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Monday, October 1, 2007

Quick post

Hey guys and gals, anyone like the music? I'm going to start putting up a song with every post I make. Most of my posts are long so....you might as well have something to listen too. ^_^'
I was wondering...I realized this a while back and I'm starting to wonder if anyone else has too: Have you ever noticed that there are way more girls/women on Myo than there are guys/men? I mean...just look at your friends list and well as mine and you'll see what I'm talking about. I have around 5-6 friends that happen to be guys...you know...kinda interesting...I bet that one day the girls/women in this place could take over...O_O
Yeah....and sorry about not being able to visit as often as I used too. You see....mid-terms are coming up and I really need to study, this upcoming week I have an exam for French (tomorrow) as well as an exam for Cognitive Science (Thursday) and next week I have an exam for Psychology (Tuesday). Knowing my luck, I bet I'll get something for Writing. -_-'

Random Questions:
1) Anything I've missed?
2) Do you like the song I put?
3)How's life?
4) Ask me anything.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

bloody hell....not again...

First I'd like to apologize to those that I haven't been able to visit, I'm kinda getting busy now (I blame college) and I don't have as much time to visit as I used to, but I'll keep doing my best, ok?
Yesterday was an...interesting day to say the least. It all started in English Class where I had to turn in my final draft of an essay but forgot all the other drafts at home...yeah...he doesn't accept late work and knowing that, I just left thr room, ran/walked to my dorm, and then ran/walked all the way back. A fouth of the way there I realized that I had some missing documents so I had to go all the way back...-_-' Apparently while I was trying to save my grade, he gave the class an assigment and because I arrived there when they finished it, he won't let me make that assigment up.
I've been sick for the past few days and I think I'm getting a little better. Yesterday I lost my voice not once, but twice and I started to cough a lot and eventually instead of just feeling pain in my throught I started to also feel pain in my chest. Now add the fact that I woke up today (about an hour ago more or less) I saw that I had a nosebleed and this weird scar/cut thing appeared on the right side of my nose...yeah...I think I'm really sick. But I'll get better, no worries, I promised Ra-chan I would so now I have to get better.

Do any of you remember the French poem I posted? I kinda forgot that a lot of people don't know Frnch so below I'll post the English translations. ^_^'

I Love You

I love you more than life;
No, you are my life.
With your smile that I adore
And your eyes that I love,
I love you with all my heart:
Because my heart is your's and only your's
Like your heart is mine and only mine.
I live for you,
Amd I would die for you:
Bcause you are the reason I exist,
And your reaosn to exist is I.
My heart is ablaze when we're together
And my heart cries when we're separate.
You are my hear, my life, and my soul.
I have one thing to say, that thing is:
I love you

