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Friday, October 15, 2004

   Hello ^^

hey, minna. i'm in school right now 'cause i got freetime, but i'm just making a post thanking everyone for coming to my party! bye for now, i might add more later!

Sailor Mercury: Arigotou, let's get to 600!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

   ARIGOTOU FOR 500 HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank u sooooo much for 500 hits (though you were expecting this for a few days ^.^)

I saw this anime today called,"Descendents of the Darkness." I forget the main character's name, but guess who does his English voice? *Points to piccy below*

I was SOO happy! (no, i don't think yuugi does voice acting for u stupid ppl, I'm talkin' Dan Green ^_____^)

Anyways, i also found this funny screenshot today of Yuki and Shou from Yu-Gi-Oh GX:

I just cracked up XD

And here is a cool link to a site w/ web comics that i've been reading lately:


It's hillarious, ya gotta read it!!!

And last, but not least, here is a Gundam Wing piccy (i watched "Endless Waltz" for the first time today, so i have to!!)

Enjoy the party!! And i'll let u all borrow Sailor Mercury's mini computer!

Sailor Mercury:-_-+

Um....I-better go! Sailor Mercury forming ice in her hands and giving me a death glare is a bad sign ^^;;

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Whahhhhh!!!!! I haven't been on in ages!!!!! i can't stay on too long, so the post will be extremely short. Sailor Mercury is studying for a major exam right now, so she told me to tell u all that she loves u!!! i'm almost at 500 hits, so i'll have a party soon, make sure u come ^^ Bye for now!!


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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

   WHOO!! PART-AY!!! BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

LiL AnimE AngeL:PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!!!! I would like to invite everyone to the party today, becuase it's been exactly a year that i've joined MyO!! ^^ grab ur bishie or ur pal, and get down! *sees jounouchi break dancin'*

Sailor Mercury: Not THAT down... -_-;;;

LiL AnimE AngeL:...that was disturbingly random. ANYWAY since no one got yesterday's question,(by the way, the answer was Sailor Jupiter ^^) here is an easier one, and whoever gets it right will get a prize =P

Question:"On Yu-Gi-Oh, at the end of the Duel Tower saga, Kaiba decides to blow up Alcatrez. Him and Mokuba set the clock for the destruction. After a while, the screen shows the clock and it reads,"56:13:23." In the Japanese version, the clock looks like,"?:56:23." What number is in place of the question mark? (i won't be surprised if everyone gets this ^^)"

Sailor Mercury:And here are some piccys. enjoy the party ^_____^

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Monday, October 4, 2004

   Get ready for tommorow....for LiL AnimE AngeL's first anniversary party here at MyO!!

a hillarious scene in "Sailor Stars"

Yup, yup ^^ tommorow will be official, that i've been a member of MyO for a year (even though i didn't start posting until late july ^^;;;;) Bring ur bishies and ur friends, because tommorow will be awesome! *brings out cake and stuff* Let's Part-ay!!!

Sailor Mercury: Also, we want to thank everyone for their help on yesterday's problem for Usagi&Mamoru's site. LiL AnimE AngeL e-mailed adam, and hopefully he'll reply soon ^^

LiL AnimE AngeL: Yuppers ^_____^ Here's a question by the way, and if anyone answers correctly, they get a present ^^ Ready? Here goes:

"In the english dub of Sailor Moon Super S the movie, there was a voice acting goof. The sailor senshi were in the castle of Badianu and saw the black dream hole. Sailor Uranus looked like she had shouted, "This is our wake-up call, scouts!" But clearly it wasn't her voice. Which sailor soldier's english voice shouted this line out?"

If ya don't kno it, u don't have to answer, but u could guess =P If no one gets this today, i'll put up an easier one tommorow. Bye for now!

LiL AnimE AngeL + Sailor Mercury ^^

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Sunday, October 3, 2004


my sis, Usagi&Mamoru can't get to her site. she can get into her backroom and to other sites, but not her gb and her site. plus, when ppl sign MY gb, instead of saying i got another entry, the number goes backwards! can anyone help us out? should i contact adam? any help would be appreciated ^^

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   Mua Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!...sorry...... ^^;;;

Your Yami Bakura and Malik friend! Your evil...
Just like them! Your happy to get the mill.
items with Yami Bakura... And Malik isn't gonna
turn you into his mind slave!

Which Yu-Gi-Oh characters would you be friends with?
brought to you by Quizilla

LiL AnimE AngeL:Take it. I COMMAND U!!

Sailor Mercury: Calm down... -_-;;

LiL AnimE AngeL:Sorry, minna. I'm just a bit disturbed right now. I heard a song from one of the english yu-gi-oh cd's called "duel madness" and i heard that the english voice actor of seto kaiba raps in it O_o if it is him, he's actually not bad...but i can't imagine seto-kun rapping.

Sailor Mercury:At least it's not u rapping. that would be even more scary.

LiL AnimE AngeL:...Put a sock in it...

Sailor Mercury: ^________^

btw, this is satsuki from "Happy Lesson." she's my fave character in it ^^

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Saturday, October 2, 2004


Hello world! i got up early today to go get my pictures for soccer taken (and when i get home...anime!!!!) so i decided to update as well ^^ anyways, this post won't be long because i have to go soon. so here is a pic of malik and isis for everyone. enjoy ^^

*UPDATE:throughout the day, i'll be adding everyone's buttons to my site. i can't guarentee that i'll finish today, so be patient please ^^

**Another Update: Hey! I added everyone's buttons (underneath mine u will see riku, click him and you'll see the buttons) For some reason, some of them wouldn't show. if one of them is urs, u probably need to get a different pic or something. If i didn't add ur button, make sure u pm! i didn't skip anyone's on purpose T_T but anyway, i hope u like ^^

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Friday, October 1, 2004


I can't believe this! It ended yesterday, and it had an awesome ending, and it was very close to the manga, but i like this one better ^^ If u want to see the pics click this:

Final Yu-Gi-Oh episode screenshots

i don't want to post them on my site because if someone out there wants to be surprised and wait until it comes to america or wherever u may live, it will ruin it ^^;; but, let me tell ya, the ending rox, and the pictures are terrific! once again, if u are lost of wat is going on in the pics, just pm me ^^ bye for now, and don't miss ur anime tommorow...or i'll send sailor mercury to sick ya!

Sailor Mercury:...uh...i don't think so.

LiL AnimE AngeL:*loud whisper* Ur supposed to go along!

Sailor Mercury: shouldn't u go study for ur World History and science tests?

LiL AnimE AngeL: C'mon! I have all weekend AND an extra 2 days! ^____^

Sailor Mercury: Knowing u you'll wait until the last minute.

LiL AnimE AngeL:.........

Sailor Mercury:*flashes "V" for victory, for outsmarting LiL AnimE AngeL.*

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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Hi Hi! I'm SO sorry for not being on in forever T_T i hope that the new theme can make up for it ^^ (how can anyone hate this bishie, riku??) if i can, i'll get some screenshots up of the last yu-gi-oh episode sometime (how could it end T_T) Ja!

Sailor Mercury:I missed u all!!Bye!!! ^___^

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