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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

*looks around*
Well. Let's do this then.

This is my goodbye to Otaku.

I lived here
I loved here
I cried here
I died here.

I met my friends
I met my enemys
My soulmate
My heartache
My best friend
The boy I still can't forget.

My girlfriends
My boyfriends
Love indifferent.

But I need to go.
This place had both and negitive and positive affects on me. And though it gave me much, I did loose more than bargained for.
It hurt me.

So. Now I leave this site with my print on this page. But if you hear from me again. Something sure got into me...

I love some
I hate some

You know who you are

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi everyone! It's Zpt Heart here! ^^ I just wanted to let u all no Koko is still alive!! XD & she said she's sorry she hasn't been on but she doesn't have a computer! ^^ I forgot when she was gonna get a new one but when I find out I'll put another post! ^^ SO MAKE SURE U STOP BYE WHEN A NEW POST IS UP CAUSE IT MIGHT BE KOKO ^^ Well bye!!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hi guys!! ^______________^

We got back from Los Angels last night around 10:30pm. I waz sad though, cuz we had to drop Chris off at his house first.
Oh, but the trip was absolutely fantastic!
So, I'll have to upload the pictures later, but mean while, let's review my trip! =D

We got there around 9:30pm at I was in the front passenger seat with (one of my best friends eva, lol) Christopher in the seat directly behind me. I looked out of my window at the guy in the car to the right of us, and it was this freaky looking asian guy. So I just told Chris, "Ugh...freaky asian guy" and it seemes at that very moment I finished saying that, he like, shot this glare at me! And Christopher and I were like, "Wah! O.o"
That same night I fell down getting ice at the hotel, and that's when all of my days of a falling career began.

This was our first day at Disney Land. X3
In the morning, at the ticket gate, I just randomly said, "What if we see someone from Yuma Christopher?"
Now, this is currently Anaheim, CA. 500 miles away from Yuma. And at Dinsey Land on the same day, at the same time obviously as well.
Well. We relized, I was psychic. 'Cause Chris saw someone he knew from High School there. And She recognized him too. And he talked to to her for a moment and I pouted cause he was my buddy for the trip. lol
What else for Wednesday...mother wanted Chris and I to take a picture of her and this random guy that was working at one of the Disney Land rides. And Chris and I died laughing! Because it was like; "Here, take a picture of me and this random guy! =D"
Space Mountain was fun. But I got the left side of the coaster thingy, so my side kept on hitting the metal sides. So I was practically in Chrissy's lap begging to stay awasy from the railing.

Chris had a blast Friday. On Thunder Mountain, he cupped his hands to fill them with water and then splashed me with it! We did Splash Mountain too, and Chris enjoyed that alot. Though, the fall didn't seem as big as it did two years ago.
Indiana Jones was as fun as alwase too! So, we're standing in line and Im just saying. "I wish it was that intense" and Chris nodded. Haven't being to Dinsey Land in like, 12 years. (He's 17) So. Then we're on the ride and we're jolting into the sides of the turck on the sharp turns and stuff and ramming into each other as well. And we're just looking at eachother. And we get off, and he say's; "Not intense huh Rachel? Anymore and we'd be dead!"---"What? I forgot Chris!" Chris bought two little tigers (white and orange) and a hat there. I fell in love with them, and he found it funny, because when he'd randomly throw them to me, I'd squeal and he said it sounded like them when they were flying through the air! ROFLMAO

Chris and I hit the California Screaming immideately at California Adventure. We loved that roler coaster. We went on it three times in one day! Oh, it was fantastic! And fun too! The loop was the best! And at night, Chris and I got in the very front, and not only was it pretty because of the lights, it was funner! But, earlier in the day, Chris and I had to take three of my siblings (Hau-the cow didn't participate in much at all) on the ferris wheel. Now, some of the carrrages swing, so Chris thought we'd do those. Thinking it wouldn't be any big deal, I agreed. And after a 20minute wait (-.-) we were on it. Now, my little siblings loved it. Chris and I- were tramatized by the swinging and we were majorly clutching each other because of our motion sickness. We both whining to eachother, but like I said, my three other siblings found it fantastic! And they are 5,7, and 10. And chris and I are 17 and 13 so....yeah....lol
Now! Tower of terror! That was Chris' and my favorites! So, I dont want to spoil it for those who havent been there, but let's just say the Tv turns on to prepare you for the Twilight zone stuff and lights flashed. Well, I was minding my own buisness so that really freaked me out. And I literally juped onto Chris nearly in his arms. XD And then! On the main ride, when we dropped, I was pulling down on Chris' arm as hard as I could! You really can tell the defying of gravitiy when you drop! It's really weird!
We left the park, and went to the hotel and we sat infront of the Tv untill we were due a dinner at Denny's. I met Zpt Heart there even though I was a tad late. I felt bad though because we didn't talk much but I enjoyed being there with her so much for the first time in person! And I didn't get a single pic...I got food poisoning from that resturaunt twice.