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hey guys, what's up? How's you week and weekend been so far? mine was ok, a fe wthings actually happened this week. Lemme see...ok...I actually forgot most of what happened. -_-' Oh, right. The other day Dmitri and I watched the FMA movie, it was pretty cool and you should've heard some of the comments he made, cursing yet funny as hell. lol I was wondering...just what the hell happened to gluttony?? That dud got huge!! Other than watching the movie, a few friends of mine and I decided that we were gonna watch the French film showing somenwhere at some other city which was around 45min away this Thirsday, and a few hours we were scheduled to meet Rudy called me and said that the theatre is closed so we should just hang out at his place (he has a wide-screen tv and a nintendo wii...yeah...I wasnt complaining, even though watching that French film would've been pretty cool) and then I went in front of the library were I was going to wait for Kelly and she never showed up...just like last week. -_-' Now I think Rudy doesn't trust her as much because this is the second time she did this and he thinks that the group (For some reason he decided to call us the French club. -_-') should disband, or at least not to schedule any thinsg with her since she most likely won't show up. I on the other hand decided that we should give her one last chance to redeem herself, oh well, we'll see what happens this Monday, Oh yeah...and to those of you who attend college, I suggest that you don't ditch class, you might miss a few important things. I did. -_-' I ditched so I could spend more time with Ra-chan that day assuming that my friends would drag me too watch that French film....hust like my friends at High School dragged me around to watch movies and hand out. Oh well, and I was so looking forward to it *sarcasm* lol Oh, this reminds me, we had to do a freewrite for French class and I chose to attemp to write a poem in French, it'll be in the end of this post so you guys could tell me what you think. ^_^
As for today all I did was wander around from place to place after going to best buy in order to buy more ram for my laptop, now it should be 3 times as fast since I bought a Gig of ram. I also went around looking for applications to jobs and when I applied at Blockbusters the machine that I applied on practically said that I didn't have the "qualities" needed to work there. *eye twitch* I think the same thing happened when I applied at other places during the summer...why won't they hire me?? I'll even be a bloody newspaper boy if I have to, I just need a paying job, but they won't hire me, those bloody bastartds!!! >_<
Chaos: *gets a squirt bottle* Down boy, down! *squirts me*
Me:....*eye twitch*
Panda-chan:....*takes a few steps back*
Me:...what did you just say?
Chaos: Down! *squrts me again*
Me:.....die *throwing daggers appear between my finegrs*
Chaos:...oh crap...
Me: *smirks and daggers burst into flames*....RUN!! *starts throwing flaming daggers at chaos*
Chaos: *runs away*
Me: *quickly follows throing dagger after dagger at chaos*
Ra-chan: *apears*...what did I miss?...And why is Dra-kun trying to kill Chaos?
Panda-chan: He made the mistake of treating him like one would treat a dog...baka.
Ra-chan: Why do you hate Chaos?
Panda-chan: *shrugs* just do.
Me: Ra-chan!! *gives Ra-chan flyng glomp*
Chaos: Is that all you got? *smirks*
Me:...*looks at Panda-chan and nods*
Panda-chan: *nods back* With pleasure.
Chaos: Like you could hurt me!
Panda-chan: *eye twicth*...RUN!! *flaming daggers encircle Chaos*
Chaos: *runs away*
Panda-chan: *quickly folows sending flaming dagger after flaming dagger at Chaos*
Ra-chan and I: *cuddles*

Je T’Amour

Je t'amour plus que la vie;
Non, tu es mon vie.
Avec ton sourire q’adore
Et tes oeils q’amour,
Je t’amour avec toute mon Coeur:
Parce que mon Coeur est ton et ton seul
Comme ton Coeur est mon et mon seul.
Je vie pour toi,
Et j’aux mourir pour toi:
Parce que tu es mon raison d’être,
Et ton raison d’être est moi.
Mon Coeur est en feu quand nous sommes ensemble
Et pleureres quand nous sommes separe.
Tu es mon amour, mon vie, et mon ame
J’ai un chose a dit, C’est chose:
Je T’amour.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don't worry my friends, it's me this time...or is it? *shifty eyes* lol

Hey guys, what's up? How was your weekend? Mine was ok, not the best that I've had but ok nontheless. Let's see..for Staurday I...err...just what did I do for Saturday?? lol ^_^' Well...as for Sunday I spent the whole day just drifting around from place to place, doing homework, and somehow ending up at Target where I were I bought a few things including a pair ot shorts, shampoo, and a bathroom scale. No idea how...but it ended up being around $88 O_O Oh well, luckily my debit card saved the day. lol Afterwards I did some laundry..that reminds me...it wa so cute how Ra-chan reacted when I told her a last week that it was my first time doing the laundry, she sounded so proud of me...^_^'
Oh...no idea if it's true or not, but the cattracks (bus to and from UCM) said that there are people with camels, ostriches, and peacocks(sp?) around these places, in fact, he said that there's an ostriche farm...I kinda believe that last one...some idiot thre an ostriche egg at the cattracks bus on Saturday night. I even joked around about there being a petting zoo and sure enough...there is one around here. -_-' This place is nothing like the city I grew uo in. lol
Lately I've been watching some anime with my roomate and he seems to be frustated with Inuyasha, Naraku just won't die!! ^_^' Yesterday he was relieved when he thought that he died but sure enough...once he left the room they showed that he's still alive and when Dmitri saw this, he said a few things and walked out of the living room frustated about the fact that Naraku's still alive. I was surprised too, at the very least now I know how Inuyasha learned the Adamant Barrage. ^_^'
Lemme see...other than that, nothing much happened. Oh, by any chance, do any of you know about phantom limbs? It's kinda interesting, those who have it feel an arm/leg/body part that has been amputated (or was never there) and they usually feel pain. Also, if you touch an area in the cheek of someone who lost one of their arms who is experiencing phantom limbs, they feel a sensation and describe it as a feeling they feel on their missing fingers. Well...that was your cognitive science lesson of the day...err...week...err...post. lol

