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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Update! It's an Update! A pure Miracle!!

Hey, minna! i changed my theme (as u noticed ^^) it's the amazoness quartet from Sailor Moon!! i hope everyone likes it, it took me awhile to get it together. gotta get going now, and i'll visit ur sites this weekend! i promise!!! btw, guess who's b-day is this weekend???

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Jupiter's on December 5th ^_____^

Besides hers -_-;;;

Sailor Mercury: ........

Mercury-chan...just look at my profile and maybe you'll get a hint. (sheesh, the girl's got an IQ of 300 and she can't figure this out...)

Sailor Mercury: *pulls out large hammer* I heard that!

Um, gotta go, minna, bye! *runs away from sailor mercury w/ giant hammer*

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

   Happ Thanksgiving!

GOMEN!!!!!! i haven't been on in forever, i apologize T_T i can't get to ur sites (again...) but i will in the future!!!! u can continue the rpg from awhile ago (lower posts) if i haven't put ur person's info up yet i will in the future i promise!! anywho, u can rp anyway.

i hope everyone had a happy thansgiving ^^ see ya later!

Ami and Sailor Mercury ^^

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   "Yo ho ho he took a bite of Gum Gum.." (sorry it's from the english version of one piece ^^;;)

hi minna! before i get started, i would like to let everyone kno that if u want to add a part of the rpg, it goes to the post under. if u don't want to put a part of the story,ur comment goes to this post. i just want things to be a bit more organized ^^

anyway, if u haven't seen it yet, my newest fanart is up. (the yu-gi-oh one) i hope u like ^^ also, if u want to join the rpg, just pm me and i'll tell u wat to do (or u could go easy on ur self and read the bottom-most post -_-;;)

did u guys hear? X-Box 2 comes out november 2005 and halo 3 comes out around the same time ^___________^ wheee!!!!! (sry ^^;;)

and here's a nice pic of mercury-chan ^^

bye bye!


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   RPG continued....

k, hello, minna ^^ we got some new ppl for the rpg and here they are:









anime from-origanal

personality-a loner, but nice to friends, enimes Beware!

Apperance-short black hair. Red eyes. Black pants, and black cloak. Fangs and claws.

Brief Bio- Orphaned. Has no memory of family, doesn't hnow what he is. Few friends. Loves animals, and can talk to animals. Likes to laugh.

Fav Color- Black and red

Torn From Chaos:

Name: Hiroko

Age: 16

Height: 5’5

Race: Half demon

Occupation: ….none?

Item(s),Weapon(s)or Power(s): If I can use the tetsaiga…..then yeah…
Side: Neutral

Anime or videogame they r from: inuayasha?

Personality: Stubborn, headstrong, arrogant, strong, wants attention

Appearance: She has a white Kimono, like inuyasha’s. She has short silver hair and yeah, you get the picture

Brief Bio: As a child, Hiroko was neglected and was only acknowledged as a monster and a demon girl who shouldn't be alive. She grew up without any parents, without the love of another person. In fact, Hiroko has been entirely alone her entire life. So, it's no wonder she is always reaching out for people's attention. She always wanted someone to be looking at her, to acknowledge she existed, even at the expense of her reputation and education. In the short term it worked, all the children laughed at her and exclaimed what a funny girl she was, but it still didn't make her feel wanted by anyone. The children's parents would still grimace in her direction and talk about her behind her back, which ultimately put her back where he started.

anyway, thanx everyone who's written so far. the most recent entry so far is from LPpunkrocka:

Hasegawa Chiaki was sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. She didn't know why, but the sight always calmed her. Whenever she had time like is to relax, time just sped right by, and before she knew it, the sun was setting, but it seemed a little too early.
This, of course, was confusing to Chiaki. "What in the world?" She questioned herself. The sun was still high in the sky, yet it had gotten darker. She rubbed her eyes, only to find that it had gotten darker still. Now she was begginning to become afraid. Cautiously she reached for her knife. "W-Who's there?" she called. She was answered by dead silence.
Then, the sky became an eerie shade of black, with the sun appearing to fade away. Chiaki was terrified, yet angry. "Do you desire to have a piece of me?!!!!!" she cried as she waved her knife around in the air. "SHOW YOURSELF!!!!!!!"
Finally, a gust of wind started up. Chiaki sensed something bad, that something bad was about to happen, when she felt an odd force from behind her. Nervous, she turned around and saw what appeared to be a blackish-colored vortex, with a force that was pulling her in. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" she shouted furiously. She tried to step back, but almost fell off the cliff. feeling cornered, and not knowing what else to do, and out of courage and curiostiy, Chiaki hesitantly walked into the portal...

and everyone can work from there ^^

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Monday, November 15, 2004

   Hi Hi!

gotta make this quick,class is gonna start ^^ anywho, the rpg is the post below. gah! the bell just rang! i'll add more later! ttyl minna!


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   RPG TIME!!!

Tee hee ^^ Ok, today i'm gonna start the rpg. here r the profiles of everyone's characters for starters:


Name: Yuna


Height: 5'6

Race: Human

Occupation: sphere hunter and former summoner

Item: Guns and staff magic

Side: Good


name: Hotaru-chan (aka Sailor Saturn)

Age: (18. She's kind of grown up and different...)

Height: 5'5"

Race: Human with some sort of special powers

Occ: Sailor Senshi

Powers: Destruction

Side: Neutral. She fights for whichever side she feels needs her the most.

Anime: Sailor Moon

Personality: Kind of shy, a loner, kind of depressed. And also a little sadistic too.

Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair, blue-ish eyes....

Bio: As a young adult, she was an innocent girl taken over by the Death Busters and used as a puppet for evil. She almost died as a result, but then because of Sailor Moon, she was reincarnated as a little baby. She still held her powers as Sailor Saturn, however. Now she is 18.

She is dating: Marik Ishtar.


Name: Seto Kaiba
Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Race: Human
Ocupation: Duelist
Items: Duel stuff and Kaiba Corp.
Side: Neutral/for self
From: Yu-Gi-Oh! anime/manga


Name:Kimiko Tanagashi



Race:half demon

Occupation:student,sometimes has to save humans from stupid evil demons.

Item(s),Weapon(s)or Power(s):sword,can put up storong protective barriars...but sometimes they don't work,claws,sometimes bow and arrow if it's the occasion.

Side:pretty good,but can sometimes get pretty stubborn...^_^;

Anime or videogame they r from:original

Personality:she's stubborn and hates being treated like just a woman.she can stand up for herself and can stay calm in situations if she needs to.

Appearance:her hair is long and silver.her eyes are pale blue..she usually wears long sleeve shirts and dark pants.she's pretty when she wants to be...but when you get her really worked up..lets just say run for your life!

Brief Bio:When se was born,her parents supposedly left she and her brother alone(brother will not be apart of RPG).When she was 3 months old,she was put in a orphanage in the slum part of town.The orphanage was cruel and it's the type of place where they would beat you if you did something wrong or just for no reason.eventually,when she was 15,she got adopted by some kind soul.she got all the kids out of the orphanage and burned the place down.now she goes to school and is a pretty good student,but she has been known to start fights.she refuses to wear the girls uniform and only wears the boys uniform because she hates skirts.dresses are ok,just not skirts!


Name:Hasegawa Chiaki
Race:She's a human
Weapon:A blade with a wooden handle that is encrusted with rubies.
Side:Neutral, but borderline evil.
Anime/Vdeogame:She's, uh, actually an OC from my manga
Personality:Chiaki's a quiet person, she's not the kind of person who really cares for material possessions, acts rather mysterious, sad, and seems insane (she slightly is), and she can be rather arrogant most of the time, though she's really actually a little, well, paranoid, though not very, and never really tells anyone some of her, well, darker thoughts.
Appearance:Long, dark brown hair with white streaks that comes down to her waist (she usually wears it in a ponytail), steel gray eyes, and a crescent-shaped scar over one eye, and her skin is pale white, especially on her face.
Her Bio:Chiaki was born an only child, and her mom died when she was two, because her dad murdered her and got away with it. So, until she was 16, her father abused her and things like that, to the point that she had temporary insanity enough to kill her own father. After that, she became nomadic (meaning she has no home, and always travels), and changed her identity, which was originally Michiyo Nakashima, so Hasegawa Chiaki is not her real name, in other words.
BDay:April 8, 1985

Me (LiL AnimE AngeL):

Name: Elena Meioh (name means "Light and Darkness.")

