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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

School has now started...yup..today was my first day of school and I have to say that I have high hopes for the semester, so far Core class was pretty interesting and it seems that one day they're gonna take us to a field trip....which will my a miracle since there are so many students in the class....it's being taught in the auditorium(sp?) and even then it was nearly full. lol Yet oddly enough, Kelly and I were the only two in the front row. XD Afterwards it started raining and we went to my dorm to play cards, we first played go(ld?) fish and then poker. I joked around and said that we should play strip poker instead....which is a good thing that we didn't since I lost almost every game...besides...I think Jordan would kill me...and so would Ra-chan. ^_^' lol Lemme see...then we went to French class which has a very big room....and only 9-10 students in it...which is awesome I guess. That was pretty much my entire day, boring, huh? lol Well, that'll be all, see ya!

Random questions:
1) Light or Dark?
2) Would you rather have the power to create or to destroy?
3) Love or money?
4) Any of you play DDR?
5) Ask me anything.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

1:30AM in the morning and I'm still up watching anime...

Hiya everyone. How've you been these past days? As for me, I've been ok. Earlier today I went for a small walk and visited my old high school to talk to my ex-councelor about a scholarhip I was supposed to be getting...and...the scholarship is gone. The person who was gonna give it could not be contacted, so....yeah...there goes that help. -_-' But on a lighter note, it seems that she still knows me...and still misspronounces my name. -_-' lol

Other than that, I went for a small walk at the local park. The park looks okay, not much has changed from it, so I'm glad. On the way back, I swore this one guy tried to steal my money. He was wearing bright yellow and for a while he was ahead of me, but he stopped and I passed hi and then he walked a bit further, I noticed his movements and was ready to beat the sh-....well...you can probably get the idea, but when ti truend my head back he then made a sudden movement and dissapeared. I knew where he was hiding, but didn't wanna waste my time with his so I just left. The funny thing is, I only have $20 in my wallet. XD

I probably won't be here on Sunday and most of Saturday since on Saturday I have to pask...yup...I'm going back to Merced (university). I kinda wanna go and wanna stay, I wanna go cuz the signal (cell phone) is way better and I wanna stay cuz....I'd rather eat for free than pay for my food...oh...and also be with my family. lol Then again, I had so many chances to visit them, but never really wanted too....^_^' As for Sunday, a couple friends and I are planning to hang out and watch the movie Cloverfield. Honestly, I don't care where we go or what we do, I just thought that I'd be nice to see my friends again.

Right now...I'm watching the Tales of Symphonia OVAs...you know, Sheena and Zelos (ppl on my theme...and yes...Zelos(red hair) is a guy lol) are from that game/OVA. Interesting thing though, they fit nearly half the game in four episodes....lol. I'll talk more about it next time I post...maybe...lol

to mysterioushanyou: sorry about not being able to help you with you site today, I promise that I'll help you with it by Sunday
to the next flcl: thanks for the code. ^_^ and don't leave Myo, ok? cuz if you do...no cookies for you!!

Random questions:
1) around what time do you go to sleep?
2) do you like how the site looks?
3) do you think that you'll like version vibrant?
4) what are you thinking about right now?
5) what are you wearing?
6) are these questions bothering you?
7) any plans for the weekend?
8) If I told you that I was planning on leaving Myo, how would you react? Would you try to stop me?
9) Cake or Death? (watch the video below, or just skip this question)
10) Did you actually asnwer all these questions?? O_O

My answers:
1) these last few days at around 2AM. at first it was cuz wanted to fininhs this book and now it's cuz of anime. lol
2) Yup! ^_^
3) Maybe
4) Ending the post. ^_^'
5) um...lemme see...a red and black shirt, black and silver shorts, and...oddly enough only one sock. ^_^'
6) Not really, but kinda regretting asking so many.
7) Packing and hanging out with friends
8) ...I'm not gonna even answer this question. lol
9) cake please
10) I kinda had too....-_-'

Eddie Izzard - Cake or Death

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hiya. Sory for not being on much during the weekend, was rather busy with stuff.

