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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   700 Hits!! Arigotou!!

Thank you so much everyone for 700 hits! (well, technically i have 704, but who cares!) As always, i'm having a party. Woot!! Bring ur bishie or bishojo for the fun, (candy is to the left ^^).

O yea, i gots my very first cel phone yesterday (the flippy kind where u can take pictures ^__^) i'm so happy! i'm also going to see "The Incredibles" w/ my friend tonight, it looks like it'll be good.

Plus, if anyone is interested in my RPG coming up, just scroll down some. Here is everyone that's joined so far:





Thanks ya guys for joining once again, and i hope more ppl can join ^^

Here's something fun for ya. Caption time!! come up w/ a caption for this pic:

have a good time at the party and take care ^^

Ami-chan and Sailor Mercury (who has currently brought in some cookies for the party)

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Friday, November 12, 2004

   Hi! Hey!

^yes, this is from sister princess.

hey, minna! sorry i didn't get to all ur sites, and i gotta make this quick (i have art class ^^) if u wanna join my rpg, go to my lower post. see ya later!

ami-chan ^-^

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I will start an RPG in a few days (don't kno when ^_^;;) Anyway, it's going to be a complete crossover. Your character can be from any anime or videogame. You can be a real character or ur own made-up one. U can join at anytime u want. I will have the RPG under my daily posts. In the comments you can write your post for the story. If you're interested, here are the steps for joining:

Sep #1: PM me. You need to pm me if u are joining. Make sure u send ur character's information like this:
Name: (i.e.-Sailor Mercury, Goku, Sailor Charon)


Height:(i.e.-5'1, 4'10, 6'0)

Race: (i.e.-Human, Demon, Coordinator)

Occupation: (i.e.- sailor senshi, bandit, duelist)

Item(s),Weapon(s)or Power(s): (i.e.-swprd, energy beams, mini computer)

Side:(Good, Neutral or Evil)

Anime or videogame they r from: (i.e.-Gundam Wing, Saiyuki, FFVII) if they r not from anywhere, just some random character, just say "original." if u have a made up character from some other anime or videogame, just say it's from there instead of "original."



Brief Bio:

U can also add any additional information if u want ^^ (such a birthday or favorite color)

Step #2: if u have an image of ur character, you can e-mail it to me at sailor_mercury4eva@yahoo.com. If it's a real character u could also e-mail me it if u want.

Step #3: I will pm u back when i get urs. If u got a question, just ask!

Now for the part noone likes-rules. but they have to be set. here we go.

Rules: #1-No god-modding (no controlloing other people's characters w/o their permission)

#2-No profanity. If u want to do so, pleaz type something like !@#$ this instead.

#3-Nothing inappropriate (meaning no sexual stuff or hentai)

#4:Type as cleanly as u can (spell check and punctuation) i won't kill u on this, but at leastv make it readable ^^

#5-No killing other's characters w/o their permission.

#6-Sorry! No yaoi or yuri. I don't support it, I apologize. (if u want to use a character who falls under this category u can use them, as long as u don't imply any yaoi or yuri)

#7-Have fun ^^

I hope everyone will have fun w/ it. Just for a head's up, I'm using Sailor Charon (see fanart) When i post everyone's characters and stats, i'll do the same w/ sailor charon. if there's a day when i don't post and u want to keep writing, just add on to the comments the day i last posted.Before each post i make, i will post the most current part of the story. I will post the rules again when i get it started so don't worry about forgetting them! This sounds confusing now, but it will be easy when it starts! TTYL!

Ami-chan ^^

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

   Hello, minna!!

hi everyone! i just submitted some fanart into MyO today. they are sailor charon (my fave rpg character that i made) and her normal form Elena Meioh. i hope u guys like them when they appear in the fanart section (they have to be approved first)

sorry i haven't been on lately, i've been obsessed w/ gaia ^^;;;

anyways, i wanna start an rpg soon. it'll be a crossover (so anyone can be anyone they want in it ^^) i'll give details tomorrow if i can post. i hope ur all doing fine, and i shall go see ur sites ^^ ttyl!

