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Friday, June 15, 2007

These past few days have actually been pretty cool/better than usual. During "service" we had this sort of a small party and ate nachos w/cheese (sadly there was no salsa to be found), sandwiches, and fruit. We were suppsoed to stay there the whole period....but me and Alfred just left and hang out at some other class. ^_^' During English class we're doing this one thing as our "final" where each student has to bring a song with us and we explain what that song means to us either before or after we play it. I was VERY tempted to play a Dir en Grey song and then thought "Oh crap....he said no cursing...." so in the end I choose "Without you" by Motley Crue and i forgot what I said in the end but I'm pretty sure I ended it with: "...to sum up this song in a few words: it explains how one feels when love, the reason they exist, they raison d'etre (means "reason to be" in french) is suddenly taken away". I think I did pretty good, I hope I have the A now. ^_^' Some other songs were pretty cool, like the one called....well...I forgot the name of it, but it was by Dragonforce; that one was my favorite out of the songs used, it was so long too! ^_^ Lemme see....what other songs were used...well, I forgot the rest, but I remember that one of the songs got me somewhat depressed but I feel better now, well sorta but it has nothing to do with the song...
As for tomorrow, a few friends and I are planning to hang out at The Grove" and maybe watch a movie....*checks wallet*...damn....odds are that I'm going to go broke once again. -_-'

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hello everyone! ^_^ The banquet I went to was pretty cool, I was surprised that I actually had some fun even though the whole time I was missing the one I love. I think my friends noticed how I was "feeling down" so they did their best to cheer me up, and it worked. The whole time my friends and I were joking around like we always do. ^_^ I'll miss them when it's time for us to go our own separate ways....so anyways, back to the topic. ^_^' One thing that I noticed that some of them actually dressed formally...which is something i never do. Hey.....wearing pure black is somewhat formal, no? That's what i always wear when I go to "big" events because I've been told that I look the best when dressed that way. ^_^' I have to say that the coolest dressed one of our little group was Jonathan, the way he dressed made him look like a Mob/Mafia boss! Seriously, he did! The way he tied his hair back made me think that I was a bout to get wacked...which made him look even cooler...I kept joking about the way he dressed too. ^_^ Later that night...it was time for me to perform. I was one of the last ones to go up and they did a pretty decent job and when that happens....I always want to outdo them, which I might've if the stupid microphone only let me walk around the room. See, I was planning to walk around the tables and look into the eyes of all those I passed....alas, it was not meant to be. -_-' Oh well, at least I had a good time, no?

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Guess what everyone!....I'm sick yet again. -_-' But why today of all days?? I woke up kinda woozy (little to no balance and almost fell down many many times....), I have a small headache, and my throat really hurts and today's the day that I have to perform at the Senior Banquet! Wait....maybe I should explain first. ^_^' Remember how a while back I recited Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 in front of my whole English class? Well I have to do it again....except this time it's going to be in front of over 150 people. O_O No worries though, I memorized the entire sonnet a while back and I still know it now (I even made a poem of my own using the old Shakespearian language used in sonnet 18, it's 2 posts down if you're interested in reading it. ^_^) , I'm just lucky that I have no stage fright, because if I did...I'm screwed. I can't even remember how I got myself into this....I bet my English teacher somehow tricked me into it! -_-' The most annoying thing about this was that I had to shave for this, always a pain. -_-' Well whatever, hopefully my recent sickness won't interfere too much with the Banquet. ^_^'

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Eh, I've had an emotionally exhausting weekend thus far but everything seems to be better now. Not that I'm complaining though, just kinda depressed that's all. Knowing me, I'll get better in no time but not gonna talk about that. lol Today I found out something interesting.....I'm rank 55 out of the Class of '07 at my school. I thank all the hard work and.....who am I kidding? I have no idea as to how the hell I pulled it off, I guess my school is filled with idiots, or I'm just that smart...*thinks*...yup...my school is filled with complete idiots. ^_^' There's going to be this "award ceremony" type thing for the seniors and since I'm getting 5 awards my friends are forcing me to go....seriously, I'm pretty sure that they know where I live and odds are that they'll tie me in rope and drag me there....what friends, huh? ^_^' Hm.....I'm getting 5 awards.....nope, the school is still filled with complete idiots and now I'm positive that complete idiots are running the school too. ^_^' Lemmme see.....oh yeah, I'm almost done with Remaining Past! ^_^ Wait....I swear I said that last time...well...now I'm positive that I'm almost done. I kinda feel sorry for Alister(main character) though, a lot of stuff happens to him....A LOT of stuff. ^_^' At the moment it's 24 pages long...damn....why did I have to make it so long!! -_-' It's gonna be a real pain to type all of it...unless.....*looks around and spots lighter, kerosene, and a torch*....maybe....