On Saturday, I had to go to the banmk to deposit some money and I took my little sister along with me which was pretty fun since I had someone to talk to...even though now...I kinda regret it. lol Poor little girl, she thought we were just going to walk to the bank and then come back home. Needless to say, she was wrong since I convinced her to walk all the way to China Town and then come back on foot....well...not really convince her...we were half way there (to the bank) and I told her that either she comes with me or I'll ditch her (I wasn't going to.....hehe...). So we went and came accross this little plaza-type thing that had a lot of shops. We went in some and I ended up buying her a couple things. We were then hungry and I told her that we could either go back now and eat at some fast food place or find some Chinese restaurant and eat there. We ended up eating at this coon place where we got the seats right in front of a tv. Sure....I had no idea what they were saying, but the songs sounded kinda nice. lol I had no idea what to order, so we ended up ordering the same thing and wow...it was great!! ^_^ That has to be the best food I've had in quite a while. ^_^ We were given both spoons and chop sticks and at first we tried using them, but after a little while she gave up, but I kept trying until I kinda got the hang of it. Funny thing is, after a while an old asian man (who he and his daughter were both watching us since the beggining, I noticed them after a little while but never showed it) told us that it would be "totally" acceptible (his words, not mine) to use the chop sticks and shovel the food in our faces or ask the waiter for a fork/spoon....sad thing is....just after he left I started to use them better. -_-'

As for Sunday, I spent(is 'spent' even a word? because saying "spended" sounds wrong. lol) the whole day at my cousin's house playing Halo 3 online...and...I suck...bad...even though I'm kinda getting better, the most I ever got was 7 kils though. lol

Random questions:
1) How was your weekend?
2) What/where did you go?
3) Are you currently going to school?
4) If so, how is it?
5) What's that?!?! *points up and ducks*

My answers:
1) Was pretty fun
2) China town and cousin's house.
3) Nope, still in christmas break

Moi Dix Mois - Solitude

please watch and tell me what you think. ^_^

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hiya everyone! ^_^ First I'd like to thank those who commented on my last post, haven't had that many comments in quite a while, so...um..thanks! ^_^ *gives milk and cookies to everyone*....what?....I like milk and cookies...and yes...even though I'm 18 I stil enjoy acting like a kid...and I'm easily amused/confused like one too. ^_^' lol

I have done it! *runs areound like a complete idiot and runs into a wall bringing me back to normal*...ok...that was fun, well, anyways, I have finally beaten Okami!! ^_^ That game is so cool!! ^_^ The final final boss (beat the game, you'll see what I mean) was pretty fun, even though I kinda had to cheat to beat Yami. Hm...how do I describe him...well...the most I can say that he's a mechanic ball with a fish looking thingy inside. lol Cuz in the beggining when you fight him you have no powers so I had no idea what to do (actually, I think I found a strategy tht might work....seconds before I kill him) so I ende up using these items and then I used these items that do heavy damage on all those nearby, I had 13 and needless to say, they were nearly all gone. Then I had to fight him a couple more times, different strategy and all, I actually had one! ^_^ It was: don't get hit and focus on the bosses's moves. lol Well, I beat that and then the final final fight happened, but before all that issun (not with him) does the speech and gets everyone to believe in him, and I have to say, that speech was amazing! Well...I beat Yami and thus beat the game...but...they are making Okami 2 for the wii!! No fair! I mean, as you see the final scenes, it becomes obvious that they'll make a new game, I sure hope you get Issun back, annoying as he was sometimes, I liked his perverted humor...he kept making a lot of breat jokes though...and because of them I noticed that in a scene where you're swimming with Rao on top of you, her breasts did bouce the whole way...and before you jump to conclusions...the only reason I remember that I cuz afterwards there was the crazy Sea Dragon that nearly ate you...and whatever you do...don't try to fight it....and if you do..plz don't jump of orca when you do it...I did and I got eaten. -_- lol

Oh. I'd also like to wish good luck to all those who are going/already are in school. Ra-chan is...and I'm so bored!! -_-' I'll be going back to school in about 2 weeks. ^_^ *some throws a tomato at me*....*runs away efore others do the same and picks up two leaves and stands still* I'm a tree...

