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Sunday, September 26, 2004


Yay! You got Jounouchi! He's such a kawaii lil puppy! ^^ I hope get him again in Part 2!
So far, your match is the comedy relief, Katsuya
Jounouchi. Congrats! Let's see if you get him
again i Part 2!

Battle City:Battle of Duels or Love? (girls only)Part 1
brought to you by Quizilla

Hey! see the quiz above? I made it ^^ It's my first one ever, and I hope you enjoy it. Don't worry boys, when i finish all the parts to the quiz, i'll make one for u guys!

Lately, I've had the opening and ending themes of "Happy Lesson" stuck in my head. And the "Chobits" theme song was stuck in my head ALL last night! But hey, they're the songs that you want to be stuck in ur head ^^ I'll see all of you around, and i'll leave u with this pic to match my subject ^___^

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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Hiya! Did anyone see anime this morning (sonic x, yugioh, one piece, shaman king, that type of stuff??) anyways, i also saw the chobits anime for the first time last night. i loved it ^^ i'm so mad that there's not alot of anime tonight! they're replacing it w/ star wars and samurai jack!! Darn IT!!!!! just to let u kno ahead of time, i'm going to change the layout thursday. if u wanna kno wat it is...sorry! it's a surprise ^^

Malik: First it's Sailor Mercury, and now u plan on replacing me too!?

LiL AnimE AngeL: No No! ur still my numero uno bishie, Malikun!

Malik: y does everyone call me a bishie??

LiL AnimE AngeL: ...because u are...

Malik: whatever... -_-;;

i'll ttyl, minna! (if i don't get to ur sites today, gomen in

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Thursday, September 23, 2004


Arigotou, minna, for the wonderful 400 hits! ^^ (don't tell me u don't love kurama in the pic *drool*) I want to thank you all by giving u a super awesome link to a Naruto site. It is: www.narutofan.com

i hope u like it, and even if ur not into naruto, u should still check it out ^^ well, go have some food or dance w/ ur bishie (or smack him if he doesn't dance)

i also want to ask everyone a question: wat manga do u own??

i have:

Sailor Moon: complete series (my sis and i share the collection)

Magic Knight Rayearth: complete series (we share yet another collection ^^;;;)

Wedding Peach:i have #'s 1 and 6 and my sis has #'s 2 and 5, but we share this collection too (we're trying to get 3 and 4 sometime soon ^^)

Cardcaptor Sakura: #6

Chobits: #1

Shonen Jump books: i don't kno the numbers, but i have the december 2003, march 2004, and august 2004 additions.

Did anyone ever see Happy Lesson? It's HILLARIOUS! it's about this kid (i forget everyone's names ^^;;;) he's an orphan but lives in a mansion his parents left him. well, he thought he'd be living alone peacefully, but now 5 (or was it 6 O_o;;) of his teachers r living w/ him and they r all competing to be his mom, lol! i like the gym teacher (gah! i forget her name!!) but she and the science teacher (forget her name too T_T) both look like Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you've seen this, can u tell me their names, please?? ^^;;

Also, i read my friend's first 2 volumes of Samurai Girl: Real Bout Highschool." Many may say that it stinks, but i liked it. i guess i like it because since i'm a tomboy like ryoko (the main character) we can relate in some ways. u may have read it and not liked it, but that's ok ^^ if u haven't read it, then i suggest u gotta try it!

i also read my friend's "Suikoden III" manga. it is soo kool! if u love final fantasy, then you'll love this (lots of kool war scenes! whee!!! sorry, i went overboard ^^;;;)

just wanted to let u kno wat i've been up to and i'll be getting to ur sites now. Ja ne! ^^

Sailor Mercury: Nani!? Where'd all the pizza go??

LiL AnimE AngeL: *chomp chomp* (^-^)

Sailor Mercury: -_-;;

LiL AnimE AngeL: Whoops...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

   Blah Blah Blah Bah....

Gomen, minna! i apologize for the extrememly short update. i'll get to ur sites some other time, i'm WAY too tired ^^;; i just wanted to let u kno that i'm alive and well (um...i think well...) but that's it for now. TTYL!

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Monday, September 20, 2004

   Gomen, Minna!

Ahhh! I haven't been around, sorry 'bout that ^^;;; Anywho, school went good today (and i didn't miss the soccer bus this time!...don't ask, it's a long story...) i just got done homework (burn, homework, burn! Muahahahahaha!!) so i decided to update ^^ my friend let me borrow her manga, "Now." I haven't finished yet, but it's pretty good so far. It's about these swordsmen in China looking for the "North Star." I like it so far, and u should read it when u get the chance ^-^ i edited this pic underneath (don't laugh, i used that stupid paint program T_T) anyways, i'll see ya around. Ja! =P

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

   Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! (ok, i should stop the repetitiveness...)

Yay!! A new episode of Sonic X came to the FoxBox today! but i almost missed it becuase i didn't kno about it. it came on at 9:00, and i turned the t.v. on at 9:17. i wanted to watch shaman king, but wasn't sure wat time it came on, and here was sonic! i almost had a heart attack thinking about how i almost missed all of it (even though i missed half of it T_T) anyway, One Piece came on after it (i had forgotten that today was the premere ^^;;) it wasn't bad actually (i've always liked luffy, even when i first read the manga in my shonen jump ^___^) later i FINALLY got to watch shaman king. it was so funny! i still feel bad that i didn't kno when my soniku's new season would appear in america T_T

Sailor Mercury: ur forgetting to tell minna about yu-gi-oh.

