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Saturday, November 6, 2004

I'm SOOO Happy!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy today!! finally, we got a new printer and it is also a fax machine, copier and scanner at the same time. i can finally show you all my drawings!! i really want u guys to see my rpg characters too ^^ on a sadder note though, a kitty i really liked died yesterday. between classes during school, my friend and i would go see these kitties (they're so glompable ^__^) but one, Mow, got ran over yesterday by some stupid upperclassman (no offense to anyone ^^;;). I was really upset, and even more angry because kids were laughing about the incident. i kind of felt like i had lost a dear pet, i'm sure some of u guys had felt the same before.

well, anyways i want to get to all ur sites today (pleaz forgive me if i don't, i got homework, soccer games, and what-not) I also want to thank everyone for always being there for me and coming to my site ^^ i'm glad to have joined MyO, i learned alot on here and made many friends. K, i'm done, now go watch anime!!

Ami-chan ^_____^

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