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy new year!....ok...so maybe I'm kinda late...^_^'

Hey guys...*hears nothing but crickets*...fine...leave me all alone...even though I kinda deserve it...I'm doing my best to come on you know! -_-' *rain cloud appears over head and starts raining*

Anyways, since some random soul might come and read this, I might as well post something. Hm...what should I say...well, I've been playnig Okami recently and I have to say that the game is pretty cool and defeating the bosses and enemies actually takes some strategy unlike other games *coughs* "Tales of" games *cough* lol The artwork is pretty sweet too.
I'm starting to listen to Moi Dix Mois which is a japanese rock band...or should I say project by Man-*remembers that some chick comenetd to call him Mana-sama or he'll eat me* Mana-sama. And the title has some significance(sp?) unlike other bands. The "moi" means "me" and refers to Mana-sama and the"dix mois" means "ten months" (therefore in english the title is "me ten months" which signifies to things
1) The amount of time it takes for a baby to be born
2) the "1" in 10 signifies beggining and the "0" signifies eternity.
Cool, huh? Even though Dir en gery is my favorite band, MdM comes in second and I really wish that Diru would go back to their Visual Kei days instead of looking like the average metal band *shudders*. Well, that'll be all. Could you please watch the video after this and tell me what you think of the band? ^_^ Enjoy! Oh, before I go, coul anyone tell me when Version Vibrant will take place?

Moi Dix Mois ~ Perish


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Monday, December 24, 2007

hello everyone! It seems that tomorrow is finally christmas....and oddly enough the bithday of Fernando(friend) O_O lol Anyways...hm...well....firt off, I apologize for not being around much...but hey...I'm doing my best. ^_^
Lemme see....today I spent most of my day at my cousin's house where we watched a Dir en grey concert (DVD) that I brought and spent the rest of the time playing on thier XBOX 360. We first played Halo 3, first time playing ad I really suck at it. ^_^' That's unfair, just as I get a PS2 they get a new system....*sniff* lol Other than that, today was pretty cool. First time that I got to see my cousin's in a long while too, I like the way Moe gels his hair all spiky, I can't because if I grow my hair out, it becomes an afro (I have curly hair and he has straight hair). In fact.....I think I need a haircut...I mean....a month ago I learned that I could actually stick a bunch of lead pencils in it and they won't fall out. ^_^'
Lemme see....oh yeah, yesterday(...err....today) I stayed up till 3 in the morning just to beat "Tales of Legendia" and I have just one thing to say....FINALLY!! That game was so long! I mean, it has to be my least favorite "Tales of" game. The reasons being
~There's only 1 main city
~In the end, they throw the same monsters at you as they did throughout the game, but ony with insanely high hp
~The graphics (spells )compare ground dasher to that of abyss and symphonia. as well as the characters themselves
~they had no real side quests
~The lenght
~It's repetitive
~And they gave you too much money with nothing to buy, I mean, I liked the other games where the cooler and stronger weapons came out and you had barely enough money to buy them...those were fun. ^_^
~There was little voice acting in the second-half of the game

I'm bound to think of more eventually. ^_^' lol But all in all, the game was okay, I still prefer "Tales of the Abyss", now that game is awesome. ^_^

Hey....Ra-chan did this so now I wanna try. I'm gonna hold a contest (all may enter) to see who can make the most random/funny comment and whoever wins gets a prize. Well, I should head off to bed now. See ya

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hiya everyone, how've ya been? If any of you were wondering how friday (aniversarry) went, it went great. ^_^ I kinda feel bad though, we talked so late that Ra-chan feel asleep! ^_^' Her snoring was so cute though, and I had fun teasing her about it the next day. Also, I read her the poem I made for her....but when I barely read the first two lines, I hear snoring. ^_^' She looked so peaceful too,I wanted to wake her up, but at the same time I just wanted to see her sleep, so in the end I just gave up and let her wake up on her own....the same thing happened the next day, but this time, I had no way to hear her because the phones lost signal. ^_^'

