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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey everyone, how's summer thus far? (And for you people that are in school, how's school going?) Been pretty good, so far I've had my ups and downs, but everything's ok. Hm...oh, right. Seems that I have a cell phone now, parents got a cheap/crappy prepaid minutes thing and they said that it's only for emergencies.....right....lol Oh well, I guess that's why I'm gonna have two phones. The one they gave me will be for "emergencies" (heh, or so they think....*shifty eyes*) and my alltel one'll be so I can talk with ra-chan. ^_^ Took me nearly 5 hours (of course counting the chaging of the phone) to get everything done with it and I just need one more thing and that's it. Dad's being more annoying than ever now, I made one small mistake with it that can be changed tomorrow and he keeps bringing it up, despite the fact that I got so bored that I finished my packing and practically cleaned up the place. Yup....I'm done packing for college and I can't wait to leave. Oddly enough, you know how some people become sad/woried/depressed when they're leavinh home? Well for me, I feel indifferent, same with going to college. I just don't really care....could something be wrong with me? If so, most likely the lack of sleep....today I didn't sleep at all, then again I did go to bed at around 4am...^_^' Same thing happened 2 days ago, I wonder why.
Oh, you know how I said that my dad's pretty much lazy and good for nothing, right? (Ra-chan hates him....a lot...you should have heard her rant about how much of a bad father he is and all she said was true) Well seems he has hit a new low, first he didn't help at all with the school...or scholarships...or job...or learning how to drive...(you get the picture) and now that he has a chance to help and all he has to do is look for a vital piece of paper which he himself put away, he literally said "How the fuck should I know?" (only in Spanish) so he not only did not help, but now he's screwing me out of scholarship money which I really need, I'm barely getting enough to survive and that includes working on campus.

Answer these questions please ^_^
What would you think if:
1.I committed suicide:

2.I said I like you:

3.I kissed you:

4.I liked someone you didn’t:

5.I was hospitalized:

6.I ran away from home:

What you think of my:


8.Who are you?

9.Are we friends?

10.When and how did we meet?

11.What do you think of me?

12.How long do you think we will be friends or enemies?

13.Do you love me?

14.Have I ever hurt you?

15.Would you hug me?

16.Would you kiss me?

17.Are we close?

18.Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

19.How long have you known me?

20.Describe me in one word.

21.What was your first impression?

22.Do you still think that way about me now?

23.What do you think my weakness is?

24.Do you think I'll get married (if yes to who)?

25.What reminds you of me?

26.What's something you would change about me?

27.How well do you know me?

28.Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

29.If so tell me now? (or PM me)

30.Do you think I would kill someone?

31.Are you going to put this on your otaku site and see what I say about you??

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hiya everyone! Seems that I haven't posted in a while so I decided to post about what's changed and what hasn't.Lemme see....just what did happen? lol Oh, right. The other day my parents took me to Target (I think) to get me some of the things I need for university and sure enough...my dad went for the cheapest things possible. -_-' Let's take the pillows for example, he was gonna get me these pillows but then went for other ones because he saw that they were cheaper. And he was annoying me the whole time because he thought that things cost too much, not even his money so I don't see the problem. Hell, in the he even showed me all the money he "wasted" on me. Not a good idea because I could've easily turned to my mom and said "Thanks for all the things you got me" since she is the one that works hard each day while he's asleep on the bed most of the time...I wonder...just what is he doing at the moment? *checks*....He's asleep....what a surprise. lol So it seems that everything is ready for me departure to UCM what’ll be next Friday....wow....this is my last week at home.....FINALLY!! lol Even my little sis says that I'm lucky that I'm leaving. First thing I have to do once I get there is get the cell phone I wanted and most likely trash the one that they'll eventually get me...then again...they did say that they'll send me money to buy minutes so I could pretend to use the one they got me and use the money they send me for other purposes. Like the trip I'll be making this December, Ra-chan's mom gave the okay so I can spend my Christmas there. ^_^ The only issue is that I need money….I really need a job. -_-‘ Maybe if I open up a lemonade stand…..or rob a bank…hehehe….*gets throwing knives and Molotov cocktails ready*….what? I’m not planning anything…..*shifty eyes and disappears*
~5 hours later~
Chaos: So did you get the money?
Me: Nah, too easy.
Me: I decided to work for it instead.
SWAT team: *outside the house* Come out with your hands up, we have you surrounded.
Chaos: Should I take care of them?
Me: Let them come in.
Chaos: *opens door*
Swat team: *points guns at me*
Me: *yawns* Such insolent fools *raises hand and snaps finger causing room to go pitch black and when they return the SWAT team is gone*
Chaos: …just how do you do that?
Me: *shrugs* No idea, you think I should finish my post now?
Chaos: Go ahead, seeya *disappears*
Sorry about all that...^_^’ OK so where did I leave off? Oh right, does anyone remember that I mentioned that I was making a Chobits theme for my site? It’s finished, but turns out that Ra-chan liked it so much that I gave it to her. ^_^ I was kinda competing with a friend of mine to see who would make their site most girly (You’ll see…) and I think I went a bit overboard….so it’s a good thing that I gave it to her…I mean….you would have no idea that I was a guy if you saw it. ^_^’ So, if you want to see how it turned out feel free to visit her site, it’s TearlessGreyEyes or just click the first link on my site. Well, seeya later! *Disappears in a cloud of smoke*