LiL AnimE AngeL: Oh, right! arigotou, mercury-chan! YGO was pretty good today also. the script wasn't too far off from the original today (thank God) i'm still in shock that they changed Varon's name to Valon and now he sounds like an australian rock star! well, 4kids tend to give the good characters bad voice actors, neh? no offense to anyone who likes the voice actors ^^;;; I also found out that in the original dub of Dragonball,(ya kno, in the 80's) Goku's name was Zero. Zero!? Where'd they get that name!? i'm so happy that they re-dubbed it a while back ^_^ i didn't even kno that it was re-dubbed...

i also saw the japanese openings of yu yu hakusho today. they rocked! and the 1st opening is almost EXACTLY like the dubbed version! i was impressed ^^ speaking of yu yu hakusho, guess wat comes on tonight?? (if ya don't, then u gotta be dense -_-)

Kuwabara: What comes on tonight?

LiL AnimE AngeL:...like i was saying...

ok,ok, i'll stop rambling on and on and on and-

sailor mercury: They get the point!

LiL AnimE AngeL: Anyways, i'll TTYL, minna! And remember, it is never wise to give Yami no Bakura or any Yu-Gi-Oh bishies sugar.

YamiB: *runs around w/ a bag of sugar* BAG OF SUGAR-SHAPED LIKE SENNEN PUZZLE!

*All YGO bishies run around w/ bags of sugar*

Sailor Mercury:...likewise...

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Friday, September 17, 2004

   Varon! Varon! Varon! (I AM getting repetitive w/ my titles...)

Gomen, minna, that i haven't updated in a few days. Ya kno how school and soccer is -_-;;; To make it up to everyone, here is a site my friend gave to me, and it's pretty awesome. It's:


I hope everyone enjoys it! ^^ bye for now! oh yea, by the way, i might be riku for halloween! Yay!!!! (don't laugh, i like getting dressed up -_-+)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

   "Wish I could prove I love you, but does that mean I have to walk, on water?"-Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts

heh, heh ^^ Kingdom Hearts 2 came out in Japan today (why can't America get something first for once!? >_<;;) i can't wait to get it when it comes here!__! here are a few pics and screenshots:

Where's my Riku in the pic!?

Sora goin' punk

King Mickey in battle

An old friend perhaps?

The blind-folded unknown. Look familiar?

i hope u liked the pics, i'll see ya later, minna!

LiL AnimE AngeL

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Monday, September 13, 2004

   Ban! Ban! Ban! (i'm getting repetitive with my subjects -_-;;)

Hi, minna! gomen for the late post today. i'm gonna keep it short for now ^^;; Anyway, i saw "Get Backers" for the first time today, and it rocked! I really like Ban,(he's got that awesome mind technique ^^) but Ginji rox too (he's so funny! =P) i'm trying out some new anime now, like i also saw "Wedding Peach" and "Final Fantasy Unlimited." they were great, except in wedding peach, momoko's voice is soooo high-pitched! *twitch twitch* i'll be going to ur sites now, TTYL!

*yami no bakura comes running in with a bag of sugar*

YamiB: SugarSugarSugarSugar-MUST GET YUUGI'S PUZZLE!!!!!

LiL AnimE AngeL: My...that was random and disturbing...-_-;;;

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

   Chi! Chi! Chi!

Gomen! I'm REALLY REALLY sorry that i didn't get to all ur sites yesterday! i didn't have enough time to be on the computer! *begs for mercy*

Sailor Mercury: Just get on w/ ur post, LiL AnimE AngeL-chan -_-;;

LiL AnimE AngeL: Don't u see that there are sad and starving ppl out there, Mercury-san!?

Sailor Mercury: I don't think they're sad, and they definitely aren't starving...

LiL AnimE AngeL: Forget what she said! *cough cough* uh-anyway, i got my first chobits manga yesterday, and i loved it! chi is so kawaii! ^__^ i wanna get the next one soon. I had also promised a few pics from the recent ygo episode to be on my site yesterday. well, they aren't much, but here they are:

if ur lost w/ wat's goin on, it is the ceremonial battle. yuugi and yami no yuugi have to duel each other to determine if yami no yuugi goes to the afterlife or not. i won't give anymore away if u haven't been updated w/ the Ancient Egypt Arc, but if u want some spoilers just PM me. but make sure u ask certain questions and not just "wat happens?" because i'm afraid to give too much away ^^;;;; also, i'm really excited for the uncut yu-gi-oh and shaman king dvds that are coming out october 19! YEAH!!! the edited dvds were rated for 7 and up, but these will be rated 13 and up, just so ya kno before u buy them. also, i found out that even though the ygo movie was made for america, there were scenes and dialogue either cut or edited. weird, eh? (i still want it on dvd!!)

i will try to get to all ur sites today, i really am going to try! oh yea, glad u liked ur bishies from yesterday. TTYL and see ya!

p.s.-i made a button up top if you can see since i made it the other day. if u can't see it, then it'll show up tommorow! i'll add ur buttons sometime soon!

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