Ami-chan ^___^

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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   I have to make this fast T_T

^this is from WHISTLE. i can't wait to get the manga and see the anime!

sorry, i can't get to ur sites again!! i have to finish math and go to youth group >_< anyways, i had to go to some scholarship breakfast to get my certificate this morning (truthfully, i only went for the food ^^;;) i just got back from the soccer game and the score was 2-2. i accidentally kicked the referee w/ the ball since he jumped in the way ^^;; He deserved it, he was mean!! (and 2 other girls hit him later XD) then in the second half of the game, this one girl started getting in front of me and stuff when the ball was on the other side of the field AND I was on defense! so, i decided to have a lil fun w/ her. i would move to the side and she would step in front of me. then i would move to the other side, and eventually i ran circles around her! i tried not to laugh because i didn't want to insult her, but it was so much fun to see her try and copy everything i did XD it was like follow the leader! finally, she just said "Oh forget it!" and she walked away, lol!! after the game, my mom, sis, and dad were saying they saw me doing that and they were cracking up (and my mom claimed she saw one of my teamate's dad crack a smile) that was embaressing. i thought no one was paying attention! but i couldn't help but laugh ^____^

k, i better go. i want to see ur sites so bad! i guess i'll see them whenever T_T see ya later!

Ami-chan =P

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Saturday, November 6, 2004

I'm SOOO Happy!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy today!! finally, we got a new printer and it is also a fax machine, copier and scanner at the same time. i can finally show you all my drawings!! i really want u guys to see my rpg characters too ^^ on a sadder note though, a kitty i really liked died yesterday. between classes during school, my friend and i would go see these kitties (they're so glompable ^__^) but one, Mow, got ran over yesterday by some stupid upperclassman (no offense to anyone ^^;;). I was really upset, and even more angry because kids were laughing about the incident. i kind of felt like i had lost a dear pet, i'm sure some of u guys had felt the same before.

well, anyways i want to get to all ur sites today (pleaz forgive me if i don't, i got homework, soccer games, and what-not) I also want to thank everyone for always being there for me and coming to my site ^^ i'm glad to have joined MyO, i learned alot on here and made many friends. K, i'm done, now go watch anime!!

Ami-chan ^_____^

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Wednesday, November 3, 2004


yesterday, my sis's sailor moon season 2 boxset came in!! i'm so excited to watch them ^^ plus, i kno how to duel pretty well now (all i need now is an english deck ^^;;) sorry, can't make the post long today, ttyl minna!

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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Happy Halloween, minna! i'm glad that everyone likes the new look! today, i'll have a halloween party AND my 100 gb entries party! Whee!!!! There's candy to ur left and candy to ur right ^-^ and there's a Hikaru pinata over here in celebration for her theme ^^

Hikaru:uh...wait a minute... O_O;;

Sailor Mercury: Don't worry! I got you covered, Hikaru-chan!

*Sailor Mercury brings out LiL AnimE AngeL pinata*

O_o;;; Mercury-chan, you're joking, right?

Sailor Mercury: Nope! Ok, everyone! Now beat the crud out of this pinata!! ^_______^

Mercury-chan.... T__T

Here's a question for you all, what is everyone being this year? (if ur not dressing up, wat WOULD u be?) most ppl kno that i'll be riku from kingdom hearts ^^ Anyways, have a great halloween everyone! *then runs away from mob with pinata sticks*

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

   Yeah i finished!!!!!

Yay! I finished fianlly! I hope that everyone likes the new look ^^ and thanks for the compliments too! btw, the midi is the Rayearth OVA ending "All You Need Is Love." see ya later!

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   Gotta make this quick!

Sorry, everyone! i can't finish the new theme tonight, so i'll do it tomorrow or monday. sorry! but as u can see, the new theme is hikaru from magic knight rayearth ^^ oh, and thanx Cuddle Bunny for the award. I really appreciate it! bye for now!

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