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Monday, October 27, 2008

What was the point of coming here to post?
Don't remember...
lol I feel so bad! I never seem to have time to comment on my friend's posts. But then again, my friend's list has decreased by an amazing ammount. It seems none of them post anymore! Well, you do Zaku...but you're posts are soooo long! X_x I really have to have the time to read it all and comment! I ish sorry!

You know all those promises you seem to make yourself? Like; "Oh I am so marrying him!" or "I'm never gonna marry" or all that stuff? (-__-) You see how you also ever stay to those promises? LOL there is always something that happens that interrupts what you were saying for like, three years.
Like my whole "I'm never get a crush" from three years ago? Well that obviously wasn't in affect for very long. And then my "Oh, well, I'm never gonna date." It seems that is starting to fall apart too.

I'm really sick lately...I look so funny! XD In bed with three blankets and a robe on at the same time. The gown underneath, laptop in lap and a box of tissues at the side. My hair isn't combed and my face is all flushed from being sick. That picture is the deffinition of sick. And it's really bad, because since I've been sick, I haven't felt like eating anything. And so then, since I haven't eaten in three days now, when I go to try and eat, my stomache just won't take it because it's so empty. O_o" My bad...

The campeign is really starting to bother me...I mean, it's not like I can vote or anytthing, but it's gonna affect me and my friends just like anyone else. Plus, by the time McCain/Obama's term is up-- I'll be 17. So what happens during those years is really gonna hit me hard in the butt. (lol)
I have faith in McCain...I think he would just do better.

Awwww X3 I met a really nice guy Saturday. But it was odd. Just a random PM from the guy, and then I was freaking out because it was so random, and I didn't want to be like "I don't even know you" because then I felt like, well what if I just don't remember....lol ^^" So I kept talking to him, which was a good thing I guess because we're rather on good terms now. And surprisingly nice to each other dispite only being in a relationship for maybe 36 hours. Other people that I've known for like, forever arn't as close with me as he actually is.
What's that mean?
Blinky Black Red Hearts Border Pictures, Images and PhotosBlinky Black Red Hearts Border Pictures, Images and PhotosBlinky Black Red Hearts Border Pictures, Images and Photos

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I find it hard to organize my posts into sections that go orderly. They always seem to end up cluttered and randomly placed.

My uncle and his wife have their positions in banking. Well, since there is this economy situation, they have recently lost their jobs. They both have temporary jobs for the moment, and my uncle recieved a call from a lady in Manchester, England. (O_O) It's a job offer. So, he's gonna take the interview and if he get's the job, he get's to move to England! And I'll get to move there with him!! =D England!!!!
But, when I think about it, it's sad. I won't beable to text my bestfriend anymore ;_;
See, my uncle currently lives in Phoenix, so this last week I was going to go live there with him in case he did get the England offer. And just moving to Phoenix I would have still had to give up texting my best friend. ;_;
So...I don't know what I'll do.

I tried to do suicide yesterday....um.....well. Interesting experience...I was so close to pulling the trigger on that gun too. ^^"


Our church has a little halloween thing for members this Friday. They expect all of us to dress up. lol So, Im being a vampire! Bella, actually, from Twilight. LOL So, the thing was, my friend was like, "Where is...your Edward? LOL"
And I just kinda stood there. "..."
So then we made a joke out of texting my bestfriend <--(Same as all the other times mentioned) and we were like;
"I need to kidnap you next Friday."
And then had to explain the whole I need an Edward. Then, he was lost so I had to review the whole Twilight series with him baisically. LOL
Every 18 minutes somebody dies from a suicide.
Every 38 seconds somebody
attempts one.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

O_O Well, school was okay....I guess. The math teacher was looking at me all weird.... O.o
And...my best friend went all Emo on me through texts at the end of the day. I got so upset! It's stressful dealing with someone like that. Like, get it through you're thick head!!! XD Gah!!! You're my best friend and I love you so stop complaining and be that happy boy I usually know!
But he's had a bad day :( So he's off the hook a tiny bit.