To j note: Ra-chan’s not my friend, she my girlfriend but more importantly she’s the one for me and only me….ok….I swear I’ve been watching Chobits way too much. Oddly enough, I made my Eureka 7 theme while watching Chobits and I made her Chobits theme while watching Eureka 7. ^_^’
To umm: If my post is so long then why are you reading it? ^_^’

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hey guys, anyone like the new look? I've kinda had a bit too much spare time so....I decided to change it a bit....err....a lot. But there's another reaosn why I made it this way...but more on that later. I also noticed that some seemed annoyed at the long post I made last time so I'll make this one as short as possible.
Anyone remember the trouble I had with getting my classes? Well I fixed it all yesterday! ^_^ I had to change my schedule a little bit since two of the classes I wanted were already filled and in order to get cognitive science I had to mess with the writing class I'm taking. But in the end, it all worked out just fine. I still got the classes I wanted, just in different times. Oh, and in other news. It seems that I'll be getting a myspace tomorrow if not later today.
Choaos (head chibi, looks like this): *eye twitch* you're getting a what??
Relax.....a friend asked me to get one and I won't be on there much, I'll still come to myO more than there.
Chaos:....whatever, become a statistic like almost every other teenager in the world if that's what you want.
*bonks Chaos* Oh, and yesterday I finished wathcing Chobits!! ^_^ The last episode was so sad and it's one of my favorites so far, I wish they made a second season but odds are that that's not gonna happen.
Chaos:....wait...many people that watched that episode cried...*raises eyebrow at me*
...? Is it me, or are you saying that I'm like many of the people that populate this world? Or in other words, that they're just like me? If they were....the world would've gone boom many years ago.
Chaos:....Your point being? I know, I'll just ask Ra-chan if you did.
Me: Ra-chan.....
MGK(another chibi of mine): *appears out of nowhere and bonks Chaos on the head* You idiot!! We barely just got him cheered up moments ago!! *bonks Chaos's head again*
Chaos: What did I do??
Me: ...*looks away*....
MGK: Look how you got him?
Chaos: Oh crap....sorry...
Me: It's ok...she's just on a trip, that's all.
Chaos: *laughs nervoulsy* Oh, look at the time. *dissapears*
MGK:...that idiot...*looks at me* I'll see to it that he gets what he deserves. *dissapears*

Oh...right...the reason that I changed my theme/layout was for the time being the one I have shows how I am at the moment. See....Miss Mehl (my nickane for her mom) dragged Ra-chan on a trip to *insert place here* that's gonna last this whole week and due to that I can't see and talk to Ra-chan as much as we normaly do. She did call me yesterday but the call lasted for only two hours and I couldn't hear her that well since she had bad signal and had to be quiet since people were trying to sleep. It was fun and all......but just not the same, I miss seeing her and her many facial expressions, especially the one she makes when I make a pervy joke and she kills it (kinda like a game of ours) by acting innocent which is when she looks as innocent as possible. Yeah.....sorry for getting this way and sorry that this post was a bit long....well...i guess this is it, seeya till next time....and feel free to PM me if you like...

