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Saturday, September 11, 2004

   What's up, minna??

Hi! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the party yesterday and thanx for coming! If ya missed it don't sweat it, more will come in the future ^^ I said that I'd put up everyone's bishies, but before i do that, i want to put up a memorial for the 3rd anniversary of 9/11:

This pic is to honor the heroes of that day and for the future of our country. We will never forget...9/11...

But, on a happier note, here are ur bishies!

Sephiroth for dark_sephiroth

Yoh for inukid

Malik for yami_____yugi and LadyMalik

Sasuke for Dark_Phoenix

Mamoru for Usagi&Mamoru

Ginji for fuujin-sama"

High Priest Seto for DeathT-2

Katou for katocool

Mokuba for Seto_Kaiba_Freak

Vash for TheAngelHasFallen

I hope everyone is happy w/ their piccys, and tommorow i will post pics from the recent yu-gi-oh episode in japan! i don't kno if i can visit everyone's sites today, but i'll try my best! Ja!

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Friday, September 10, 2004

   ****Thanx for Over 300 Hits!!!***

LiL AnimE AngeL:Arigotou so much minna for over 300 hits! *throws comfetti* Invite ur pals to the party!

Sailor Mercury:We got cake to ur left, cookies to ur right, and...uh...*sees LiL AnimE AngeL with the empty plate that was supposed to be danish*

LiL AnimE AngeL: I can explain! *wipes danish off face*

Sailor Mercury: -_-;;; K...that leaves out the danish.

LiL AnimE AngeL: Oh yea, since we're having a party, when u post a comment, u can dedicate a bishie or bishojo. Just tell me their name and what show they're from (even if i kno where they're from ^^;;) Tommorow I'll put a pic up of ur person and ur name next to the pic. If someone has taken the bishie or bishojo you wanted, that's ok 'cause i'll add ur name next to that pic as well. K, bye for now!

Sailor Mercury: And try to get to the food faster then LiL AnimE AngeL or there'll be nothing left!

LiL AnimE AngeL: -_-;;;;

Sailor Mercury: ^^;;; Enjoy the party, minna!

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

   **Today is All About the Quotes!**

"I think we should not rush into love. If God has already decided my destiny by tying me and a partner I think I'll meet him in the future for sure, I will feel something when I meet that person for the first time."- Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

"I am known as the Soldier of Destruction because I have been given the power to destroy whole worlds. But when I use that power, even I have no escape." - Sailor Saturn from sailor moon

"I pay so much attention to the small roles.I really can't figure it out." -Kaiba Seto from yu-gi-oh

"All you want is to slaughter the innocent. I wont allow you to rule Japan! Draw your sword...and fight!"-Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin

Well that's all for now, and i'll visit ur sites! Bye for now!

by the way, if the pics don't appear, just right click 'em and click "Show picture"

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

   Happy Day! Happy Day! Happy-Oof! *trips over Sailor Mercury plushie on ground* Mercury-chan, you did this on purpose...-_-;;

Bakura-sama?? Why the heck is he wearing Yuugi's clothes? O_O

Sailor Mercury:Well he looks good in them-uh! *covers her mouth and madly blushes*

LiL AnimE AngeL: |_|;;;;

Sailor Mercury: I didn't mean it that way!!

LiL AnimE AngeL: Hey! No two-timing Urawa, ya hear, Mercury-chan?

Sailor Mercury: What are you talking about!?

LiL AnimE AngeL: Heh heh, don't play stupid with me. >=3

*Mercury turns bright red and runs away*

LiL AnimE AngeL: Um...anyway, i went to orientation today. Here's wat happened:

First, i woke up at 5:30 and got ready (that's impossible for me to do. i was in the shower half asleep ^^;;)

Second, I went on the bus (i'm so happy my friends are on there ^^ but i haven't taken the bus since 5th grade, so it'll be hard to get used to)

Third, i got to the highschool (my friend, patricia, introduced me to some girls. they were cool. they were on the field hockey team, and the one girl plays football. me and her talked about how wearing skirts were a pain. i haven't worn a skirt or dress since i was...i can't remember!! >_< oh yea, by the way, i go to catholic school so we gotta wear uniforms, yucky!)

