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Monday, April 7, 2008


Hello! ^.^
Im in a Tsubasa obsession phase. lol
Anime make me think
Especially Tsubasa lately. I wonder if I would beable to do that.

For my dear friend Grant, and all the other uneducated:
Sakura's "wings" were the manifestation of her soul and memories; without them, she will die. In order to save Sakura, Syaoran must journey to retrieve her wing's feathers, the fragments of her memories.
Yukito sends Syaoran and the unconscious Sakura to the Dimensional Witch, Yűko. There he meets Kurogane, a rough-mannered ninja banished from his world by Princess Tomoyo, and Fay D. Flourite, a magician who fled his world to avoid King Ashura. Each of them must pay with what he values most in order to gain the power to cross dimensions. For Kurogane, it is his sword Ginryű, and for Fay, it is the tattoo on his back which regulates his control of his magic. Syaoran, on the other hand, must pay with his relationship with Sakura: even if he is able to retrieve all of her memories, she will never remember anything about him or their relationship. (This sacrifice also pays Sakura's "toll" to Yűko, because what Sakura values most are her memories of and with Syaoran.)

Then I think about my best friends. If I were in that position. I mean, I guess of course I would do it to save their lives but oh my word. I think about, them never remembering me and such, and its overwhelming.
"Dang Ray, you're so selfish!" lol

Think about that. Take into consideration loosing any of your friends, close or not. I suppose there are a few you could blow off...
But I think of people like ZptHeart, and then Caprisun. Kenni, and Grant. And its like, "Im gonna start crying!"

Remember the "Question of the day"? Its back. And for your job today, in your comment list the people it would be hardest for you to loose on Otaku. Or, maybe just list your best friends.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

^.^ Hello!
I remember this theme, X3 I had it...in July last year. O.O' This theme is alot to me, because alot happened. Somethings I can say, others I cant. Hahah. I was really sick too. Almost died...hm.
My summer theme in April? Well, it's already summer in Yuma, so I though, why not?
It's funny. I'll be floating in my pool at night (that sounds funny) looking at the stars and I can think, its probably still butt freazing for Kenni. XD
It's funny, you know how I said floating? Well, yeah, so I float alot, lol. Usually at night, cause in the day I play in the pool, so anyhows, I'll be floating- and then I'll turn over, like Im in bed, ('Cause I forget Im in the pool) and...I end up choking on water, cause my head will hit it and I'll be sucking in water. lol

9 days untill Kenni's Bday!!!!!!!! XD I call anyone older than me old, just something I do since Ive had an Otaku since I was 10. Well, I was on the phone with Kenni and Grant last night. (My favorite people besides DillPickle, CapriSun and ZPT) And I told Kenni and Grant,
"One day, you'll take over KD's title of the perverted old hermit"
They corrected me, and said if they were old, I would be too. Since the smallest age difference between us is 22 months. (I think thats right)
But, then it was, "No. Anyone older than me in my opinion is old"
Hahah. Yeah...but, I have to be carefull, cause then that's calling Caprisun old, heck. Capri, we know Aaron's old, so doesnt matter there. But...woah..most people are older than me. O.o'
See that!? Ruining my joke!!! ; ;

Poor Grant is sick...I talked to him later that night, and ended up going to the grocery store at 9:15pm, didnt get home till 11....
What else...that's it really. I wuv you all!!!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

^^ Hi!
Its been a few days...but, hey. Hahah, Im alive...and I feel better...a bit. I mean, I'll still miss him being my friend with all my heart, but I cant cry 24/7 over him. I get sick to my stomach from it, and it seems that Ive just run out of tears. I think about that, loosing him, my best friend, and Im sad...but then, I have to relize the other people who support me.
Zpt Heart,
Hatake Kasumi.