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello everyone! I just remembered that I mentioned in the last post that I went to Orientation but I forgot to say how it went. ^_^’ It went pretty well except for a few things, but I’ll talk about them a bit later. Let me see…there were some clubs that were there and I ended up joining the psychology society (psychology is my major for the time being, the other two that I’m considering is Cognitive science and Economics) and the food there was okay, I wish they had something else to drink besides soda and water though….maybe wine…I mean…I would never drink wine…hehe…lol Anyways…it turned out that I didn’t need an ID at all, and the stupid site on the net said we needed one, making me wait in line all for nothing. I lost sleep in order to get that ID!! -_-‘ It was pretty cool though, I also met a guy that’s just like me (To Ra-chan: And no…he does not make pervy jokes…or at least I don’t think he does…) in an academic sense: We both stopped at Pre-Calculus, never had straight A’s in our life, passed our respective AP tests (you’re given a choice between AP Gov’t and AP Econ, he took gov’t while I took Econ), we could’ve done much more in school…just too lazy too do anything nor did we care, and we would’ve gotten straight A’s in our senior year if it hadn’t been for said Pre-Calculus (And I thought that I was good at math too. -_-‘). Sad thing is, I never got his name……...….and we were all wearing name tags too. -_-‘ Oh well, that shows how little common sense I have. lol Ok….as for the thing that went wrong. See, the whole point of orientation was to register for our fall courses yet sadly, I was unable. The reason you ask? It turns out that my f***ing high school decided to screw me over one last time and didn’t send my transcripts (documents that say what classes I took in high school as well as grades and other things) like I said so. I filled out a paper that specifically said to send them, had the address and all, yet my school “thought” that I would pick them up myself. WTF?? If that was so, then I wouldn’t have filled out the paper that told THEM to do it. The thing that annoys me the most is that the school didn’t bother to even call me to say that they were ready for pick up, which would have annoyed me, but I would’ve picked them up anyway and sent them myself. Now there’s a high risk that I won’t get the classes I want or get the schedule that I made. I hate my old high school now, it was pretty fun yet people there weren’t so bright, even to the point of not being able to follow paper instructions I guess. Well, whatever, that’s in the past and one should focus on the future. Oh, If everything works out fine then my fall courses will be: Intro to Cognitive Science, Intro to Psychology, English, and French. Not so bad, huh? I’m kinda worried about the cog one, maybe I should change it to something else.
Hm…In other news, odds are that I’ll be getting a cell phone soon. Sounds like good news, huh? Not really…see….when I found out about it I started looking for the best plan I can get, so I went straight to Alltel and found a plan that would suit me well. Actually, ANY plan from Alltel would suit me well because since me and Ra-chan would be both with Alltel, we could talk all we want and I wouldn’t lose any minutes…and trust me….that’s a good thing because we usually talk for at least 5 hours every day. ^_^ The only problem was, my dad doesn’t want to do a contract thing and he also thinks that $40.00 a month is expensive….he should have no say in it though, it’s my mom who works for it so she should decide whether or not I get the phone, not he. I explained and explained to them that the plan was pretty inexpensive if you think about it (which is true, even mom agreed with me. The thing that sucks is that mo makes the money and dad pretty much does nothing, hell, he even loses some of it when he goes off to the casinos.) yet he still said no. I even argued with them a bit, every point I made countered every single thing they threw at me. Later I spoke to my mom about it and since she is the brighter among the two it was slightly harder…no, not really. She did surprise me though, one of the points I made was thrown back at me. Alas, that was done on purpose and in turn I threw it back at her. In the end she agreed with me, but since mon pere said no, still no plan from Alltel. He wants to get me a prepaid thing with minutes or whatever they said. At that moment I went for plan B and told them that Alltel (….I’m starting to sound like an infomercial for that damn company. -_-‘) had this pay per day thing which was with no contract whatsoever which is what he wanted. Explained it, got yelled at for “disobeying” at what I was told, and pretty much no matter what I say or do, I can’t get what I wanted. Ra-chan hates him and I can see why. Kinda funny though, she sometimes rants about how a lazy good for nothing father who has no right to call himself a father and every point she says is true. He was never there for me, the best thing he’s done is……..nothing really. Oh well, not like I care what happens to him. All she says is true though, turns out that I’m unemployed BECAUSE of him. Every single time I was called by one of the places that I applied for (more than 10 and all in one day, had to go walking everywhere because he was too lazy to give me a ride and when I got home he said “what took you so long?” or something along those lines) he answered the phone and said that I wasn’t interested. Wait…wasn’t I talking about my cell phone dilemma? ^_^’ When I told Ra-chan that I couldn’t get it (she helped me a lot, she was even willing to talk (or yell and curse at my dad ^_^’) to my parents herself. If only she knew Spanish. Lol) she got really depressed because we couldn’t talk as much as we always do….which is why I came up with Plan C. Take whatever crappy phone and crappy minutes they get me, use the house phone until I get to college (August 24), and when there get a job trash the crappy phone they get me and buy one on my own with the money I earn. In other words…..all that crap I went to in order to talk them into getting me a cell phone was all for nothing. -_-.