Random questions:
1) Are you interested in reading the story?
2)Are you good at drawing?
3)If it started to rain pokemon(and yes kante....pikachus too), how would u react?
4)Do you have a facebook?
5)chocolate or vanilla?
6)what grade(if attending school) are you in?
7) Any ideas on what the next theme should be?
8) Do you write poetry?
9) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck woood?

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Monday, May 21, 2007

   i'm in love

I'm in love with the love of my life Ra-chan, i love her with all my heart, soul, and all else i can love her with. No words in english, or any language imaginable for that matter can even come close to describe just how i feel for her. i live and i'll die for her, I dedicate this poem to her:

In Mine Eyes

Adorable thou art in mine eyes
And forever thy love shall come forth to me,
Same as mine shall forever flow to thee;
Like the seas are deep
And the sky most high,
Mine love shalt not reach a limit,
Mine love for thee and only for thee
Shall forever exist as long as we;
So rejoice my love
And hearest these words of mine
Thou art my love, my life, and my soul,
Thou shalt forever be these and these and more;
So long as I can breath and mine heart can love
So long I shall love thee and thee alone.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hello everyone! how was your day? ^_^ Today all us seniors where supposed to go to school at around 12 pm due to the testing the other grades were getting and guess what...yup....you guessed it, i forgot all about it and went early anyway!...well...not exactly early...but...you know waht I mean. -_-' Other than that my day was pretty average except for the fact that today i had to take my AP economics:micro test which determined wether i get the college credit for taking that AP class and damn....that test was long...but easy! lol Even though I'm better at macro than micro, I'm pretty sure I did good enough to at least get the 3. ^_^' Oh yeah, for those that don't know the diffeference between econ micro and econ ro is...well...try to imagine micro as a tree while macro is like the forest; meaning that it's more broader and covers more things. I was thinking of choosing either economics or psychology as my major for college....and then i heard that you need to take calculus......yeah......I think I'm better of with psychology. lol ^_^'

1) How do you like the new look? (all thanks to real yojimbo! ^_^)
2) What are you planning to do after High School (or whatever type of school you're going to. lol)?
3) If you met a pink bunny, what would you do?
4) what would you do for a klondike bar?

my answers:
2) Go to college/university
3)....where!?! *runs away*
4) i would ride in a small clown car! *small clown car apears next to me*....you know what?....screw the klondike bar...lol

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hello everyone! ^_^ Today I skipped periods 1-4 which was very cool, the only downside was......it was because I had to take my AP English Lit test which was around 50 questions long and after a short 10 minute break we had to write 3 essays.....yeah....me no like essays. lol Well, I think I did pretty good, i somehwat liked the topic of the first ands econd essays....but the first.....no idea what the hell they wanted us to write about, so I did the only thing that i leaned while being forced to take "life skills" during the summer (they screwed up my schedule!) a year ago.....and bs the whole thing!lol ....now my head hurts by just by thiking about all those essays...and to add to that while I was using a knife to cut a bread in half I kinda cut myself....and i can't find the bandaids anywhere! Oh well, i'll just let the cut bleed itself out I guess -_-'

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Monday, May 7, 2007

2 new poems

Hey guys, how've ya been? At the moment (2:46 my time) I'm at school and I've been pretty good. ^_^ Well, here are two new poems for you. I usually post one at a time, but these two are connected. Can you figure out why? Enjoy! ^_^
Inspiration: Song

Through The Eyes Of The Broken

As the gates of life close upon us,
I wonder what I could have done:
Maybe I shouldn't have gone against you wishes,
Maybe I should have kept my eyes closed;
No, I did nothing wrong,
The one who did wrong was YOU:
YOU assumed that my love would keep me blind,
You assumed that I would never find out.
I did no wrong, the one who did wrong was you:
Lie, Cheat, Deceit, Chicanery.
You did this and this and more,
As the gates of life close upon us
I see you for the last time,
And I smile for I am finally set free
From the lie that is called

Through The Eyes Of The Deceiver

As the gates of life close upon us,
I wonder what I could have done:
Maybe I shouldn't have taken you for granted,
Maybe I should have loved you more.
But it is too late, what has been done cannot be undone,
I had done many a thing that cannot be taken back:
I assumed that your love would keep you blind,
I assumed that you would never find out.
I had wronged you, did many a thing that have hurt you:
Lie, Cheat, Deceit, Chicanery
I did this and this and more.
As the gates of life close upon us
I see you for the last time,
And smile for I have finally set you free
From the love that was only a

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

feliz cinco de mayo

Great, I just found out that I was tagged. ^_^' Oh well, might as well get it over with. *smiles evily* But before I do....*sends group of spiders after Elena The Turk* That's what you get for tagging me! *laughs evily* ^_^'

1) I'm in love
2) I was involved in 2 (if you rule out nearly drowning at the beach many times) near Death experiences, once while I was a kid (one of the very few childhood memories I have was when I was rolling down a hill in the park and I suddenly stopped myself before I fell on the hard concrete when a car just passed suddenly) and one a few years ago (car I was ridding in was smashed by not 1 but 2 semis (18 wheelers).
3) One of my dreams WAS to go skydiving, decided that it would be best not to.
4) Ny name is italian and its meaning is "victorius peace"
5) I'm allergic to nothing at all! ^_^
6) Favorite non-anime movie is Battle Royale. Favorite anime movie is metropolis.