Im not alone, never am. Even when I feel like it.
So! I went to the fair with two of my friends yesterday! It was fun, ^^' And usually I am such a wuss and never go on any of the "more intense" should we say, rides.
But I was upset over my friend so I went on them all! It was fun actually. Id be inches from the ground upside down, laughing and crying, and it was really weird.
Oh! But, around 4pm, we ran into these other boys from church who arnt the nicest people on the planet. ^^; Heh. So my friend Micah really has issues with them too. The youngest of them, Hirem, he jumped on Micah, so I told him to back off, and then the older one, J.D, he yelled at me to "go to hel*" And that reall pissed Micah off, but he didnt think we heard it, so when I turned my head around all slow, that was funny. So Micah went chasing him all over this area of the fair grounds, and he ran into the mens restroom to avoid her, went through this whole in the wall into the womens and out that door to catch her off gard, and she kept on chasing him. Eventually, she grabbed his hat, and started taunting him, (hes rather short) Um...then I turned my head and saw this boy who I thought was cute in XP And he smiled and waved at me, I was really oblivious, but then I saw his little brother-- and it was like; "HOLY ITS YOU!" Though I didnt say that out loud, I bet I acted like I knew it was him the whole time (His name is Chandler, younger brother is Aiden, and he has two young sisters, Rylee who Im close with and Emma), lol
His parents and my mom were/are really close.
My uncle worked with Chandlers...Moms...dad? Yeah. And they were good friends, and my mom becae good friends with Chandlers dad when she first moved to Yuma 15 years ago. So, its funny because my mom knew both of his parents before they knew eachother and were married. ^^

So, they were all really good friends, and then Feb 1995, *poof* I was born! lol Chandler was born 2 1/2 months later, in May of 1995.
Turns out, my mom would babysit him for his parents, and we were really good friends when we were little, he even used my highchair. XD But, I guess a few years later, they moved to Mesa.
Apperently, they were/are having alot of financial issues, so they moved back here (in 2006) where Chandlers dad's (Christian) parents live.
Chandler ended up going to my elementary school, and helped me with this pervert one day, so we became friends, us not knowing we knew eachother whatsoever. I told my mother about the incident, and she asked his first and last name, so, "Chandler Miner" I thought nothing of it, but she literally stoped in the middle of the road almost when I mentioned they had moved from Mesa. So our parents got in contact again, and we were like "Woah. We shared a highchair!!!" We werent best friends though...only aquaintances. Which made me sad, cause I had a crush on him before I knew the whole history thing. lol
Well, in Jan 2007, he switched schools, so only our moms talked form time to time, and I never got to see him or his little sister Rylee who I was close with. I saw them for my Bday 2007, and that was the last time I saw them besides yesterday! I was so happy, cause seeing him again, it was like, "Hey. Ive got a crush on that boy. lol"

And SQUEAL!!! I got a hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was like I was blowing him off when he gave me one when he had to go, but in my head, oh wow, I must have been a lightbulb I was so happy inside!!!
He gets protective when I hug his little sister, and when I was giving Rylee a final hug, he was like. "Well, hey. I get free hugs every day" and he tried to hug her, she pushed him off and ran to me! So I was like, "Hahah! Burned!"
But yeah...the end of my happy moment. But he hugged me!!!!!!! *squeal* Hes cute though, Dirty blonde, green eyes, and his glasses work nice with him. But dang hes cute...lol

Mum is finally getting devorce papers filed. We caught 16 women my dad was cheating on the girl he has been with for 7 years on my mom even though the devorce wasnt final. Plus, hes been really abusive lately...so its all good I guess.

I hope you all have a wonderfull day!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

>.> Well.
Im just so happy right now. Cant you tell? -_-
But, I suppose I brought it on myself.
Kenni called Thursday, and we finally got ahold of Grant. *cheers* And anything I post in this is just how I felt, nothing meant to be personally rude.

-I kinda felt used. Like, Kenni could have cared less that I was there, point was he had Grant on the phone. I know thats probably not the case, ^^; And its just my stuborness. Im such an idiot really.
I bet half of that, was because I wasnt talking too much, but then thats because I felt uncomfortable and not wanted. lol So I dunno!
So, I found it interesting that when Grant had to go, Kenni did too...and he said it was cause his mother had been calling him for awhile for dinner, well-- when we were on the phone preveious Saturday, first time she called, he was off that phone, its like he went out of his way for Grant. (Its probably all in my head)So when he said bye, I...was rude, adn said "whatever" but you know how you are sometimes not caucious of what you are exactly saying? Point is, it was wrong and I upset him. Im an idiot like that. I really am.