Other than that, I already started packing, yup, I'm going back home for the winter break, I hope we have internet though. Anyways, it's gonna be the first time I see my family ever since I came to UCM (university of Calfornia, Merced), so I wonder if the place has changed too.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

hi everyone, just wanted to say that I won't be on later because today is our (Ra-chan's and mine's) anniversary, this is our first year together. ^_^ Well, see ya when I see ya.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hiya guys.....yeah...sorry for not being on these past few days...have been busy studying for finals as well as writing/revising my portfolio for writing and writing a page and a half in french....yeah...that's why I haven't been around lately...sorry.
Well, on a brighter note, I already did all my christmas shopping. ^_^ I got a panda bear for my little sister and I bought Ra-chan....um....hehe....she might read this so I'll keep that hidden. ^_^ Thing is, we're sending each other our anniversary and christmas gifts together....and I need a bigger box. -_-' I hope she likes them, I even wrote a poem too. I would post it here but....I'm pretty sure you guys are sick of my love poems and since its for her, I I doubt anyone else would read it but her. ^_^
Lemme see....I haven't been able to play DDR for a while simce I get the people that live downstairs mad. -_-' So I started to play Tales of the Abyss (that game is very awesome) and I already finished the main story for Tales of Legendia (I like Tales of Abyss better.) and aftewards (if I find any time. -_-') I'll start playing Okami. I wonder how that game is, people say that its like Zelda...so i bought that at the very least its a bit harder, the last Zelda game for the gamecube/wii was a let down. Sweet graphics, but too easy. -_-'
Well, that'll be all for now, I'll try to visit your sites now....even though I shoudn't be on since I'm in French class right now. ^_^'

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

hehe....sorry.....^_^' (this might be a long post.....you have been warned)

Hello! *echoes*...hello!! *echoes*...wow....I guess you all forgot about me...lol
I know I know, I said that I'd be back...um...last week and all but homework, essay, exams, video games, Ra-chan, cleaning my side of the room, grocery shopping...yeah...all those things have kept me away from Myo but fret not, I have returned! *thunder and red/black lighting occur behind me*...sweet. ^_^' Even though I might not be on as much as I used too, I'll do my best to come on as much as possible to comment on your posts and too message you guys, oh, and btw, if some of you wonder why I don't PM you, I'm kinda the type of person that won't speak until spoken to so yeah...you gotta talk to me first. ^_^'
Now that that's over with, I bet some of you have been wondering what I've been doing this past...month. ^_^' Lemme see...well, on my birthday: Rudy, Jordyn, Kelly, and I went out to eat at a restaurant and we were all joking around (Jordyn, Kelly, and I) were joking around about Rudy riding on his motorcycle and I said "Rudy is on the bike. Rudy is with the bike. Rudy IS the bike....and he is riding himself!" Yeah...around those guys I am more likely to make pervy jokes...^_^' Well, we all arrive at the restaurant, hear a bunch of Rudy's drinking stories (he's 26), we all say a bunch of pervy jokes (ok....the scary thing is, I hardly said any...O_O), and as the waitress leaves to get my free dessert (...what? it's my birthday....) Rudy siad something like "She's your dessert" at the perfect moment when she was away but still able to hear. She gasped and we all started to laugh like crazy...^_^' Hm...what else...oh yeah, I took my DDR with me and since I only had one dance pad. Jordyn, Kat, and I basically ran all the way there at around 10:30PM, sounds normal, no? Well....we had to ru across a field, over traintracks, a muddy part, and it was so dark that you could hardly see what's around you....seriously....we almost bumped into each other...^_^' So we played a bit (I only got to make Kelly play once by saying "Please, for my birthday" and stuff.
Ok....that covers my birthday, well, this post is already too long so I'll just leave it at that. oh, and before ai forget, I ended up turning my term paper on tome and I believe that I proved my hypothesis right. You never know, if things turn out the way I hope them too then I just might become famous....

To the next FLCL: Hm...I remember that you asked me something a while ago...oh yeah. Ra-chan and I have been engaged ever since...late last year I believe and...I'm not 19 years old, I just turned 18 and as a friend said, am noe legal....whatever that means. ^_^'

Random Questions:
1) Ya miss me?
2) Did I miss anything?
3) What time is it?
4) What do you prefer, light or darkness?
5) Have you seen the Death Note movie?
6) How old are you?
7)Day or Night?
8) ask me anything.

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