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Friday, July 10, 2009

Push push!!!! XD

what ARE the doing by =kittygg87 on deviantART

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

^_________^ Well hello. Hahah I cant stand people who cant give decent respect. I dont think they deserve it. Politics. Oh my fudge. Maybe thats a stone that shouldnt be turned over just quite yet.
"Lets leave teh country Steven!!!" XD LOL he hates US politics. Who doesnt really? Its so confusing, and unless you are with mature people, you cant discuss it with there being too many opinions and all.
Okay, well...Im pissed and gotta go cook the hamburger meat, so see ya...

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"This bag says Rachel...but is it Carson's or Macks?"
"I think Its Macks. Cuz its got her monkey sicking out of the top."

Oh emm gee. So, alot of you aren't familiar with this, I think the only one I have actually told is Grant. Maybe Max some months ago...but Im not too sure.
Well, everyone knows I have Diabetes right? Right.
Well, when my Grandpa...died last August, he had this Sock Monkey he got in the hospital. After he passed. I kinda adopted the little sock and just recently, finally merged up the courage to move into my Pa's room. Which, hahah, was my room originally before Pas.
But, thanks to Grandpa, I have come to a slight obsession with Sock Monkeys :D

Remember good ol Chance? Ninjitsu14? Yeah. Well, though he went Kenni status on me (cauz he thought my mom and I were lying about our hospital trips -_-) one night when we were talking, we came up with an idea to write a book featuring my Sock Monkey. A childrens book. And ever since that idea has lingered in my mind.

Though Im not sure how, maybe it was my mom- but combining Sock Monkey and Diabetes became a key to my writing and illustrations. A draft, of one of possibly many boooks became completed. And then, a copywrite was needed to clear Sock Monkeys name. In use in my book, not because he was caught with some Mary Jane. <---really bad joke

So I typed up a letter to the current owners of the Sock Monkey coop. and BAM! I gots the copwrite cleared for my book :D
So now, its editing and more ideas for the thoughts list. And my Sock Monkey book should be on shelves by December of this year.

How awesome is that?

And...hahah sorry! But Ive got to do this, I know this is soooo late, but SERIOUSLY?! This presidental election. was the most outragiously unfair runnning ever!!!!!!!!!!! Obamas black. That was the only major key thing. "Ohh! A black pres!!!" so like, if your like me, and you want McCain and you say it outloud, someone is yelling in your face "RACIST!!!" when in matter of fact, I could care less about his color.

mccainpalin Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh. Im sorry does arrow Pictures, Images and Photos that bug you??? lol ;)
See. I dont think most people had a good enough argument for why they didnt want McCain and Palin. "Oh, if he dies I dont want Palin to rule our country." He may be old, but he has just as much chance of dying as Obama does. And yes, okay, I agree Palin kinda whored herself a little too much to the public, but come on people. Okay. lol Im gonna shut up, Im gonna be the one start not making since, besides, this is all over.

:D Tomorrows Politics:
Stem cell research!!!! Y/N?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Its called Yuma
I am meeeeeeeellllllllllltttttttttttiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*pant* *pant*
It's fudgin 119'F and my mom ain't turning on no A.C anytime soon. X_x
Plus, she broke her phone, so shes borrowing mine for most of the day. ;^;
I miss my Steven.

My Sugar Kitten is growing up so fast! T^T Shes already chasing the annoying crows. I think shes still sneeking bathroom breaks around the house though.... >.>

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Yola! OH wait, Grant copywrited it
There's so little going on in my life. O_X
Its not even funny.
I NEED a life, lol
But dont we all?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So my Peeps know...
I will not be texting or posting anyone untill possibly Friday. ;^;
You see, I am being sent to a dreaded place. (lol)

But I promise Ill come back to those that care....Zaku, remember you used to post every day? LOL Ill start commenting again, so dont worry XD its just Im lazy....

Well, when I return to my lovely home, *cough cough* there should be some interesting photos/videos I will post then.

Untill then, to those I text I love you.
Zaku my wuff goes out to you too.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Da bestest everz!!!!!!!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

So much for retirement
Im not too sure, I had free time today so I kinda came on...

Our TV cable got cut off, cause momma can't afford the bills- so yesterday and this morning we spent all day watching my Furuba Dvd's. I remeber having to go three years ago to Best Buy, and order it special because they were out of stock for some reason. Thats where I bought my Air movie too...
Surprisingly, Ive seen that Air has become more popular. Which is good, none the less it makes me sad. Im lucky Zaku got me hooked on it before it got too much attention. Its the same with Twilight for me, I loved it before it was popular and everything, and now that there are like, girls squealing over it...it's alittle freaky knowing how it just used to be a book. lol

I almost dropped my phone in my pool last night...that'll teach me better, eh? XD
Ive noticed, that in text and online, and phone and person? I act so different in each of them. On the computer Im so much more mature I think, (well, now adays.) When Im texting I always get depressed, which probably annoys the shizz out of Evilninja and Thegrantinator LOL! (Its weird calling them by that, Im used to Steven and Grat) And in person, just- you'd never think Id have to be the kind of girl on depression meds....idk kinda sad...


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Has Retired for the Summer
Obviously, Im just not on like I used to be.
A few more posts will be up periodically about the summer.
You can contact me at:



Pm Zpt_Heart for Cell phone number.

I am available for lunches/meetings this summer
Arizona/California. Thankyou.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

   Ello. Hahah...Im bored. Um, well Im not too sure if Ill be on Otaku very much anymore. The only one I really talk to on here is kinda Zaku...Zpt Heart, and EvilNinja, and Ivon- I text all them. ._. So when momma let's me on. Ill go on I suppose. lol XD
She want's to move up north to PA. It's kinda my own fault though for looking up jobs there caz my friend lives there and stuff, so now its an option. Which...is actually kinda cool XD cauz I wuv that friend mucho!!!

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