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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gonna keep this post short. Today was a mix of normal and crappy. See, we gotta do this service learning thing in order to graduate and Mr. Zapata (my AP economics teacher) gave us an easy project, just write a letter to a member of congress, influencial leader, etc etc and we had to turn it in yesterday at the latest. I did mines a month ago and all of a sudden today he comes up to me and says that he LOST the letter which I need to graduate. He says that he's to "busy" to look for it and said that I have to redo it and even IF I do it, there's still a strong posibility that it won't count because the due date was yesterday. In other words, I gotta pay for his fucking mistake!! Now I have to look up the crap I need once again. I won't be on today so I apologize to those who post today.

Video of the day/post:

Meant to be-Crossfade (Cold)

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello everyone! How was everyone's week! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but hey, i'm posting more than I uesd too. Pretty soon I might post more than once a week! lol Lemme see....why did I post again....? ^_^' Oh yeah. On monday I was finally able to recite Sonnet 18 in front of class, and ironically enough when me and a friend were arguing about who should go first my name was picked! My first reaction was "The bloody hell??" I like saying that. ^_^' Then I explained what the sonnet was about. Oh, I was the only one that actually did research on theirs (2 other ppl got the same sonnet. -_-') and said that it was about Shakesperare's love for a woman, but in fact was for a man! You shoud've seen the look on one of the guy's faces, it was priceless! I think he was about to go on a nap and then I woke him up. ^_^' Then I had the teacher explain that there are different kinds of love and then I started to recite my sonnet. ^_^ But unlike everyone else's, mine was different. I had the blinds closed do the room would be dark which added an effect to the words and when I said the line "And often is his gold complexion dimm'd" (thus the reason I wanted it to be dark) I turned off the lights while walking across the room with everyone's attention on me. While walking I would pause so I could grab more of their attention and it worked! Stupid wind though....I was planning it to be a windy day so when I said the third line (the sonnet is posted below) for someone to open the window and a huge gust of wind to blow away a rose that I would be holding.

Sonnet XVIII
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

Random questions:
1) Anyone like the new backround and new avi? ^_^
2) Form what anime do you think they are?

In the state of California why can't a widow's husband marry his wife's sister?

Vid of the day....er....post:

Dir en grey Yokan

I showed this to a friend and he said that they were all hot and then I told him that they were all men! Yes...I am evil at times. ^_^

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hello everyone! How was your Friday(or whenever you read this lol)? Mine was pretty good. Except for the fact that I had a test for Math Analysis and then a quiz for AP Economics the next period. I think it's a Friday thing with them....they always test us on nearly the same day and it's usually a Friday. -_-' Anyways, on a happier note....today rained!! I love the rain! ^_^ Didn't even rain hard and I still had to take an umbrella...and I almost forgot itin two clases....same thing with my CD player. ^_^' What else happened....oh yeah, for AP English Lit we had to recite a Shakespeare sonnet of our choice by memory...yeah...I don't have the best memory in the world....but I still memorized it! ^_^ Too bad that the bell rang right when I was about to volunteer to read mines...right...too bad...lol. Well, I got sonnet 18 and so did other two people in my class. -_-' So that means I have to do other things in order to set myself appart from them. Good thing that all they did was talk about it a little and then recite it, I have a few ideas of my own and let's just say that I hope it's going to be a windy/rainy day on Monday. ^_^ But wow...Elias performed his and I have to say that I liked his the best, the way he acted it out (and not just recited it like everyone else did) kicked so much ass that a few of us wanted an encore! ^_^
Oh, today there was supposed to be a "concert" at our school sponsored by United Students (some group that wants changes to happen in our school) and Cafe con Tequila (coffee with...um....tequila in English. Never heard of the band myself...sounds like a hip-hop type band if you ask me.) and they didn't show up! I was laughing when we I found out because I told a friend that they weren't going to show up, and I was right! ^_^
So taday was pretty much a good day except that test and quiz...and for some reason my shoe started to squeak...I think the water got into it or something....