Now for those who I will tag:
1) TearlessGreyEyes (sorry Ra-chan, your the first person that I thought of)
2)the real yojimbo

(real post starts below this)

For those who don't know Spanish that means happy Cinco...uh....pretty much the same thing after happy, huh? ^_^' One thing that I have learned about this holiday is....that you are invinsible with a stick! watch.
*pokes lion with stick* fear me!
lion:.....*eye twitch*
....*runs away with lion in pursuit. Moments pass and I return riding on the lion's back* *sing song voice* In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.
That's it for today's post. oh, before I forget. I'd like to thank the following people: Elena The Turk and TearlessGreyEyes for attempting to solve the riddle. Alas, you both were incorrect. The answer to last post's riddle (The doors were locked, the windows were closed, there is no evidence of forced entry, and despite the severity of the shooting, the car was unharmed/had no bullet holes in it. How is it that the man got shot multiple times yet there wasn't a single scratch/bullet hole on the car?) is that the car was a convertible (no roof. ^_^)

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

one interesting day....

Hello everyone! ^_^ Guess what, I finished the letter thing...again....and when I gave it to Zapata he said "pretty good, like the topic choice".......*eye twitch* that letter was basically bullshit disguised by few facts....it wasn't even half the origional letter which was filled with facts, names, etc etc. *sigh* Why is it when I do something good it goes largely unnoticed yet when I don't even try, people notice? Whatever, not like it even matters....
Oh, something funny happened during AP Econ, we were supposed to answer these 4-5 questions as homework and I was the only one that pretty much did the whole thing and a few friends ended up copying it!! lol! The irony, Fernando, Elias, and Alfred needed to copy it and they're getting better grades in the class than me. ^_^' To rub it in his face (you know, in a joking manner) I wasked Fernando "And you have the highest grade how?" which he answered with...well, he just basically just flipped me off. lol ^_^' Lemme see.....what else happened...oh yeah, during 4th (my service period where I help out at the Attendance Office) I was watching these cool music videos and then was asked by one of the people that work there if I could shred some documents, I said sure (....yeah.....as if I have a choice....lol), and then somehow I got paper stuck in the shredder *looks at people stare at me like I'm an idiot*...what..? How was I supposed to know that it could only shred 5 at a time..?....even though it did say that right on it....^_^' So I did the smartest thing I could think of and got a paperclip and tried to get the paper out that way (....hey....sometimes the simplest ideas are the best....) and when Alfred noticed that I was having trouble with it, he started to help me with it and after a few minutes I stopped and said:

me: Dude...
alfred: ?
me:....it's taking 2 of the top people in the econ class to take paper out of a paper shredder...
alfred:....I never thought about it that way...
me:....and if our generation is the future.....we're screwed...

Then for computer class Mr. Gonzales (one of the coolest teachers I've known) turned the radio on and put classical music which I enjoyed. ^_^ Then he put on rap...*eye twitch*....afterwards country....*eye twitches more*...and to top it all off he put on that "Peanut Butter and Jelly time" song...*eye twitch*....my head hurts from thinking about it. -_-' ....now I can't get that evil song out of my head! Must.let. Dir en Grey drown evil song out *puts music on full blast* much better. ^_^

To RobinXXXXX: College? I'm 17 and still in high school! lol

That's it for today's post. Oh, before I forget, I put a riddle a while back and I forgot to say who got it right. ^_^' The riddle was: In the state of California why can't a widow's husband marry his wife's sister? And only two people answered it correct....wait...they were the only ones that tried...um....anyways....for answering that riddle, DarkFaerie24 gets...cookies...*hands DarkFaerie24 cookies* and Ra-chan (TearlessGreyEyes ) gets salsa! what?....she likes salsa...*hands Ra-chan a bowl of salsa and some chips* ^_^

new riddle:
A man is found shot multiple times in his car. The doors were locked, the windows were closed, there is no evidence of forced entry, and despite the severity of the shooting, the car was unharmed/had no bullet holes in it. How is it that the man got shot multiple times yet there wasn't a single scratch/bullet hole on the car?

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