Fourth:We waited in the gym (or auditorium, they don't got one -_-;;)Me and my friend, sara, played tick-tac-toe and hangman 'cause we were bored. ^^;;

fifth, we went to homeroom. (sara fell asleep in class 'cause she stayed up all night watching anime! ^-^;;;;)

sixth, we got our textbooks and got id pics and all (i hate getting my pic taken...)

seventh, i got lost and couldn't find the computer room! (i'm very bad w/ directions ^^;;;)

after that, we went back to the homeroom building (yes, it's 2 buildings this school) but then i found out that i had to bring my text books w/ me! T_T my friend sara forgot too, so we went back and got our books. they were heavy >_<;;

we crossed the streets by ourselves (we almost got hit because this baka sped down the street) and we saw about 15 neko. they were so kawaii! she was telling me about her new cat, and she named it Luna like on sailor moon ^____^

we went back to the building and i got klutzed out a bagillion times (i put my books ontop of my locker, but the top wasn't flat, it was slanted, so they fell on my head T_T and i put them on the ground, opened my locker, forgot i left the door of it open, and as i bent down to get my books and stand up, bang! i hit my head ^^;;; then we were walking back to the other building later and i almost tripped this kid over 'cause i stepped on his shoe ^_^;;;;;)

anywho, i'm skipping all the boring parts and on the bus ride home my friends and me were talking about the day and i made sara talk about her trip to japan. she said she saw final fantasy VII in the movies and looked at japanese manga(i mean in kanji)

then, since i was wearing my hair like usagi's, patricia used them as buzzers >_<;;; sara claims she's gonna call me meatball-head from now on and patricia wants to call me odango -_-;;; haha. very funny, guys.

well, the day was good i thought ^_^ and i got to finish my sailor moon super s boxset! yay! onto another season of bishojo senshi sailor moon!! too bad i'm poor now T_T i'm left w/ $20, and i'm saving that for some manga, and it isn't enough for another boxset. anywho, i'm done rambling.

also i wanted to say thank you everyone for helping Inuyashaiscool. She decided not to commit suicide! I'm so relieved! Also, I want to thank Inuyashaiscool herself, because she had courage, not fear, to not hurt herself. I'll see you all in the future, and right now i'll get to visiting ur sites! TTYL!


...LiL AnimE AngeL...

p.s.-gomen for the long post, i bet i bored everyone out of their minds, but i HAD to type this up! ^^;;;

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004


A new friend of mine,Inuyashaiscool, wants to commit suicide. Arigotou Usagi&Mamoru and Inukid for the info! We have to help this girl out, please, I beg everyone to help her!

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Galaxia: This world can't be protected by someone who won't fight! It's because of all your weakness that all of your friends are gone!

Usagi: They're not gone!

Galaxia: What?

Usagi: The Starlights told me... that if I don't give up, they're always with me! It's possible that everyone is really gone when I give up! So, I won't give up! Never!

I liked that part, it was the last episode of sailor moon when usagi and galaxia battled eachother. plus i promised a while ago that I'd post a pic of Galaxia's second form. This one is her first form:

This pic is her second level form when she is fully possessed by the being called "Chaos":

I hope you all enjoyed the pics! Gomen that i didn't get to anyone's sites yesterday T_T But i'll go visit ur sites now, so sayonara for now, minna!

Random quote of the moment:"Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers. Never doubt the dreams of innocent children. Never doubt your worst nightmare!" -Amazoness Quartet from Sailor Moon

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Monday, September 6, 2004

   I'm So Tired......zzz..............

I got up pretty early to post this morning since i probably won't have time later today. i gotta go to soccer training for 2 hours (9-11) and then awhile later i'm going over to my friend's house before the school year starts (BOO! School! *hiss*) I'm glad ya guys liked the funny pic i put up yesterday. so today i'm doin' another! Here it is:

Sailor Mercury:Oh, you just had to go there, didn't you?

LiL AnimE AngeL: But you look kawaii there, Mercury-chan!

Sailor Mercury: No, I look like a baka...

LiL AnimE AngeL: C'mon, everyone knows already that you're the most brilliant sailor senshi! ^_^;;;;

Sailor Mercury:-_-;;

LiL AnimE AngeL: I dunno if i could visit everyone's sites today, but i'll do my best if i get the chance! TTYL! Sayonara! ^^

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

   'Cause I'm Young and I'm Hopeless, I'm Lost and I Know This, I'm Going Nowhere Fast That's What They Say...

The subject is a lil "Good Charlotte" for ya, that song is stuck in my head now ^^

Does everyone like the Malikun pic? I got it from Setolover1213 Thanks alot for the pic once again, it rox! Oh yea, and thanx to SessTaisho for letting me join the Rare Hunters!