My friend Vanessa came running up to me today and tackled me. Squealing her head off! She was like, "Rachel you're gonna be so proud of me! I read all the Twilight books over break!" o-o Mind you all, that's three books about 700 pages each in two weeks. I just stared at her and then hugged her saying "I am so proud of you! lol"
Then we ran off to class so she caught up with me again in homeroom and talked about nothing but the books! XD So her and I and this other girl names Zefani were debating over Bella's eye color. Vanessa though they were blue...Zefani thought they were green...and I knew they were brown. Neither agreeded with me, so then. I asked my science teacher. (Yes my science teacher has read the Twlight books)
"Mr. Marquez!!!! (Yeah it's a guy lol) Aren't Bella's eye color brown!?" And then he was like; "Yes, they are Rachel" And we high fived. He's very young. lol

Hm...not much else to talk about, but I'm gonna come up with some big Twilight fanatic next month. (Since the movie is coming out--> though they totally are going to screw it up)

You know you're too into Twilight when you look at your boyfriend and say; "Dammit why don't you sparkle!?"

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi Hi!! ^__^

Blegh..it's 1:22am and I don't really feel good. O_O I had a mental breakdown a couple hours ago. Wow...you should have seen me! Ridiculous overflowing ammounts of hyperness and squealing and laughing and acting retarted. *laughs*
And all over a picture of a best friend I finally got to see! <--(After almost two years of knowing the guy)
I dunno though, I guess I was just expecting a pic and then I'd look at him, and just kinda shrug and ignore the fact he's not the most ripest apple. LOL But I saw the pic and I was squealing! Like, my brother kinda looked at me and *glasses fall off* "Awkward moment...sis? You alright over there?"
Then my head started hurting and I was so hyper I was baisically non-functional. I just thought he was that cute! XD But it's funny. Cause it's really not like the chic sees the guy and thinks he's cute and falls in love. (-_-)"
That doesn't really work that way.
(See? Children, don't believe what you see on Tv)
^^ I just got to be like, "Look! That's my best friend and he's soo cute!" Like, a brother/sister thing with none of the teasing in the meaning.
But now Im not making since again... @.@

I have to start school again tomorrow. See, I was on my fall break which lasts a whole two weeks. So...this should be interesting. Going back and getting groped more (-_-)
And getting yelled at in math and falling asleep in Language. And putting up with crybaby friends.

I've got to go to church today...eh...I haven't been there in awhile because mom has been out of town on meetings for her position job-thingy. Yeah...so...I guess. Im not too pleased about it, since it's kinda boring lately and I feel out of place...but if I beg mom she'll say "Fine but give me your phone and laptop" And I can't sacrifice my phone. My laptop...it's sad. Bai bai. I've learned to live without it...but my phone? The reason I have that is so I can text my bestfriend, and I freakout if I don't get to talk to him now because I'm so used to talking to him on a daily basis. So...alas, I sit in church from 10am-2pm. Putting up with a fidgetty dress or skirt.
Maybe I'll do some pics though with my bro's since we'll be all pretty and dressed up =D

Wells. I am in needs of sleep.
Oyasuminasai Suki da!


Or I guess it's really Ohayo! Though...Im going to go sleep now....


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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pics from dinner
LOL terrible pictures LOL

Okay, so there's me. I just had that kimono on...
And then my friend Chris. Who went to Disney Land with me! XD Remember? (He's 17) We bought that hat he's wearing there! He was supposed to be "Indiana Jones"
Then there is "The world will never ever know" and then...
Chris's dad at our able O_O'

Well, not much else to post. Toodles~


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Tonight I have a youth (12-18years) meeting at church like I do every Wednesday.
So, tonight the young men and women are combined, (we have one combined lesson each month)

So, tonight...it's supposively some "secret dinner" thing, and they asked the youth to dressup like it was halloween. And my friend I were like:


So, all the youth are freaking out right now calling eachother trying to find someone who can lend something for something lol
And there are only like *counts* 18 youth so there arn't many people to choose from to call. *laughs*
But, my youth leader for all the youth girls has blogger account were she uploads the photos from these activites, so there are gonna be quite alot of pictures that I'll beable to show tomorrow. OwO <---psyched out chibi rofl

Yeah, I kinda figured the thing about Ammy when they said her name was Amaterasu.
You know, sun goddess from Japanese myths. LOL I thought it was cool that Ammy's a girl, KD!

