz you’d probably kill me
Garaa: I’ll kill you now if you don’t put me in that list
Me: go for it, let’s see if you can *smirk* without your sand that is
Garaa: what the…? What’d you do to with it??
Me: while you weren’t looking, I replaced it with bananas
Garaa: why bananas?
Me: glad you asked, you remember those evil space monkeys that got me, right??
Garaa: yeah, so?
Me: *whistles causing space monkeys to appear* they made me they’re king
Garaa: oh cra- *starts being chased by space monkeys*

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (wait...it alredy passed,lol)

MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS!!!!! sorry about being gone for awhile, did anyone miss me? *crickets are heard in the distance* wait...did anyone notice I was gone? *even more crickets are heard* i'll take that as a no...lol. fine! I'm leaving and never coming back! just kidding =^^= if I left, I think I'd be missed *cricket noice becomes louder* *in response, throws huge bomb where cricket noise was coming from* hehe, that shut them up,lol.
how'd everyone spend christmas? The day before christmas I spent it at my cousin's house and it was really fun. we watched a movie and then we started to play video games. afterwards we started a fire (relax...it was in their barbecue thing) and after a while I was throwing some random things in it, like pieces of chocolate and stuff. the funny thing is that after a while me and one of my cousins started to talk about books and then movies and that made my other cousin feel left out,lol. then on christmas day I spent most of it at my friend's house since it was his birthday and it was real cool. we started to play super smash brothers melee and after a while we started to play some foosball (i think that's how you spell it). after a while we started to watch some cartoons (south park) and then started to play video games again ^_^ of course most of the time he ended up beating me...but that's because I haven't played melee in a while.

Random questions:
1) what did you get for christmas?
2) what types of video games do you like?
3) what type of books/novels do you like?
4) if you won $1,000,000, what would you buy?
5) are you afraid of:
c)small spaces?
e) evil space monkies?

my answers:
1) a towel and 70 dollars
2) adventure/rpg, fighting, and some racing games
3)gothic and action
4) buy a house, give to the poor, buy anime, mangas, video games, cds, and dvds.
a)a little
b) not at all
c) not at all
d) not at all
e) evil space monkies?? where? *looks around* of course not, evil space monkies don't exist.
evil space monkies: oh really? *appear behind me, knock me out and take me to their ship*

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Hiya everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was alright, on Friday I went over to a friend’s house and got to play the Nintendo Wii, it’s the first time I ever got to play it, and it’s pretty cool….my arms are still sore ^_^ but it was worth it. The asshole was recording me play it on his cell phone…I better not see that on youtube…or else! lol. The games I played were wii sports, Twilight Princess, and Tenkaichi 2.. I used vegeta of course, since he’s my favorite DBZ character, and then I used Trunks, my second favorite dbz character

Random questions:
1)What type of movie do you like?
2)Who’s your favorite male naruto character?
3)Who’s your favorite female naruto character?
4)Who’s your favorite male dbz character?
5)Who’s your favorite female dbz character?

My answers:
1)Any type is cool with me, but my favorite type is horror. I love movies that freak people out, hoping that it’ll scare me…*sigh* it never happens though, they’re just not scary enough.
2)Haku…but I think that Shikamaru is starting to become my favorite male character since he’s sorta like me…we’re both smart (or so I have been told) but were both lazy and try to do things the way that means less work for us ^_^
5)Videl seems pretty cool

quote of the day:
"I would say I love you, but you know I would lying" -from some show I watched the other day, can't remember the name

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Friday, December 8, 2006

how was everyone's week? mine started out cool and then ended kinda lame and now I'm sorta sad. Me and a few friends where planning to go out,eat,and hang out today, but all of a sudden our plans were destroyed when all of a sudden two people said they couldn't make it and now I have no plans for today, tommorow, or sunday *sigh* Oh well, at least things can't get any worse.

Random questions:
1) Do you believe in:
2)If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3) would you rather live an ordinry where you know what will happen before it happens or a life filled with chaos where the unexpected always happens?
3)what type of music do you like?
4)what's you're favorite group/band?
5)do you like spicy foods?

Random Answers:
a) sorta
b) not really, but that would be so cool!
c) not really, but I believe there's a possinility that they do exist.
d) not really, but that would explain the de'ja vu that people get sometimes
e) yes, I am one! just kidding ^_^ If they existed it would be so cool! I'd love to meet one and ask if I could tag along for a while.
f) No, not at all
2) A life filled with chaos would bw nice, that way every day would be filled with adventure and not a single day would I be bored
3) Rock and metal
4) Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band and other bands that I like are Motley Crue and System Of A Down. If you want you could see the music video that's just below the Naruto picture. That's Avenged Sevenfold's music video "Beast And The Harlot"
5) Yeah, as long as it's no too spicy

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Hiya! How was everyone’s week? Mine was basically S.S.D.D. (same shit, different say) throughout the whole week *sigh* Oh guess what? I finally got internet for my computer, so now I can visit all your sites more often…well that is IF the stupid DSL doesn’t screw up like it has for the past few days. Nothing much happened this week, but I felt like posting ^_^ Guess what? I’m not sick anymore! *coughs* Okay maybe I’m a little sick, but I’m feeling a lot better now. Oh wait…something did happen this week, I got my grades this week, and look what I got:
Math Analysis B
AP Micro Econ B
AP English Lit A
Service A
Music A
Computers A

Oh, also during music class, I started to learn how to play the tenor saxophone, the thing is that mine is way bigger than the sax that my two friends are learning to play and the teachers said that if we all become good sax players, then we’ll play in front of the whole school! That, I don’t want to do…last time I had to do that was in the 8th grade and I screwed up, but that was a while ago, so it won’t happen again…I hope.

Gaara-Lonely Day

Random Questions:
1) what would you like for Christmas?
2) If you could switch your life with someone else, would you?
3) Are you a day or a night person?
4) Do you think world peace is possible?

My answers:
1) I would like either a Nintendo wii or a PS2, then again anything besides clothes is cool with me.
2) For a while I thought that I would, but then I realized that I would miss all of my friends and my family.
3) I’m more of a night person since funner things happen in the night plus I’m groggy in the morning while at night I tend to be restless.
4) Not really…that would be cool and all, but I doubt that will ever happen.

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