Did anyone see Rave Master, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball GT, or Gundam Seed last night? I did, the ending of Gundam Seed made me wanna go "NOOOO!!!!" basicly because Kira's face looked so sad! T_T Also, for the fun of it, I'm gonna put up a pic. You guys can come up with funny captions for it. There's no prize or anything, but i wanna see wat everyone does. ^^ I'll see everyone later, so bye for now!!

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

   *Cloud:One Awesome Bishie*

Today i felt like going Cloud for some reason, i dunno, he's just so awesome!! i'm a lil bored, so here's some stats on him:
**Cloud Strife**

Originally a member of SOLDIER, he is now a mercenary who will take any job. After being hired by AVALANCHE, Tifa persuades him not to leave after he completes a mission and he gradually gets caught up in a struggle for the planet. He has always wanted to be like Sephiroth, the most elite member of SOLDIER. Cloud, however, has a mysterious past. Why did Tifa not remember him coming back to Nibelheim with Sephiroth when she and he were such good friends? What is his connection to Sephiroth and why does he keep hearing strange voices in his head?

Ya Gotta love the bike ^___^

Now since ur Clouded out (for me that's impossble ^.^) I took a survey. If ur bored go ahead and read it:

.:[how much do you know your fav. anime]:.

Created by hidden-golden-eyes and taken 93 times on bzoink!

.:just warming up:.
what's the title of the anime you like most?
give at least 5 characters
when did you watched it?
.:the game begins:.
how many episodes are there?
how many episodes did you miss?
who is the jerk in that anime?
when did it started to be shown on air?
how many chapters does it have?
.:cooling down:.
do you still liked this anime till now?
do your friends liked it too?
are you gonna leave me because your gonna watch it now?

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

Heh, heh, that was somewhat fun =3 Now it's time for me to leave and go visit some sites! YEAH!!!!! *crickets chirp*
...Who asked u?? -_-;;; Anyway, i'll TTYL,minna, and have a super-awesome day! ^-^ And I'll leave ya w/ a pic of Sailor Mercury...i kno, she has nothing to do w/ today's topic *huggles Cloud* but she's my partner in crime here! Right, Mercury-chan?
Sailor Mercury:...um...sure...whatever floats ur boat, LiL AnimE AngeL-chan...
LiL AnimE AngeL: Gomen for the long post, but that's all for now! *turns around and fights w/ Mercury over a bag of potato chips*

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Friday, September 3, 2004

   *~*Yu-Gi-Oh: Uncut October 2004~*~

Just for in case anyone didn't kno, but on october 19 dvds of uncut yu-gi-oh episodes are being released by funimation. they include the original japanese episodes on it too.^^ i found this on a site:

"Hotly anticipated special DVD collector's editions of Yu-Gi-Oh! is being released on October 19 in association with FUNimation. The discs will contain the original, unedited Japanese animation, never before available in the
U.S. and Canada.

The collectorís editions will restore the many features of the original
Japanese versions, changed due to the necessities of American broadcast
standards. For example, religious symbols including pentagrams, crosses,
and stars of David were replaced by nondescript images. Similarly,
depictions of violence such as the slicing of monsters, firing of weapons
and the showing of blood were reduced or removed. In addition, cleavage was
reduced, skirts lengthened and clothing added to numerous characters, in
order to diminish sexually provocative content. Everything has been
restored, including footage cut in order to meet on-air time requirements for commercials.

The releases will also feature newly recorded English language tracks
with the entire original cast, as well as the original Japanese tracks and
English subtitles. The versions broadcast on U.S. television contained
English dialogue that was substantively different from the Japanese in
many ways, due to the same considerations that necessitated alterations and
cuts to the visual elements. The new tracks accurately reflect the Japanese
script as originally written.

These are the titles being released:

YU-GI-OH! Volume 1: The Shadow Games
Episode 1 The Blood Curdling Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Episode 2 The Trap of Illusionist Faceless Mage
Episode 3 The Lost Exodia

YU-GI-OH! Volume 2: The Insector Combo
Episode 4 The Insector Combo
Episode 5 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Episode 6 Maiís Beautiful Harpies

The suggested retail price will be $19.98."

This is GREAT news!!! I really really want to get these, and hopefully in the future they'll have more episodes coming out (like the ones with malik and yami no bakura working together...well, sorta working together ^^;;;) oh yea, a friend of mine,Houka says she needs more gb entries, so if u would please go visit her site! It would be most appreciated! I'll visit ur sites later, because i have to go to soccer practice (again...-_-;;;) Bye for now!

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