Then, Friday night, I spent the night at my friend Kirstin's house. (The one from Okinawa)
It was okay...untill I decided to call Grant, cause one of my friends was being ompletely rude to him! O_o Then they got into a sorta, fight, and then he said something ^^; Which made that friends older sister mad, and then he hung up. So~~~ Then I was crying my eyes out for a good 45 minutes, and called him back. XD This is where it got gay though. Grant's friends brother got on the phone, and started talking rally perverted, and nasty and crap, and I didnt know it wasnt Grant. ^^; So then I got all mad at him for no reason and stuff.
He called back that night, and I thought we had it all sorted out, though I didnt tell him what was exactly said. (Oh come on. Im 13, I didnt need to hear that stuff)
I though we got over it, but I guess Grant is still mad at me.
But I was just rally uncomfortable with the situation, and felt that I needed to walk away from it at that moment.

I think I'll beable to get things straightend out with Grant. He's resonable and stuff- plus it was a misunderstanding.
But when I try and to appologize to Kenni, well, when he's mad he ignores...so it doesnt help settle the problem. I dont know what to do...Being persistant doesnt help...

And whats worse. Is that, even when Im mad at someone. No matter how mad, I cant stop talking to them, even thuogh I mad or whatever. I alwase have to be the one appologizing, I alwase have to be the one sucking up.
Even when Im the one hurt, I have to be the good person.

Well. O,o there we go. I vented, I hope if you two (Kenni and Grant) read this, you can understand that I really am sorry. I need to take a chill pill....
But, I guess sorry doesnt make things better, huh?

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

All of yesterday on a peice of paper. CLICK TO VIEW!Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hello all.
I'm realy bored right now, *sigh*
My brother is watching High School Musical....oh the horror! I wanna gag! It's....just...EWW!!!
I'm countin' down to when I get to meet DarkXBlood! We're at 13 days!!! OMG!!!!!

The computer is getting even MORE limmited. Mother is having problems with me talking to alot of people on Otaku. Heh, what's wrong with that?1 I try and use certain people for excuses, Ivon, ect. I even have kids from school getting on my site to see if that'll make a difference, but so far nothing. I am so ahppy! I can type, like- super fast now! It's actually cool! XD

Commas! Weeh~~~~

It makes me sd when someone would rather leave me to talk to someone else rather than talk to both somehow. Pfttoey. Maybe I should pay attenton to those who do care for me rather than wishing someone who never will, would. Heh

The good stuff:

Ivon, an eating contest? YOUR ON!

The stupid stuff:
So most of you know how my dad doesn't live with us, he's a cheater and abusive. So my hair stylest works partially for my dad, and is a friend of my mom's, but my dad doesnt know that so Raphael (the stylist) spies on my dad for my mom.
My dad has been out of the house since I was 5, which means 7 years now. He's emotionaly abusive and get's physicaly abusive alot of the time too.
So Raphael found out my dad got a gay "MySpace" I went on, and tried to search my dad's page out to see what his mind was up to, he put he was single, had no kids, and a bunch of other crock. Yeah.

Ivon, if you red that, don't bring it up on the 14th, also- his "Girlfriend" might come, but dont adress her as that, cause even though I know she is, he doesn't know I know and plus he's cheating on her who he's cheating on my mom with, and heck- it's all complicated.

Oh! Oh! It actually rained yesterday! We weere in 7th period, which is computer class, and we had to look up the weather for Yuma and Flagstaff, AZ. And for Yuma, (where I live) it said 80% chance of rain Friday. And we were all blowing it off, like- "Yeah right~" Turned out by 2:00pm it was sprinkling, it calmed down by 5:00pm and then started a nice shower by 7:00pm. By 8:00pm their was alot of wind which made it seem lie a storm along with the thunder besides the fact, there wasn't actualy too much rain coming down, XD But heck this is Yuma! So we're like..."Water? OMG!"

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If you're button isn't here, PM me, and I'll get it from you! If you don't have a button, PM me and I'll make you oneHello! OMG!!! I'm posting from school, I can't believe the teacher is letting us use the internet this afternoon! *squeel*
Okay, so so far this week...has been, what would we call it? Interesting...
(As everyone watches me post this and thinks I am completely out of wack)
I talked to DarkXBlood Sunday and Monday, and it's so awsome! I'm gonna get to meet her in 17 days! See, of course, we were supposed to meet a couple months ago, but my Dr. appt was cancled, so we never got to meet as planned...and then, she moved.
A while went by, and then Saturday night, I got to talk to her. I got her new city, and spent over 10 minutes trying to find where her town was on the CA map. I finally found it, and then I found out my "X-father" (Does that sound weird?) was going up near there in Dec. And he knew where her city was too, so he said I could catch a ride with him and he'd take me there on the 14th!
So we found a resturaunt and it's gonna be so fun!
*GlOmP in the house~* Infact, it's gonna be good food too, "Olive Garden". But then again, we're going up to CA AFTER I get out of school, so I'll be going up there in an uncomfortable uniform, and a 4 1/2 hour~ drive. Therefore...I wouldn't have eaten in 8 1/2 hours, so excuse me if I eat alot Ivon! X3 You'll love me just the same?!