We drove to Los Angels now for mum's nursing convention. We went to the beach for three hours and Chris and I absolutely dispised the sand and salt.
We didn't get to the hotel untill around 5pm so it was a rather short day. But when we made it to the hotel, it was right across the street form the Los Angels staple center! And I just started squealing in the car! Cause that's the NBA L.A stadium! Chris found my squealing hilarious.

Chris and I had to watch the four kids while mother was at her convention the entire day. We had no food, and was driven crazy.

We had to watch them again until 1pm. And still with out food. I started my period up there completely unprepared, and the pain was unbareable so I tried to sleep it over. And poor Chris felt so bad for me. We stopped in San Deigo around 4pm for lunch and there I noticed the sign for the AnimeEXPO that I am going to be missing by one week! And in the exact same convention center that mom's place was in too! Chris laughed. My pain and complaining got worse an louder until I got a few tylonel in.
I got bad sunburn too. Just on my nose for the most part and a little on my cheeks. So Chris called my "Rudolph" and would constantly poke my nose when it was exposed in more sun.

And then we got home. XD And here I am. A day later. Have I missed anything? What has everyone been up too?

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

*snort laugh*


BOO YAH! AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?! PEIRCE GOT THE MVP TITLE THINGY (Even though Kobe got the main one. Doesn't mean a thing)!!!!!!!!! THE ONE YOU WERE INSULTING BOY!
IM GONNA MOCK YOU THE WHOLE TIME IM IN LA WITH CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SUCKER DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I have your jersey made, by the way: I almost WON)

*clears throat*
As you all know, I am (obviously) a sports junkie. Mainly NBA. The Suns have lost it this year, and I can say if you loose, you obviously dont deserve it anyway. I didn't know the Celtics to be anything. I simple knew them as the current most loosing/worst team in the Eastern NBA league.

When it was Lakers Vs Celtics though, I immediately went green. (tree huger, lol?)
I suppose It really is an Eco-friendly year.
Yellow and purple just wasnt in style.
I leave for L.A in a few hours. I dont feel good, and Im stressed out, but I'll be alright.
Oh, and, I should find this icon;
I <3 Mormon boys
Christpher will be fun. lol be prepared for photos.

Love you all.
Thanks so much for putting up with me.
Love you Zaku, guitarist, Emma (my love! lol), DaFeather, and Sareena.

Sareena! (zpt) I WILL call you when I get to Anaheim!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's like life is a countdown for me!
Can you believe I'm worrying about school? Which doesnt start untill the fourth of August? But it seems so close too. Much too soon to come.

Something that is starting to bug me is my rank. Im still an otakuite. I comment on everything I see when I can, and what I noticed is that no matter how much I comment, my comment rate wont go up. Why is that?

Tomorrow evening we head towards California. Usually, that's an okay trip for me. California is absolutely beautiful even though I only ever see the southern area of it, but mum say's back in the 50's (She was born in '60) when everyone lived in Boston and Chicago, California was really unpopulated it was even pretter.
But anyways, back to the point. Im not too happy this time because we have to go to Los Angels. "I can't go to Los Angels!" I told my mother. "That's enemy territory!"
You know. The L.A Lakers. Sports junky NBA fan here. XD But I'll end up going anyway. Zpt Heart and I are going to try and meet up at Disney land while we're in Anaheim the first three days. So it should all be fun. Plus, Christopher will be us. That's sure to be interesting.

I still feel depressed and upset. But now Im just pissed off. I hate men. I hate their sorry little butts! Nothing good ever comes out of them and they're just STUPID!!!!!!!!!! All of them! So I dont want any comment that say's; "Oh come on, they arn't all like that, take so-and-so for example" Well I dont want an example because my mind will not be changed! And just when Ive met someone who I THINK is acceptable, they just turn out to be snobs in the end too. So Im done even trying to find a friend that doesnt exist.

*Clears throat*
Oh! Oh! This is funny. Cause get this. I had a friend online who was a boy. My best friend ever! And heck, I just thought he was absolutely perfect! Cause he was! Well, it turns out. "He" wasn't a "he". Their username was a male character so they played it as males because they didn't expect people to visit their sites. But once people started to pile up on them they couldn't just go and clear out that they were a girl to everyone. So they kept it that they were a boy. Well. Lucky me I stumbled upon them and we just become the absolute best of friends. One year. One WHOLE year passes. And they finally tell me the truth. It just absolutely broke my heart. Because they knew it would, and that's why they didn't say so at first. But holding it back longer made it harder for me because I became attached to that boy that never existed. I even fell in love with that boy. And it's pathetic because even though I know the truth, it feel's like he's just, away on another tour or something. But he's not. He's gone and he was never there. So Im still in love with thin air.
Did that make since? Point was, when I thought I found someone who would proove me wrong, turns out they sure did. They were a girl.

I just feel completely lost. But I dont want support and help. That just seems annoying at this point. Or, at least it is from the people who I already know are trying to help. It's like I need reasurance that just someone else out there cares and loves me too.
I dont know. Maybe Im the one that needs to just dissapear. Because it seems all the bad stuff revolves around me. Or at least happens to me. And I just can't emotionally or physically handle it anymore. Maybe I just want to say goodbye and die.