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hiya everyone! How's everyone's weekend going so far? Mine's been pretty good. ^_^ Except for having to wake at 6am yesterday and being in a car for 4 hours and 30 min twice. -_-' Yeah, damn UCM is that far...but I saw cows! Tons of them, horses too! As you can see, when extreme boredom kicks in ANYTHING amusses me. lol All I had that amused me for that trip was all the Cds I have and three mangas, yep...I realy need to buy more mangas...lol. Well, the campus looked really nice and so did the dorms. Plus with a student teacher ratio of about 1:12 (it's a new school) I saw that going there would be really smart, so I did the SIR (didn't have to pay the $100 dollar fee ^_^) and got a coffee mug from them...hm...I wonder where I left that thing...lol. While wandering around and looking at all the exhibits (it was Bobcat day I think.Bobcat=UCM mascot thingy) I saw this one guy playing Super Smash Bros Melee and when he beat the guy he was playing agaisnt, I asked if I could play him and he said sure. I was ganon (of course) and he used Zelda/Sheik...and he won. It wasn't even a close match, he beat me with 2 lives left. -_-' Hm...maybe that bet with my girlfriend isn't such a good idea...lol. Afterwards when we left it started to rain!! I love the rain! What a good way to end the trip. ^_^ There's only one drawback about the place...it's in the middle of nowhere! All you could see around it was land suitable for farm land...hm...that would explain all the cows I saw while on the freeway...lol. On the way back home I feel asleep in the car...that hasn;t happened to me in a few years! ^_^' All in all I had a good time, so as promissed I will let the Easter Bunny go free. *unlocks bunny form cage*
EB: Thanks, as a gift I'll give you this Easter egg. ^_^
On second though....seeya! *waves as Easter Bunny gets carried off by chibiis and thrown in near by bottomless pit* What? I let him go free...

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Today was kinda cool...no really...cold too. lol They made a concert during 4th at the audotorium (sp?) for people who had perfect attendance and I was able to go....um....I have perfect attendance!?! What the.....? Well anyway, the "concert" sucked ass dudes, I guess it was ok...it was mostly hip-hop and rap music and as you all should know, I'm more into rock and metal (j-rock too! and trance...and...um...something! lol) and the damn things went thoughout all 4th and lunch, but me and some friends just got tired of it and left during lunch...I'd rather have gone to 4th! *shocked* lol As for yesterday, there was a...um...what do you call it...well, there was no power the whole day which would explain why I was as bored as hell....seriously...I even studied....*shudders*....afterwards i started to work on the short story I'm writing...well that was until I couldn't even see what I was writing...lol. -_-' Oh yeah, before I forget, odds are that I won't be on sat. because the university I'm going is having it's annual Bobcat day thing and I have to goit starts at 12:30 and finishes at 2:oopm.....the damn place is almost 5 hours away!....I'm gonna have to wake up at 6am....again....*sigh* it better be worth it....or the bunny gets it!! *points to easter bunny trapped in cage*

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hiya guys, I'm back! The viruses messed the comp so bad that we had to delete EVERYTHING and start all over again from scratch -_-'. Luckily this time I was smart enough to save all the videos and music of mine in the second hardrive so they were saved! Right now I'm listening to Saku by Dir en grey, here I'll post the music vid for you guys, tell me what ya think, ok? ^_^

Dir en grey-Saku-

I have to say that my favorite part of this vid is when the main singer is headbanging and also around the end when he looks confused and looks like he's looking for something.

The thing is that we're not finished with the comp yet and he's probably gonna come over later so we can finish in. Here he is now, seeya later guys!

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Monday, April 9, 2007

First I'd like to wish you all a happy easter...wait...that was yesterday...so...um...happy late Easter!! lol Yeah...I never really understood the connection between Easter and the "Easter Bunny"...and what the hell does hiding eggs have to do with anything...?? So how was everyone's Easter? Mine was like virus hell because yesterday 11 viruses got into my comp and the antivirus thing took care of it, but now my internet is unusable for some reason until this Wednesday because a friend is going to come over and see what he can do...so if any of you add a post or something I apologize for not being able to comment and stuff.

