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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've shown you the light, now let me guide you through the darkness

In other words, I have another poem for you guys, lucky you! When I wrote "I've shown you the light" in the title I mean the other poem that I have posted that was actually my first post. This poem is nothng like it, it has a much darker tone to it, much darker. If you don't believe me, then read below. I hope you like it...then again I'm not sure if it's meant to be liked.

Lost In Death
I once had a small house
That had a brown mouse
Where I was happy as can be
For I had no new enemy
But now I am lost in this world
Searching for things that I canít find
That would remind me of my past
That was taken away so fast
But all that is gone
And so am I
Like a faint glimmer in the sky
Always to be forgotten
But never to be remembered
So this is how death feels
It feels dark
It feels cold
I canít see anything
So all I do is wander aimlessly
With no purpose
Nor any sense of direction
If this is death
Where are the angels?
Where are the demons?
Is all that I have been told a lie?
Am I really dead?
Maybe Iím merely unconscious
No, Iím dead
Dead to the world
Dead to myself
Just like I have always been

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hello yet again...

Well nothing really happened to me this week. I had yet another test, this time it was for history. Well, we had to write a two paragraph essay on something but I just wrote one. Since it was worth 5 points, I figured I'd get 2.5 or something, then again I didn't try at all so I thought I would get 1.75 or something. Well, I got full credit, not sure why... eather I'm that smart, or the class is that easy... I say the class is easy.
Which would you choose?
1) Demon or Angel.
2)LIve a short meaningfull life or a long meaningless life.
3)power to create or power to destroy.
My answer:
1) Something in between, but if I had to choose, I'd choose demon and create chaos. Or use my dark powers to protect the people I love.
3) A short meaningfull life, I don't want to live a life with many regrets.
3)power to create, because when I run out of things to destroy, what next? If I had both, I would create things that I don't like and then destroy them.

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Saturday, May 6, 2006


This week has been tough on me. I had 3 tests/quizzes and a ton of homework...as usual. Luckily one of those tests were for U.S. History and it was extremely easy for me. Not that history is my favorite subject, it's the class, IT'S SO EASY!!! I have the highest grade in the class, but it's mostly cuz I ACTUALLY do the work, mostly no one else does. If you don't beleive that it's as easy as I say, you should see what I write for the short answer questions on his tests. It's mostly Bulls@#t, no lie. On one of the questions said to name three effects of some war, and I put as one of them, "Many people died" and I still got 100% on the test. The second quiz I had was for Physics. That's the class I try hardest on, and I have a B. I didn't finish it, and it was out of 4 questions!!! The third one was the reason, at first I thought that it was gonna be easy, but oh boy, I was wrong. It was way long!!! It took most of the space given to find the equation needed. As long as I get that one right I'm happy because if not, I attack at dawn!!! If anyone wants to join me, we meet behind the school at 8:00 am.
Then the last test was on Algebra 2, it was easy.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hello everbody!!

It's been a while since my last post so I'll just do another one. So far everything has been cool exept the fact that they give me tons of work at school. When I'm at theOtaku I'm usually at Otakuboards since It's fun over there too. Yesterday I learned that supposedly for a French class fieldtrip the teacher's gonna take us to a French museum and then to a French restaurant. But there's one catch, we all have to pay $25!!! Aren't fieldtrips for free? Oh well, I hope my parents give me the neccesary money needed so I can go. Wish me luck, bye!!!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A poem for one and all

I got bored so I decided to write a poem and put it here.Not sure what the title should be.I hope you like it.
If you come with me
You will see
How it feels
To be free
We'll go through Heaven and Hell together
you will see
But to come with me
You must be able
to tame the demon
within me
For when it takes over
Hell will be unleashed
Knowing this
Do you still want to join me?

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