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Sunday, November 7, 2004

   I have to make this fast T_T

^this is from WHISTLE. i can't wait to get the manga and see the anime!

sorry, i can't get to ur sites again!! i have to finish math and go to youth group >_< anyways, i had to go to some scholarship breakfast to get my certificate this morning (truthfully, i only went for the food ^^;;) i just got back from the soccer game and the score was 2-2. i accidentally kicked the referee w/ the ball since he jumped in the way ^^;; He deserved it, he was mean!! (and 2 other girls hit him later XD) then in the second half of the game, this one girl started getting in front of me and stuff when the ball was on the other side of the field AND I was on defense! so, i decided to have a lil fun w/ her. i would move to the side and she would step in front of me. then i would move to the other side, and eventually i ran circles around her! i tried not to laugh because i didn't want to insult her, but it was so much fun to see her try and copy everything i did XD it was like follow the leader! finally, she just said "Oh forget it!" and she walked away, lol!! after the game, my mom, sis, and dad were saying they saw me doing that and they were cracking up (and my mom claimed she saw one of my teamate's dad crack a smile) that was embaressing. i thought no one was paying attention! but i couldn't help but laugh ^____^

k, i better go. i want to see ur sites so bad! i guess i'll see them whenever T_T see ya later!

Ami-chan =P

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