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Friday, October 29, 2004

   Arigotou!!! Over 600 Hits!

Thank you so much everyone for 600 hits! You guys made my day ^______^ There is food to the left and plushies to the right!

Sailor Mercury: We are at 99 gb entries too!!!!

Yup! One more and I'll have another party!!!! Whee!!!!!

Don't forget this weekend to watch ur anime! If u forget...i'll release the hounds!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Thanks minna!

Ami-chan ^-^

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

   Tokyo Mew Mew!! (gomen ^^;;)

^the center pink one is ichigo,the green one is lettuce, the blue one is mint, the yellow one pudding, and the purple one is zakuro

Hey! today i read my Usagi&Mamoru's Tokyo Mew Mew manga vol. 1. It's awesome! so far i like ryou and pudding the best (Yes, Pudding is her name and she is a monkey girl and is the yellow one in the pic.) ryou is the dude that made the mew mew ppl emerge w/ endangered animals. something is telling me that i'll like zakuro though ^^ (she's a wolf girl) i can't wait to read the second book (tokyo mew mew is a must-read!)

^this bishie is ryou

i also read my friend's King of Bandits Jing manga today. it's like the anime except a lil different. jing is still my fave, but i also like the Gearmaster ^_- this is also highly suggested =P
(if u haven't seen or read it, or even NEVER heard of it then u have to see it! this anime rox!!)

^the king of bandits bishie, Jing. and his girl-crazy crow, Kir.

^the obsessed w/ time bishie, GearMaster.

okay, i'm done my ranting about manga ^^ but anywho i just want to let everyone kno that the site is getting a new theme on saturday! AND THE NEW THEME IS... none of your business >=3 lol, you'll have to wait and see, but don't worry riku fangirls, this bishie will be here for a few more days ^____^

i can't get to ur sites tonight since i got some things to do T_T take care, minna, and have a good evening ^^

Ami-chan...hit in the head with a frying pan...X___x;;; (lol, I'm sorry i couldn't resist! Particle Man was stuck in my head and it rhymed!! XD)

Sailor Mercury:....the girl needs help... -_-;;

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Monday, October 25, 2004


i almost forgot to post this ^^;; may u continue being cool and kawaii, seto-kun!!

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   I'm home all alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup yup ^^ i got off from school today, and i'm so happy!! my sisters got school though. Ha Ha! XD and my parents got work, so i'm all by my lonesome here (but i do get some peace and quiet for a few hours ^____^) right now i'm working on this expository composition for spanish. i have to write about how foreign languages affect my home, school, and neighborhood.(this should be fun -_-;;) all i kno is that i have some neighbors from the middle east, that's about it for foreign language!! (darn u spanish class...)

yesterday i went over my friend's house and i saw Spirited Away, Slayers, and Orphen for the first time. They're pretty kool, and if u can i suggest u check them out sometime ^^ Spirited Away is so impressive, i loved the animations! Slayers was hillarious, the dvd was "Slayers: Return." and the Orphen i saw was "Orphen Revenge." (only saw the first few episodes ^^;;;) if u got comcast digital cable u can watch orphen on "On Demand."

also, i gots u all a question:

What is your favorite anime movie?

Mine would be "Sailor Moon Super S: The Black Dream Hole." I like alot of anime movies, but this is just my number 1 fave ^^ have a good day, minna, see ya later!

Ami-chan ^^

Sailor Mercury: Hi!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

   I'm Back for Today ^^

hiya ppl! did anyone watch cartoon network last night? they replaceed gundam seed! NOOOO!!!!!!!! i wanted to finish it T_T the good news is rurouni kenshin is back on, only problem is i think that they r starting the series over again when i didn't get to finish it last time it was on cartoon network. now i have to wait months to get where i was!! (if they finish it -_-) something is telling me that i'm gonna have to buy rurouni kenshin and gundam seed boxsets at CN's rate w/ anime) anyway, today is Usagi&Mamoru's 13th birthday!!!!! here's an image for ya sis:

oh yea, and thank u so much Azn Gurl for the button, i love it ^^

see ya later, minna!

p.s.-my sonic plushie came in the mail!! i also got the ygo uncut dvd! it rox!! (i don't think anyone cares, but that's ok ^^)

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Hey!! Hello!! (um..yea -_-;;)

this is tsuzuki from descendants of darkness ^^

hiya! idk if i'll be on much this weekend (i'm busy -_-)
good news is, i MIGHT go to best buy today and get the ygo dvd that i wanted! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! my friend i supposed to sleepover tonight, knowing her she won't let me make breakfast -_- (last time i KINDA ruined the eggs ^^;;;) basketball tryouts r in a few week, and i'm so nervous! wish me luck =P btw, on sunday is Usagi&Mamoru's birthday! only problem is her site isn't working, and adam never e-mailed me back T_T i'll probably post a sailor moon pic for her or somethin' on the site, since she can't do it herself. gotta go, i'll see ya later!

(sorry if i don't get to ur sites!! ^^;;)

ami-chan ^_______^

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


hello, minna! i have a science test to do in a few minutes and i'm kinda nervous. wish me luck! i hope that i pass (i want to get honor roll for once!!!) i also have a soccer game today. i hope we win that too ^___^ (i have no idea who we are versing, i never do -_-;;) that's alll for now, really. ja ne!


oh, yea! a word from sailor mercury:

Sailor Mercury: Never give Vash-kun sugar...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

   Whoo-Hoo!! Uncut dvds out Today!!!!!!!

Yeah!!!!!! Uncut Shaman King and Yu-Gi-Oh dvds are out today! my friend and i decided that since they're so expensive, i'll get the ygo ones and she'll get sk, and then we can swap them and stuff ^^ i'm soo happy (i'm probably getting it on friday. since my mom and sisters have off, they might go to "best buy" for me and get it!!) the dvds go by the original script. i went on this site and it told u about wat was on the dvds. joey actually curses! i was surprised that 4Kids entertainment would alow that O_O and i hear that mai has a new voice actor (her other wasn't bad, so i don't kno why they got a new one) well, gotta go. i'll try to visit ur sites, and if i can't I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY!!!! TTYL!

btw, my sonic plushie is on its way from california. i'm so excited, now sailor mercury will have a plushie pal ^^ (all i need now is a malik one =3)

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Monday, October 18, 2004


Random image, yes. But it's a KOOL random image ^___________^

I'm so happy!!!! I ordered a Sailor Mercury plushie online in July, but it didn't come in...but gueeeeessssss whhhhhhhaaaaattttt?? IT CAME IN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!! It's the 10th anniversary edition, and they're hard to find (so i gotta be SUPER careful with it ^^;;;) Her face is so kawaii ^^ I WUV her sooo much!!!!

Sailor Mercury: I'm glad u like the plushie of me, but ur going overboard -_-;;

Gomennasai!!! ^_____^;;;;

okies, i'll see you later, minna! if anything new happens i'll be here =P

Ami-chan ^.^

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

   Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters! (don't ask...it's been stuck in my head...)

Take the quiz: "Which Shaman King character are you?"

Yoh Asakura
Watch out all i'll be the next shaman king

i took this quiz today. i was SOO happy to get yoh!!!!!!!! (obviously, who wouldn't love him?) tonight i'm going to a bonfire w/ my youth group, so i'm looking forward to it ^^ i found this super awesome music video, it's dedicated to sailor galaxia, check it out if u want to:
Galaxia Music Video

the song is "Bring me to life." (we all kno who sings that ^^)

well gotta go! bye!


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