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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nothing to post about today except that I'm almost done with the paper and that Ra-chan wanted to see if I made any errors....^_^'

Other than that, it's my birthday today!! ^_^

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quick post

Hey guys, what's up? Did I miss anything? Sorry about not being in much....or at all recently. -_-' I hope you all understand though, that term paper plus all the other stuff the universiry's making me do does take all my time away. But don't worry my friends, I'll soon officially return! lol Anyway, I guess I'll tell you what's happened so far. Lemme see....well, I bought a PS2 a while back, I also bought Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Legendia, Okami (I think that's ho it's spelt (is that even a word? O_o)), and DDR Supernova. Hey, I gotta have some fun every now and then, no? ^_^' Hm...as for school and all, Im almost done with the term paper...it was due on my birthday, but now thgey moved it to the 15th, yay, 2 more days of hell. -_- Other than that, I had another midterm for Psychology and Cognitive Science, I think I got an A in both of them, either that or a pretty high B. Well, that'll be all my friends, 'till we meet again!!

....what? it's a cute vid...^_^'

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

hey all ^^ it is I! Ra-chan!

hallo ppls. yes. the most awesomest song ever. i keep singing this to Dra-kun and he always says ok. but it also confuses him. apparently i don't like myself so i want him to break up with me and date me instead. ^^ cool huh? ANYWAY! Dra-kun is fine. he's drinking his milk, washing behind his ears, brushing his teeth, and studying his manga... er... textbooks.... yeah... lol. i grounded him from manga anyway. he can't read unless he does great on his next test. and on his midterm. and on his next pop quiz. and on his paper. and on me... hehehe.... *evil grin* ANYWAY! i hope no kiddies read that... if ur older than 5 raise ur hand. *the whole room leaves while shaking their head* sweet! empty room! bye bye. i leave. ^^ have fun with this odd song. ^^

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm back!.....well....momentarily that is (sorry for the long post, but I'd appreciate if the whole thing was read)

Hey everyone, did I miss anything? Sorry for having to dissapear like that, but I really had to catch up on my readings for Cognitive Science, which is what I did and that's why I'm back...well...kinda. But more on that later, ok?
These past few days have been pretty ok for me and on Sunday I went to see the new movie, "30 Days of Night". That movie was pretty cool, full of action and gore, plus the ending was pretty sweet. ^_^ Ok..what else happened...oh, yeah. It turns out that the bus that takes us to and from the campus stops running at 10pm on Sundayand since the movie started at 10pm...needless to say, I had to take a taxi back. Which I didn't mind...it's just that...since I had no cash on me (I use a debit card since all of my money is in the bank) he took my watch as collateral until I pay him back...problem is...I have no way of finding the guy! He gave me a # to call and each time I call the company picks up and has no idea who I'm asking for. Yup...I'm screwed. -_-
Oh, yeah. I got my mid-term grades on Friday and here they are:
Cognitive Science: A
French: B+ (would've been an A if I hadn't misread that instructions on a part of our first test. -_-)
Writing 001-009: B
Psychology: A

Pretty good grades, no? I wanted to get all A's...but...I guess I'll have to try harder until the final grades come out. Oh...and talking about school...yeah...it seems that I have to dissapear for a bit longer, perhaps won't come back until my birthday (Nov 13 but most likely will return on the 15th). You see...I have this term-paper due on that day and I really have to start working on it. Mine's going to be about wether or not seizures have any effects on phantom limbs. My hypothesis is that it not only does, but that the phantom limb will continue seizing even after the seizure stops. Well...until then, see ya later.

To the next flcl: Won't miss me, huh? *sends chibi army after him* lol
To Wistful Dreamer: Cogs (Cognitive Science) is a study the mind.
To j note: Nope and Ra-chan didn't ground me, I was only joking around about it....then she grounded me. ^_^'
To JD Person: I got most of this Sheelos art from photobucket and Deviant art.
To Crimson-Rose: Hm...I kinda have afear of heights. Except the fear is falling from one and not the height itself
to mysterioushanyou: lol My favorite food is either spaghetti(sp?) or Lasagna.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Until we meet again

Hiya guys...err...gals...>_< I know! I'll just say "humans"....wait...that has "man" in it! I'll figure this out eventually...-_-' Anyways, I kinda have to dissapear from Myo for a little while and I'm not sure when I'll come back. The reason is that I've kinda gotten behind on some of the required reading for my Cognitive Science class...so behind that Ra-chan has now grounded me from coming here until I catch up. lol ^_^' So I apologize for not being able to comment and answer your messages until I return.

random questions:
1) will you miss me?
2) how many languages do you know?
3) do i comment on your site a lot?
4) do you comment on mine?
5) do we PM each other? If not, why?
6) any phobias?
7) ask me anything. ^_^

