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Saturday, November 13, 2004

   700 Hits!! Arigotou!!

Thank you so much everyone for 700 hits! (well, technically i have 704, but who cares!) As always, i'm having a party. Woot!! Bring ur bishie or bishojo for the fun, (candy is to the left ^^).

O yea, i gots my very first cel phone yesterday (the flippy kind where u can take pictures ^__^) i'm so happy! i'm also going to see "The Incredibles" w/ my friend tonight, it looks like it'll be good.

Plus, if anyone is interested in my RPG coming up, just scroll down some. Here is everyone that's joined so far:





Thanks ya guys for joining once again, and i hope more ppl can join ^^

Here's something fun for ya. Caption time!! come up w/ a caption for this pic:

have a good time at the party and take care ^^

Ami-chan and Sailor Mercury (who has currently brought in some cookies for the party)

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