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

one long post. ^_^'

Hello everyone! Spring break is finally here!! Wait...that would make more sense if I had said that last Friday when it actually began...oh no..it's almost over! They'll never take me back, never! *pulls out molotov cocktails, a series of sword, bombs, and a stuffed animal*...what the hell is this doing here?? lol
Well the deraded day that i have being fearing for the past few days has finally come. Today I got a haircut! -_- I loved the way my hair looked like a giant curly mess, hell, it looked just like an afro, but now you can easily mistake me for having short hair. -_- That's it!that barber will have a taste of my bottle fury!! *brings out more molotov cocktails*...um...just why am I carrying these along with me? They don't even taste that good...*throws molotov away and is followed by a fiery explsion*....pretty....*gets hypnotized by fire* ^_^
Oh, guess what? Anyone remember the story I wrote a while back? *stares at blank faces*...thought so. lol Well yeah, a while back I wrote a story (it's currently in my archives...i think. ^_^') and only one person read it. What? You don't like my writing? Fine! no poems for you! *makes sad face* lol Well my girlfried read it and wanted me to continue it- she said if I don't she'll get me with sporks...which explain my fear of them. lol- and I finally had the chance of starting it. Odds are it'll be done before spring break, but you never now...I might never finish it...lol
Oh, while we're on the topic of me writing things, I finaly have a new poem for you guys. I would say that it's one of the best things I wrote, but the thing is that I didn't write, well not alone. I got stuck halfway and TearlessGreyEyes helped by writting the rest. So if your reading this Ra-chan then I thank you for helping me, this poem wouldn't be half as good if it hadn't been for you. ^_^

Through tearless eyes I see you fade away
Through tearless eyes I see your love slowly turn to hate
Through tearless eyes I see my past go up in flames
Through tearless eyes I see my future become meaningless
Why through tearless eyes you ask?
As a child I cried so many tears that tears I have no more
With my tears gone I also lost my self
So now all I do is wander aimlessly in this world
Without a sense of direction
Without a reason to live
Without one to love

Without anything left to give.
When did it start to fall apart?
When did I lose it all?
When did I get this pain in my heart?
And why am I not crashing as I fall?
Torture this becomes,
Endless it will all seem.
Hope nowhere found.
Crack go all my dreams.
Alone I feel now,
but alone I am not.
I cannot keep moping,
no matter what.
One day, this will all end.
One day, I'll be alive.
One day, I'll be happy again.
One day, I'll survive.
Through tearless eyes I find someone.
Through tearless eyes, I see happiness.
Through tearless eyes my past does not hurt me.
Through tearless eyes, my future is not as bleak.
Why through tearless eyes?
I see no reason for tears.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

new poem

'Tis Saturday my friends and do you know what that means? *waits for a response* NO really....just what does Saturday mean? lol Feeling much better now than I did yesterday, must've been the sleep...or maybe it's the video I was watching earlier...what it is i'm not gonna tell. *smiles innocently* I still wish I could've been accepted to those two places, but screw them! I got a full ride to UC Merced, which means, I don't have to pay to go! ^_^ WEll...I still gotta pay the SIR (no idea what the hell that is) which is around $100 dollars....*checks wallet*....crap....lol. Oh well, I'll get that money somehow. If not, there's always the bank...hehehe...^_^'

Let's see if ya can answer this riddle, I'll make this riddle easier than the last ones. *smiles evily*
If a plane crashes in the border of Canada and the United States, where do they bury the suvivors?


When you say you know pain
All I can do is laugh in your face
You don't know what pain truly is
It's when you don't get what you want you say?
You fool, you couldn't have been any wronger
Leave me now, I have no time to waste with a fool like you
Pain in when you lose something most dear
When you lose a loved one
When you lose the one you love
THAT is what pain truly is
You still don't understand you say?
Leave me now, I have no time to waste with a fool like you
Learn what pain is and then we shall speak
But before that the very sight of you sickens me
My words hurt you say?
Do they make you want to cry?
Well now you know what pain is
It is that feeling that you feel in your heart
The feeling of your heart being broken apart
You don't like the feeling you say?
No one does
Yet it is a feeling that we must all endure
But now that you know how pain truly feels
I will be able to protect you from it
So please don't fear
That pain will not last
I will take it all unto myself
Why you ask?
As one who has felt that pain most foul
I want to protect you from it
Why you ask?
I myself do not know
It just might be a thing called love

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Today was...okay...*sigh* IF u call being rejected by the two universities you most wanted to go to as okay.....yup...I wasn't admited to either UC Berkeley or UC Los Angeles. -_- Then again those are two of the top universities in California and it wasn't like I was even exepecting to get in... it would've been nice though...*sigh*...oh well, if i'm not Berkeley material at least I still got UC Merced...this sucks...to make things worse I kept hearing about other people that got in, which annoyed the hell out of me and by the time school ended I was so annoyed that I would smack around the next person that EVEN mentioned any of those places, luckily no one did....for them. -_-'

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