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hey guys...err...wait...there's more girls than guys here so...um...should I start saying "gals" or something like that? ^_^' Anyways, I've been doing pretty good lately, have had my ups and downs, but that's just a part of life so no need to worry about it
It seems that my bronchitis has finally left...or I think it did, no idea yet but I think I should be better now.
Yesterday was kinda funny, during writing class we hit upon an issue that interested Kelly and throughout the day I kept joking about it. It was about the whole issue of there being a group of males and females but when somebody calls the group they all call them "guys" even though girls are present. Then we went to Target so I could get some laundry detergent...yeah...I kinda went on Saturday but I accidentaly bought fabric softener. -_-' She said she came along cus I needed a "woman's touch"...luckily Rudy wasn't there when she said this...he could've made so many pervy jokes about that one single saying. ^_^'
Lemme see..today was...interesting. -_-' This was the first time in quite a while where I almost fell asleep during Psychology class. And worst of all, the coffee I had drank earlier kicked in right after it ended. -_-

To a wit 2: No idea who drew the background, but I think I found it on deviantart
To all those who asked about the numbering of last posts questions: Sleepiness made the numbers that way. ^_^'
To MemoriesInTheRain: My eye color's Black. ^_^
To the 78thdude: I usually play RPGs and some fighting games, but mainlu SSBM

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Friday, October 12, 2007

   I really have to stop commenting on people's sites at this time of night...-_-'

*Yawns* How's everybody been? I've been doing much better, still have Bronchitis and all, but oh well, I'll be getting better soon so I should have no reason to worry about it. Sorry for being depressed in my last post, but everything's ok now. ^_^
Actually, things seem to be getting somewhat better. I now know that I got an A on my Cognitive Science Mid-term and I have no idea why, but I think that I might have gotten an A in my Psychology one. I guess what some of you said was right, meaybe the fact that I studied made the mid-term easier for me. ^_^'
And as the "subject" thingy says, I really gotta start commenting on your sites a bit earlier, but it seems that this is the only time I can considering school and all. Oh well, who need sleep nowadays? -_-' Oh, by any chance, do any of you drink Red Bull? Apparently that stuff is supposed to keep you up...instead it makes me sleepy. -_-'

Random Questions:
1) How's life been?
2) Do you play video games?
3) If so, what kind do you like?
4) Muffins or ice cream?
5) Good or Evil?
7) How many GB signings do you have?
8) Visits?
6) Ask me anything.

To Ra-chan: Ok ok my love, you were right. I do have bronchitis...^_^'

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hiya everyone, how's life? Apparently, studying for those bloody tests was a waste of time!! >_< They were so easy, I swear I could've pased them even if I hadn't studied. Oh well, that's in the past so..I shouldn't let it get me down...after all...I'm already dealing with enough as it is...kinda been depressed recently...so yeah...I see you all liked "Despair"...I'm glad, even in the state I'm in people seem to enjoy my poetry...
Anyone remember about me being sick? Yeah...turns out that it's not just a cough...apparently I have Bronchitis...which as one guy put it "there are levels in the types of respiratory illnesses, what you have is right before pneumonia"...so yeah...this thing could prety much kill me if it gets any worse and becomes pneumonia...what fun, huh? -_- Luckily I got some medicine yesterday so I should be better by Friday or Saturday....I hope...

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Saturday, October 6, 2007


With the need of one
He was left in despair:
For the one he had sought
Was not there.
He lay there coughing and coughing,
His life slipping away:
Only thinking of the one
Who was not there;
Cold chills rising
Sending him closer and closer to Death.
If no cure was found:
In this land he would no longer be found.
He waited and waited,
His heart getting filled with despair:
For the one he only wanted was not there.
The night sky turns black
Signaling his departure from this world;
When the rays of morn filled the sky
There was found a young lad,
Not breathing with nary a scratch.
For years he perplexed the doctors
Who examined this now deceased lad:
Searching for the cause of his departure from this land;
For many years they associated his the cough with his Death:
But soon it was found out that it was due to his lonely heart instead.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Two down and one to go...

Hiya everyonem guess what? Remember the two mid-terms I said I would be having this week? Turns out that the French one wasn't a mid-term at all, just a chapter test...and I actually studied for it....-_-' Oh well, and yesterday I took my Cognitive Science mid-term...and it was easy!! ^_^ I guess studying does help...lol. It was 50 questions long and I finished it in half an hour...and I only took that long because I took my time and checked my asnwers. I thank Ra-chan, she helped me study before I had the test. ^_^ As for my last mid-term which is in Tuesday morning....yeah....I'm kinda worried about that one. -_- I really need to study for that one, I was thinking of reading the chapters and studying the notes...but...not gonna happen, just the notes since around 90% will be based on them...plus the chapters are huge....-_-'

Other than that...I'm sick...yet again. -_-' Actually, I've ben sick for two weeks now and I'm positive that I'm gonna lose my voice tomorrow...it's really worrying me...i'm rarely sick for longer than 3 days and last week was the very first time I lost my voice...and it happened twice last week....plus I've been kinda depressed lately...

to mysterioushanyou:...I have no idea what pocky is...^_^'
To xaos: I don't play any console games, lack of time and all.
To innocent heart: that's the most commonly asked question...^_^' My favorite color is black and second is red, hard to tell by the way my site looks, huh? ^_^
To Ra-chan:....that's not even a question....^_^'
To blackdragonoffire: my favorite type of music is rock and metal. Kinda like the music that I posed with today
To LadyLenaJade: Ok I guess, I've been better
To Iruka Sensei: I think pocky is some kind of food...^_^'

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