On a happier note, this is very cute:
.Koneko L Tomodachi. by ~musk-parfait on deviantART

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hi Hi!
*waves dramatically*

It seems like it's been forever since I've posted. Hahah.

Let's see...we go to Anaheim and L.A Wednesday with Christopher. We dont get back untill the 24th...but my "dad"(-.-) is letting me use one of his work cell's (That old katanaDLX I had) until mom can get me a replacement. I'm hoping it will be a Palm.

Anyways...what is new with everyone else? Summer has started for me obviously. But with summer comes the heat. It's already 120'F here. But hey, it's Yuma. What do you expect?

I feel really alone lately. Like no one loves me at all. And when Im upset, all I think about are bad thoughts and wrongs people have done to me.
And then I get mad at them over again, even after Ive said I have forgiven them. But sometimes, what they did seems to extreme and hurtful again. And then I just start to cry...

Im hungry...

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today was the last day of school.
It was very interesting I guess we could say. Though there isn't alot to post about.

I leave for Disney Land next Wednesday.

I dont feel good.....

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Monday, June 9, 2008

I have funky dreams lately. lol

Anyways. How are all of my dears doing? I myself am faring pretty well actually.
I miss my friends that never talk to me anymore though. Grant, can't you answer your phone just once a week? Oh well...

School finally get's out for me Thursday. I look forward to it, but it'll be sad too. Brday claims he's being home schooled next year, (I mean, come on! Brady? Josh and I will be slugs with out him around! lol) a couple of my teacher's (Including Mr. Encarnacion *gasp*) are leaving the school and...yeah.

Next Wednesday I leave for L.A with my little brother's and friend Christopher. We get to go to Disney Land in Anaheim while we're in California too! So we're excited, we havent been there in two years, none the less ever with Chris! I can't wait to upload pictures! XD

Well. I suppose that's it..um...you'll have to catch me online or on my housephone before next Wednesday otherwise, you'll have to wait a while to talk to me. ;_;
I might get ahold of some of you with a different cell phone number.
Area code will be the same, and the last four digits will 9068 I do believe. Yeah, so that's me probably calling! XD lol

Talk to you all later!
Love you guys lots!
(Some more than others JK JK)


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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rawr :3

So how is everyone? Josh was mean today.
Im gonna post pics of him to get back. He doesnt want; "The girls" to see what he looks like.
Brady was mean too walking to the busses. He pushed me down, and then wouldn't help clean up my binder and papers so I was left in the floor of the hallway gathering them myself. Of course, he stood there and watched. Perhaps he intended to help, but his X started lecturing him for pushing me. She's a good aquantence of mine.

Mother has a press-conference in two weeks. It's Los Angeles, and on the way she's going to take us to Disney Land! But my brothers are devils, so my mom suggested we pic out a baby sitter to help me out. It was gonna be my friend Kirstin from Okinawa, but she couldn't go 'cause she's heading up to Utah that week. So mom checked with Josh and Christopher's mom and dad, and though Josh isn't going (Thank gosh) Chrissy (Christopher) is! XD Oh, it's gonna be fun! Im gonna take lot's of pictures and upload! Rawr :3

I fee bad for not getting around to comment much. The few people that do post and come on MyOtaku anymore, I do try. I sneek 99.9% of my time as you know, so the times I do get on it's like:
"post...post....now scan someone elses...crap Im caught!"
So just know that even if I can't comment or can't comment alot, I do check your sites whenever I get my hands on my laptop. Wether signs of me being there are viewable or not.

*clings to you*
I can't go to anime EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cries* Of course, you could visit me on your way there or back! =D We could still arrange something when you come out west. Right?

Love you Emma!
Love you all guys! ^____^ Thanks for being there for me!

Sareena: Call me as soon as you can ZPT! We need to schedual for Anaheim! ~hearts~


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Monday, June 2, 2008

ELO Turn to stone--- NO TITLE AGH!!
Hey everyone! Well. I pulled through for the most part. I had to go to school today although my eye sight was blury and I was dizzy, and just plain didnt feel good. *laughs slightly*

It wasn't too bad of a day though. At lunch, Josh and Brady started whipping each other with their I.D's, and when Joshua got really violent, Brady went to hide behind me because Josh wont hurt me for the most part. One, because I am his friend and a girl, and stick up for him.
Secondly, because I go and tell his older bother Christopher when he's mean. Ans Chris is protective over me. lol

But anyway, Brady was pulled to the side because he was caught hitting Josh. And when Josh wasn't caught him and I started laughing our heads off because Mr. Bejott (This ugly...fat old teacher) was walking and talking with Brady the whole time Brady pointing back here at Josh blaming him too. Josh looked at me and said, "Anything happens- you're my lawyer!" of course, when Bejott and Brady came back I set it straight and Josh got in a bit of jokester trouble along with Brady. Wonder if he's mad at me....

"Christopher!!!!!!! Josh is being mean!!!! DX" lol

That's neat Em. Do you intend to pick me up on your way? lol I may not get to go because of gas prices....

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