Last night I spent the time watching the anime version of "Hourglass summer of colors"
It's originally a dating sim, but...I decided to stick with the two anime episdoes instead. lol

I got so frustrated though! It was like, Koutarou is right there in front of Ai making out with Kaho baisically! That poor Ai! She grew up with him, and it was like "Grrrr!!!!" You know, you always see the ones where two people grow up together and are aupposed to fall in love. And Ai had that, and stupid Koutarou didn't commit to his part! So it made me mad at him and Kaho for being so naieve (however you spell that)

I was thinking about changing my theme to something halloween-ish. But I got stressed, and am lately actually getting sick of changing my theme so often. I'm going to keep it to no more than twice a month. But anyways, I saw the fall leaves and color tones in my current theme and decided that this is just gonna be my fall theme.

Besides. Halloween just isn't a diabetic's holiday.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well that's okay KD! And after that, you can play it for the 7th time! It's one of my favorite games ever! I cried at the end!!! And I love Issun!!!

So I was playing a dating sim just a little while ago. Hardest one Ive had yet. It really requires you to be just like who you were matched up with. O_o

Gah...seems like I've been an otakuite forever lol But no matter how many comments I do, it seems the number hasn't gone up from 110 in over 7 months...I wonder what the problem could be?

Wells. I uploaded some art today and submitted them. They don't show yet...so I can't post the code. But, check so maybe they'll be up on Otaku when you all check! ^.^


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Monday, October 13, 2008

Really not much to post...oh, but...I found these pictures of my friend Kirstin and I on this blog. O_O' I didn't think they'd be uploaded onto the internet, but alas, I was wrong. -_- I hate my pic, but my friend is soooo cute! But, people are always negitive about themselves. So...I guess....here they are. ^^



I now realize how horrible a camera that was. And how the quality of a camera can make you look. O_O But Im posting the pic and holding my breathe. Because it's who we are, and I wont change for a long time to come.


Hm...Im not fat. O.O Can't complain to Sareena 'bout that anymore. X3

Oh! So I got my Wi-Fi set up for my D.S!!! (Finally -_-)
So, I went to the GTF, (Global Trading Center for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) and I submitted my Lv.1 RioluRiolu Pictures, Images and Photosbecause it's only a Lv. 1 and Im too lazy to train it into a Lucario, so Ive been trying to get a Cherubi since I started playing the game, (you wouldn't believe how hard they are to get!) and I got a Lv. 6 CherubiCherubi Pictures, Images and Photosfrom this guy in Kanagawa Japan!
And lately, I've had an obsession with Munchlax OwO
So last night I put up my Wormadem and it's only a Lv. 20046 Wormadam Sandy 2 Pictures, Images and Photosso I only requested a Munchlax 20 or lower, and this morning, when I woke up, I got a Lv. 100 MunchlaxMunchlax Pictures, Images and Photosfrom some guy in Tokyo!!! =D I was so happy!!!!!!
I also breed Eevee's since they are rather rare in games, so I did trade my Lv. 100 HikariEevee Pictures, Images and Photos(an Eevee) and I gots a Lv. 100 Latios!!!!!!!!Latios Pictures, Images and Photos

OwO Oh I love life XD

Talk to you all later then! I'll be on the chatbox tonight! Ja nee!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

What to post about? Hm....
Well...I have these childhood friends over. They're kinda driving me crazy, especially the one that used MY highchair. Yes, Im talking to you, Chandler! (*.*)

Anyways. I feel so unloved. lol
Twilight the movie comes out next month! O_o
Im gonna go see it with my friends Micah and Christopher. LOL But Im still upset with the actors. Anyways...Im running short on subjects.

O___O Look! I found her, and she looks JUST like me!!!!!! Like, it's freaky! She's the closest Ive seen to someone looking like me before in anime! XD
brown haired girl Pictures, Images and Photos

*rubs eyes* It's 1:06am
I think I'll go play sonic now!
But I want Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 FES..... ;_;

Next theme: Okami Coming soon!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

   Im not so sure what I'll do now. I came back to this place, and it was like I was invaded bye all my close friends on this site. And then, it made me feel like I still had a reason for staying. So I think I may, but I might not be too involved. Does that make sense?

Ya'll come chat with me sometime! ^___^

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