Malice Mizer - Gardenia

Kyo(vocalist of Dir en grey): The hell is this??
Me: Something wrong?
Kyo: Aren't we your favorite band, why are you putting someone else's music video?
Mana(from Malice Mizer, the one with blue hair): Cuz we're better than you!
Die(member of Dir en grey): *looks at Mana* O__O *gets on one knee* Will you marry me?
Shinya(member of Dir En grey):......
Die: Yeah?
Me:....Mana is a guy...
Die:.....*looks at Mana and at Shinya*
Shinya:....why do they mistake me as a girl sometimes? *shakes head and walks away wearing a long flowing dress*
Die:....*walks away and joins the "We thought Mana was a woman" club*
Kyo: We'll settle this once and for all!!
Kyo and Mana: *get engaged in a Super Smash Bros Melee competition to see who is the better band*
Chaos: Hey Blaze, you busy?
Me: No, what's up?
Ra-chan: *appears out of nowhere*
Me: Ra-chan! ^_^ *gives Ra-chan flying glomp*
Ra-chan: hi! ^_^
Me: um.....brb
~5 hours later~
Me: *cuddles with Ra-chan* As you were sayong?
Chaos:....can you help me get with Panda-chan?
Me:....You're pathetic.
Chaos: Why?
Me: You are my head chibii, which means you are the boss of all chibiis. And her being a chibii, you should just go there and make her like you.
Chaos: *flames in eyes* You're right!! *leaves in search of Panda-chan*
Ra-chan: You do know that of he tries this that she just might kill him, right?
Me:....Your point being? ^_^
Ra-chan:....no comment...
Me:...hey...that's my line!
Ra-chan: Can I use it? pretty pretty please? *puppy eyes*
Ra-chan: Pwetty pwetty pweas Dwa-kun?
Me: ...ok.
Ra-chan: Yay! *glomps*
random chibii: *mumbles* whipped...
Me: *eye twitch* what did you say??
Me:...hey ra-chan, what's that? *pointe behind her*
Ra-chan: Where? *looks*
Me: *smiles evily at chibii and starts throwing knife after knife at it*
chibii:....WTF??? *runs away*
Ra-chan: I didn't see anything...
Me: It's ok. ^_^ *cuddles*
Ra-chan: Nyu! ^_^

Chaos: Hey Panda-chan, like me.
Panda-chan: no
Chaos: but...
Panda-chan: no *smacks chaos and walks away*
random chibii (same one as before): *mumbles* loser
Chaos: what??? *starts throwing molotov cocktail and molotov cocktail at chibii*
Chibii *runs away...again*
Chaos: Does that mean that you like me? *hopeful and using puppy eyes*
Panda-chan:....I still hate you. *smacks Chaos and walks away*