Age: 14

Race: Human

Height: 5'6


Appearance: (sorry, i'm lazy ^^;; check out the fanart)

Item(s): Charon brooch, Charon communicator wrist watch

Weapon(s): Eternal Charon Staff in her first level and Charon Galaxy Sword in second level form.

Power(s) as Sailor Charon: "Charon Silver Fire Strike" in her 1st level and "Charon Fury Galaxy Weapon" when she transforms into her second level.

Power(s) as Elena Meioh: Can morph into Sailor Charon with brooch by shouting "Charon Crystal Power Make-Up!" Plus, she has a small hint of 6th sense.

Occupation: Schoolgirl and Sailor senshi

Anime/Videogame: My made up character from Sialor Moon

Fave colors: Blue, Black, Silver, and White.

Birthday: December 4

Fave food: Pizza and icecream

Least fave food: Meat (excluding chicken and turkey)

Dislikes: Being alone in the dark

Hobbies/Interests: Anime, videogames, sports (preferably soccer) martial arts, kendo, manga, eating and sleeping.

Family currently: Adoptive elder sister Setsuna Meioh, and cat from the future named Simon.

Personality: She is usually either very hyper or very calm. She can be really sweet or very cold. Alot of this has to do with her past life in the Silver Millenium. She is a klutz and naive at times, but is a loyal friend all the way. She is also a tomboy, and is very different from most girls.

Brief Bio: A 14 year old, tomboyish schoolgirl is dragged into a great battle called the "Sailor Wars." She is a sailor senshi, Sailor Charon, who controls the elements of light and dark. She lives with her adoptive elder sister, Setsuna Meioh, who was her actual sister in the Silver Millenium. She also has a cat, named Simon, who comes from the future and is the son of Luna and Artemis and Diana's older brother. Though Elena may appear a klutz at times and gets bad marks, she has a big heart and will protect the ones she loves...and if necessary her enemies. In her past life she was the second princess of Pluto, and was given Pluto's moon, Charon, as her kingdom. She was sworn to protect not just her kingdom, but the Moon Kingdom as well. Her best friends are Chibi-Usa and Hotaru, but as time moves on, her friends...and her enemies numbers grow. (i apologize for mine being so long)

Ok, here is where the rpg is taking place: it's summertime and everyone is doing their own thing. But...vortexes from different worlds are opening up in different places (ur turn to write ^^)

anyway, the rules r downwards, and have fun ^^ don't forget, it's never too late to join if u haven't!

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

   "Don't cry little maiden..."-Helios from Sailor Moon

thank u everyone for coming to my party yesterday, it's most appreciated. when i came home last night, i got a surprise in my room. i got my very first tv!! (don't think i'm spoiled or anything because i got a cel phone the day before, but the tv was supposed to be my graduation gift that i never got!) anyways, i like it alot ^^

I've decided to start the RPG tomorrow, so if ur interested and haven't joined, just scroll down a bit.

I'm currently drawing a picture to send into Shonen Jump. I'm almost done, i just got to shade it in. It has Pharoah Atem (Yami no Yuugi) and Thief King Bakura together in it. I'll post it here when i finish ^^ but i had a nightmare last night about it. I had sent it into Shonen Jump w/o finishing it and the next day i got an e-mail from the creator of sailor moon, naoko takeuchi togashi (y would i get an e-mail from her?) anyway, in her e-mail it said, "Ur picture was not accepted. U stink." I was really upset, i couldn't believe that was happening, being insulted by my fave manga artist!! Thank God it was only a dream ^__^;;;

well, ttyl minna!

Ami-chan ^_________^

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