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Sunday, October 31, 2004


Happy Halloween, minna! i'm glad that everyone likes the new look! today, i'll have a halloween party AND my 100 gb entries party! Whee!!!! There's candy to ur left and candy to ur right ^-^ and there's a Hikaru pinata over here in celebration for her theme ^^

Hikaru:uh...wait a minute... O_O;;

Sailor Mercury: Don't worry! I got you covered, Hikaru-chan!

*Sailor Mercury brings out LiL AnimE AngeL pinata*

O_o;;; Mercury-chan, you're joking, right?

Sailor Mercury: Nope! Ok, everyone! Now beat the crud out of this pinata!! ^_______^

Mercury-chan.... T__T

Here's a question for you all, what is everyone being this year? (if ur not dressing up, wat WOULD u be?) most ppl kno that i'll be riku from kingdom hearts ^^ Anyways, have a great halloween everyone! *then runs away from mob with pinata sticks*

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