Oh…..and by the way…I apologize in advance for any “sad/depressing” posts I make next week (starting tomorrow), it’s gonna be a hard week for me because…..never mind…..don’t want to think about it at the moment

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Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have finished!!!! ^_^ *notices that people are staring at me as if I'm insane* Um...so this is how Hideki feels every time when he talks to himself. ^_^' Ok...maybe I should start from the beggining. Does anyone remember me mentioning that I was writing a short story? Well...guess what. It's finished! ^_^ It may have taken me almost my entire summer to write and then type it, but it was well worth it. ^_^ Cuz now I can sit back, relax, and...wait...that's what I've been doing my entire summer. ^_^' (except for looking for a job, outlook not so good. -_-') Well, anybody interested in reading it? It's the continuation to "Stone" so you kinda have to read that one in order to understand this one. So if you're interested in reading "Remainig Past", just PM me and i'll send you a copy of "Stone". (The reason being that you have to read that one in order to understand this one.) But...odds are that if anyone wants to read it they're gonna have to wait until August 11 since Ra-chan wants to be the first one to read it. I owe it to her, she is the only one that fully read "Stone" and she's the only reason why I even wrote this one. No really...she would send penguins with flaming sporks at me if I didn't do it. ^_^'
In other news...yesterday was my friend Heidi's 18th birthday and to celebrate we all took her too.......a Chuck E. Cheese. -_-' Who's idea was it to go there in the first place?? It was her 18th birthday and we took her to a place where little kids hang out. -_-' We still had a good time though, it's just the location that confuses me...lol That was also the first time that the whole group went out somewhere. Usually there's like one or two that couldn't make it, but this time everyone did. ^_^ I think I spent most of the time there wandering around looking for a game to play instead of just playing them. To add insult to injury, right afterwads we went to an arcade and they had DDR, the one game that I've always wanted to play but never had the chance too. I would've played it...but I wasted all the money that I took with me while fighting off the boredom. And to add even MORE insult to injury, two of my friends started playing it right in front of me. -_- Oh, and odds are that I won't be on tomorrow since tomorrow's orientation over at UCM.

1) Are you interested in reading it?
2) Do you watch chobits?
3)Have you ever played DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)?
4) Seen any good movies lately?
5)Have you ever been to Chuck E. Cheese?
6)Do you even know what that is? ^_^'
7) Do you easily get scared/paranoid?
8) What's that?!?! *points up*

My answers:
1) Not really. lol

2) Yup!! ^_^ That might be the next theme for my site. Kinda funny though, a friend of mine can't believe that I'm into a cute anime like that considering that
a) I'm into dark things
b) My favorite color is black
c) My favorite band being Dir en grey.
Also...one of my friends thinks I'm a pervert for liking that anime. I have no idea what he's talking about....^_^'

3) No...

4) No, I was going to see the new Simpson's movie but then realized that I should be saving my money.

5)......shuddap. (wait...I'm the one asking the questions...^_^')


7) Not really.