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


hey whassup? how u guys doin? pssst. it's really ra-chan. ^^ i'm posting for dra-kun... er.. metal... er.... sifredo... um..... snookiefoof!!! lol.
he says he won't be visiting many sites and might not be on much becuz his internet crapped on him. (i think he needs a baggie) anyway he said i can say wutever i want and post wutever.
HI!!! *touches comp...... BOOM!!!* whoopsie! hehe.... ^^' told dra-kun it would go boom... well... um... bye! *runs off, trips, and cries* WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Draaaaaa-kuuuuuun!!!! *sniffs* *Dra-kun comes and hugs me* yay! ^^ *cuddles* loves u. see u guys later.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Hiya everyone! How was your weekend? ^_^ Mine was great! ^_^ Ra-chan and I talked on the phone for over 8 hours on saturday!! ^_^ Sorry if I seem kinda happier than usual, some friends have told me that the happier I am the weirder I get...I have no idea what they're talking about...^_^' And on Sunday she woke me up at 9 in the morning just so she could hear me yawn, she said i sound cute when I yawn...^_^' And we almost talked for the whole entire day too...well almost, she had some time w/her grandma and all. But all in all, we talked a lot this entire weekend which cheered me up. Oh, that reminds me, thank you all who commented on my last post when I was drepessed, you all helped me a lot. ^_^ Have some cookies as thanks. *points to table filled with cookie crumbs and five of my chibis with crumbs all over their face*.....sorry about that. -_-'
By the way, does anyone like my new theme? It's a Zelos x Sheena and I made it because Ra-chan says that this couple - they're not an actual couple in the game, but some ppl pair them together and as Ra-chan did point out, they kinda act like an elderly couple sometime.

Chaos:...hey...I was wondering
Me: Yes?
Chaos: In this pairing, you're Zelos, right?
Me: Yup ^_^
Chaos: Isn't he a pervert...?
Me:....um....about that...hehe...what's that??
Chaos: Where?? *looks around frantically*
Me: A distraction *dissapears into thin air*

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hey everyone....how've you been? Me, I've been better....kinda depressed at the moment, for the second time my curent theme matches my mood..see...today and yesterday Ra-chan and I weren't able to talk as much as we usually do since she's been kinda busy and all, in fact the only time I was her was to say goodnight...just doesn't feel right....I guess it's just like what the title for my site says. Hopefully we'll talk more tomorrow...
Hm...I wonder how many people will comment today, last time I was depressed not many poeple commented...I can understand....I'm not gonna bore you guys any longer so I might as well end my post here...well...'till next time...

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

....so many tags....

Ok....as you can probably tell, I've been tagged more than once...around 5 (i blame the next flfc, if you get tagged, you should too lol) times actually....so instead of doing my post, i'll just do this tag thing.So that means I have to put around 40 random facts.....wait...that many?? Can i even count that high?? O_O Oh well, let the games begin!!

The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

My Random Facts:
1) I live in California
2) So far I'm making myself anti-social so I can spend more time with Ra-chan
3) I have a little sister
4) I prefer water/juice/milk over soda
5) my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper
6) I have 2 cell phones
7) I need to use over $400 just to get all my books
8) I've been woeking out regularly
9) Kinda getting used to waking up at 6:30AM
10) I speak some French
11) It's usually around 90+ degrees where I live
12) I have ideas for my next short story
13) I easily forget things
14) I prefer going by Drake, Avicus, or Alister
15) My cell phones are the colors red and blue
16) I'm kinda cold
17) Yesterday my right hand went kinda numb, in fact it still is
18) I might see cows when I look out the window
19) I know little about my past, just some memories between my little sister and I
20) I'm with Ra-chan everyday. ^_^
21) I like both cute anime (like Chobits) and "mature" anime (Like Elfen Lied)
22) My favorite band is Dir En Grey
23) My favorite band WAS Avenged Sevenfold
24) I'm currently trying to get a job
25) I prefer subs over dubs
26) I forget names and birthdays
27) My favorite color is black
28) My favorite color scheme is Black w/Red
29) I just finished eating a salad
30) Favorite anime is Eureka 7
31) I should bench around 150lbs
32) I wish I ahd a PS2/PS3
33) Favorite type of games are RPG
34) I'm getting a bank account next week
35) Will hopefuly talk with Ra-chan after this
36) I'm kinda thirsty
37) I have 7 textbooks and waiting to get my French one
38) I ranked 55 out of my senior class
39) French is my third language
40) I believe, no, am experiencing true love