8) Where?? *picks up two leaves* I'm a tree *sways to and fro*

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hiya Everyone!(relax, it's me posting this time. lol ^_^') So how's everybody's summer going so far? Mine's been pretty good: going to sleep late...or early, depends if you see 1AM-2AM as early. Well...it kinda is...it's early next morning...^_^' Waking up at around noon, typing part of my short story (almost done btw) and then being with Ra-chan, so my summer's giong pretty good. ^_^ I wish I had a job though...yup...still unemployed. -_-' Kinda cool what you learn in AP Econ, it seems that even though I never had a job in my life I was never unemployed because you have to be seeking a job for at least 6 weeks and THEN your considered unemployed. Wait...*uses fingers to count* 6 weeks haven't passed yet so I'm not unemployed...yet. Why won't anyone hire me? -_-' Well....anyways...other than that my summer's been pretty cool, can't wait for the 30th of July because that's the day for orientation over at UCM (short for Univercity of California, Merced) With this it'll be my second time visiting the campus before going to college/university in the 21st of August. Which means that I might not be able to be on as much as I want with the classes and all. I'll do my best, no promises though. Turns out that I'll need to get a "Catcard" (it's basically the school ID) and in order to get that I needed an ID, which is why today my dad and I went on a trip to the DMV....it was packed!! -_-' First time ever going in there even though it's walking distance from my house and right accross the park, hell, we even started there for the Christmas parade. ^_^' The only thing that annoyed me about it is that they woke me up at 8AM in order to get there early. I agree that it does make sense....but not when we leave the house at 10AM! What made things worse for me it that since I've been recently having trouble sleeping I ended up falling asleep at around 3Am which means I only got 5 hours of sleep. -_-'

Random questions:

1) How's your summer been?
2) Just what is the difference between college and university?
3) Do you have a job?

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

hello all!!!

hi. this is ra-chan. posting for Dra-kun. i am the love of his life if u guys don't kno it. ^^ love u all btw.
anyway. i made the new song list. yay for me. ^^ he asked me adn i did. i just threw in a couple. like the 1000 words and romeo and juliet song. ^^ i love the r&j song. it's so cute. thanks ryu-chan for having it on ur site. its on my top ten. loves u all and a pic from snookiefoof.... er... Dra-kun. sry. tried sweetie. ^^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i love my lolita angel.

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hiya everyone! I just realized that I haven't posted in quite awhile yet a few things have happened. Lemme see....where shuold I start...well...I guess from the beggining. ^_^' I've finally graduated High School (yes! Screw school....wait...then there's college...) and I'm currently looking for a job. Don't care what it is or what I have to do, what's important is that I MUST make at least $600 for something that means a lot to me, kinda funny though. There's a chance that it won't happen so why bother....but....as long as there's a chance anything's possible, no? I'd rather not think about it so....i'll chnage the topic if you don't mind. Oh yeah, I also got a laptop! It's so cool! ^_^ What I like most about it is that I can play some videos that I couldn't play on my old computer....*thinks*...and no, I'm not talking about those type of videos, I'm talking about some Dir en grey vids that my old comp couldn't play. The thing that sucks about this laptop (besides the low Ram, need twice the amount so Vista can run at full speed. -_-') is that it has such low batery power! I think it only gives me 1h30 and that's it!...stupid comp...*smacks laptop with stick*...wait...Pedro said not to do that. ^_^'

Malice Mizer- Gardenia (subtitles)

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

2 new poems

the first (wise) is from feelings of old and the second (truth) i dedicate to Ra-chan.


I may be young.
But that does not mean that I am not wise:
For I have seen through all
You many selfish lies.
You said you would always love me.
But now I know that is not true.
I gave you my lovinh heart
And you choose to tear it apart;
With my hear I lost my life,
With my heart I lost my sould.
You have forever changed me:
Just how much you'll never know.
As pain and despair raced through what little heart I had left,
The world around me kept dimming and dimming sending me closer and closer to Death;
Then you dared to ask me back calling yourself a fool,
This and only this do I have to say to you:
There was one fool and that was I
For allowing one like you to make me cry.
There is one more reason as to why I am a fool,
And that is for wasting my time with the likes of you.


Having been exposed to only lies,
My heart longed for the truth:
A truth which I did not know how to find,
A truth which i did not know how to look.
For years I searched and did not find,
My hope only dwindling as time when by.
Pain and despair surging through my heart,
If truth was not found then life I would soon depart.
I searched and searched yet nothing was found,
All hope was lost and to Death I was bound;
But that was until the day that I found you,
Your beautiful and radiant eyes gazing into mine.
But you weren't seeing my eyes,
You were seeing past and gazing into my tortured soul;
having seen the dreadful pain that we both shared,
I went into your arms and you went into mine.
At that exact moment I felt somthing new,
This new feeling i owe it all to you:
As if time went back my hope was restored,
As of time went back my heart became whole.
Having found my heart I have finally found thr truth which my heart seeked,
The truth is: I love you.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello everyone! Sorry i haven't been around lately and haven't answered any PM's (just noticed that I have some that are from last week...sorry guys. ^_^') in a while, I've been kinda busy lately since graduation is coming in 3 days.
Saturday was pretty cool, I had a blast! ^_^ We (few of my friends and I) all went to The Grove, and it kinda looks like this:

That place is like a huge shopping center with many many shops (obvioulsy), places to eat, theatre, and it's very own trolley(sp?) that we got to ride. ^_^ The coolest part (to me that is) that it had was a huge Barnes and Noble which had 3 floors, by far the biggest bookstore that I've ever been in. The funniest thing is that while I was talking with Alfred and Brenda all of a sudden Brenda brings to our attention a book called "The Big Book of Breasts", the whole time I was expecting Alfred to get it and look through a few of the pics when all of a sudden Brenda herself got it and started to look through it...yeah...i wasn't expecting that from her...after all....Alfred is the pervert in the group.
Jiraiya: He's not the only one....
....*flips jiraiya off* So like I was saying, she eventually put the book back and then I went on a search for "Battle Royale" which is the novel that I have been searching for ever since....I think it was 2 years ago. And guess what....I finally found it! My search is finally over!! ^_^ Description (got it off Amazon.com): Battle Royale, a high-octane thriller about senseless youth violence, is one of Japan's best-selling - and most controversial - novels. As part of a ruthless program by the totalitarian government, ninth-grade students are taken to a small isolated island with a map, food, and various weapons. Forced to wear special collars that explode when they break a rule, they must fight each other for three days until only one "winner" remains.
Doesnt's it sound cool? ^_^ After our stay at the bookstore we wandered around for a few hours and then decided to watch a movie. So we went to the theater and were about to buy our tickets when one of our friends complained that the price for one ticket was too high (....it was only $11.50....) so we left and went to City Walk (right next to universal Studios, Hollywood) but to get there we had to go up this huge hill....a really huge hill....and when we finally got there I was tired since I tried to run the whole way up (alas, I got halfway and then started to walk the rest) and when we got to the theater I saw that: we waited for the bus for nearly half an hour and went on a subway just to save $1....I guess I have cheap friends....-_-' The movie was worth it though, the new Fantastic 4 movie's pretty cool....one question though...who's idea was it to make Jessica Alba's superpower invisibility? That makes no sense at all....^_^'
Jiraiya:...you do know that your Ra-chan is eventually going to read this....right...?
....So? We joked around about it yesterday, so like I was saying....usually after we watch a really good movie (the graphics were the best part) a few friends always get hyped up and start messing around...especially Elias...he kept saying "Galacticus" in a pretty funny/weird voice. ^_^' Afterwards we left and it was me, Brenda, and Alfred waiting for the bus to come (we waited for almost an hour!) so we could go back home when I got so bored that I started to make a long stupid joke about how a brown power ranger would be like, i basically said the he/she (shim?) should (this is ONLY a joke):
1) Always get there late, if he gets there at all...
2) Jump a really tall fence to get into the fight, or
3) Get there in the back seat of a cop car with his wife and 7 kids.
there was more...but I forgot the rest. ^_^'

Oh wow, this is a pretty long post...so in order to make up for it, i got you these! *hands you all cookies and a warm glass of milk* but that's not all! ^_^ I also found a cool music video that I hope all of you enjoy wathcing, it's from a...i think my cousin said that they were j-goth which is pretty cool since she was the one who introduced me to Dir en Grey and now they are my favorite band. ^_^

Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood

Jiraiya: Wow...they're pretty hot...
..um...there's something that you should know...
Jiraiya: I especially like the one dressed in black.
...they're all dresed in black...
Jiraiya: So you get my point? I think I'm inspired to write another book! If only they were a bit more bustier...but that kinda adds to their cuteness, don't you agree?
there is a very interesting reason as to why they aren't that "busty"...
Jiraiya: I wonder how theire lips are...
they seem pretty good to me.
Jiraiya: No no no my friend, I wasn't referring to those, even though I must agree with you on that point, when I said lips I was reffering to thei-
They're all men!!
Jiraiya:.....i need a drink....*dissapears and goes in search of sake*

1) What do you think of the video and of the band?
2)...Did you even watch it? (if so, skip this one)
3) Are you broke?
4) what type of movie do you like?
5) cupcakes or muffins?
6) what type of novels do you like?
7) have you ever been to a concert? if so, who did you see/hear?

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