I am done!! Wow....I was running out of things...hm...now I guess I should tag ppl...ok
1) The next flcl
2) Ra-cha (well...u did kinda ask why I didn't tag you last time. ^_^')
5)vegeta dude
6)Aquamarine Angel
8) The next flcl

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Bonsoir mes amis, comment ca va? These past few days have been pretty cool, but waking up at 6:30AM everyday is kinda new to me, I guess I'll get used to it eventually. At least this time I was almost wide awake during Psychology, I almost fell alseep last time....ok...so maybe I was yawning a bit. lol^_^' Today the school had this convocation thing where the entering freshman crossed this bridge which I guess kinda symbolizes (sp?)the begginng of a journey and when we graduate, we cross the same bridge but the opposite way, kinda symbolizing the end of said journey. Or at least I think that's what it means. lol I guess it's a tradition the schoo started when it opened a few years ago, seems kinda cool to me. The funny thing is, I was walking down that bridge when the whole thing happened, it never really occurred to me that I could've waited for them to pass me. lol
I finally got my alltel cell phone, so now Ra-chan and I can talk all we want!!! ^_^ Sad thing is, today I bought minutes for my other phone. lol

The rules are:
1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Random facts:
1) I've written over 10 poems, most of them being a mixture between romance and some other element as well as written two short stories and currently working on the third one.
2) I'm in love with Ra-chan. *glomps Ra-chan and cuddles*
3)In less than a day I got used to 104 degree weather
4)My major is Psychology (for the moment) but I'm also considering Cognitive Science and/or Economics
5) Most people can't say either of my names and always ask me to spell...and STILL get my last name wrong
6) I prefer wearing dark colors
7)I know some HTML and am thinking about changing my theme since Ra-chan's back from her trip....for about a month. lol ^_^'
8)I don't get angry very easily, at most annoyed especially when the person knows that they're annoying me and aren't stoping. I'll never result to violence until I reach a certain point and if I say "You're annoying." that pretty much means, run. That's only if you're messing with me....but if you're threatening/hurting Ra-chan.....let's just say that "violence" isn't the proper word for it.

I guess it's time for me to tag 8 people, but since at most 5 people actually take the time to read my posts (thanks mes amis). And if you get tagged, take it out on the next flcl, he tagged me first. lol

1)the real yojimbo
2) Juz Cuz
3) sniffles of doom
4)Knight Edge

Funny thing is, more than half of these poeple don't even comment. lol

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hello everybody!!! This is my first official post from UCM. *confetti envelopes the room*.....where'd that come from?? O_O lol Well anyways, yesterday was pretty cool, I got my stuff registered, ate some fruits from the local farms...no seriously....I bet that if I open the windows that I'll see a few cows...-_-' Why did I have to choose the university that's next to farms and that's in the middle of nowhere? lol Yesterday was also the day that Ra-chan and I were working on a way to get me an actual cell phone, you know, the one from alltel; At first things didn't seem to be in our favor but then a new possibility appeared. Ra-chan's mom might help me get a new phone that means that I can talk with Ra-chan all I want!! ^_^
Today was pretty cool too, went to eat breakfast with the guys I'm dorming with and I also got the books that I need and later went to the gym! ^_^ It was pretty cool….no really…as in it’s hot outside and trust me, you call easily feel the difference once you stepped outside…I sure did. -_-‘ Anyways, I used one of those things where you’re using a bike thing to run but you’re actually staying in the same place….yup….I forgot what it’s called. ^_^’ I used it for an hour and I’m not sure what the number means, but in distance it said that around 10, most likely it’s miles but I kinda doubt that. Afterwards when I got off it I almost fell, I guess my legs were that exhausted. Kinda funny, I didn’t feel it. Then I went to bench…and I’m kinda sad about it….it seems that now I can only bench around 140 pounds when 2-3 years ago I benched around 200 pounds. -_-‘ Then again I haven’t lifted weights for that amount of time so things like that should be expected….but so low? -_- ‘ Can’t wait for Monday, that’s when classes officially begin…

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