Everyone is just lookin' at me like I'm a geek. Ha. I AM!! And it's awsomely fun! The school's computer sucks though...It doesn't play the music or show the chatbox on me' site 'cause it's an older computer. 10 minutes left of school!!!

Stuff of the day:
"What's your name?"
"NO! It'd Ashli..'ness'. The 'ness' is what defines you, makes you who you are! Like happyness, sadness- what makes you you? That's Ashli-ness!"

-You are you. And you only lice once, this one life. So find who you are, you're Aaron-ness, or Kelsey-ness. Your Dan-ness or Ivon-ness. Your personal quality that is gonna be the thing people remember you by, will here a poem wrote by you, or s score shot by you, and know, hey, that must have been Brian.
Will hear you voice, and feel you're hug, will LIVE your life with YOU, and beable to recall those times, hey, that must have been Jennifer.

Do what makes you you. Find your deffinition.

(All of the names used were the names of a majority of my best friends on Otaku)

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

So....when my computers went in the shop all of my codes were deleted. So of course, that's why my site looked the way it did for a bit. I was a bother to the person I asked to help me, because he had a persons new PW which site had a copy of all my codes. So I kinda was like.. "Hmph fine, I'll figure it out without any help!" And...this site, is what I came up with. Heh...yeah~
I am so sad. No one ever wants to talk to me! I have all these friends who are friends with eachother, but the thing is none of them talk to me anymore because they are alwase too busy with the other. Like if character#1 is talking to me, it's cause the others arn't on. And if perhaps character#2 pops online, character#1 leaves for that person. I mean, I find that a bit rude, why not bring them to where you already are? But eventually if all 5characters made it to my chatbox, I would be ignored in my own territory.
And the same thing works with them and the cellphones. They would rather talk die than talk to me on the phone, unlike how they talk to eachother. Not often, but they do. I wish someone would call me, but I'd probably end up hanging up they make me so upset.

A whole week of school is starting tomorrow. I find that a pain...no computer for a whole week...I have my cell, but the only one on Otaku who calls me is Zpt_Heart, and she can't call me untill 9:00pm her time which is 10:00pm for me, so heck- I'll be in bed! I'll just draw and be depressed this week. I think I'll make some more $20;00's. Maybe I can sell Ryosuke_Forever's pictures like I do ChibiRoses's? That'd be funny...I could try doing that to Micah as a sad joke, you see, Micah thinks Ryosuke-Forever is completly and horribly ugly. So around Micah, we all have to go, "Oh, not Aaron or Ryo, Quote:'Ugly'" Though otherwise I adress it as, "Presentable, not ugly" Ehh, so sellin a pic of him to her would be a bit odd. XD

I need to do my science project and my state report. I hope I get Texas or Indiana! That'd be sweet, why? I dunno, maybe it's cause my best friends live in those two places. (Did I mention that the place I'm moving to is where my best friend on Otaku actually lives!?) Texas is awsome, but as an earlier post said:

~ *Blows Up Texas*
..No, wait, rewind- I have friends there.
*Blows up Houston and San Antonio*

Heheh...we beet Houston last week, (Go Suns!!)
And we beet CA clippers Friday. Monday...we go up against the Warriors. My NBA season is going great! I can't wait to go up against the rest of Texas! Dallas, we have been able to beet. San Antonio...is gonna go down! :D

I sent a pack of cards to the following Otakus:

Now, I was gonna put a rock in Ryo's envelop and a candycane in Chibi's and Nin's. (2 in chibi's so she could give one to him after he found a rock in his) But the sad thing is..I forgot to do that! O.O Oh well. they probably wouldn't ahve fit anyway, ^^"

Well, that's it for me. I've got packing and advertising, as well as asignments this week. It'd be nice to get a phone call, but like that would happen anyway. Have a great week everyone!


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hello! So I'm gonna be mean and share it for a moment;
I get payed...$20.00 a pic when I ive a picture of ChibiRose to a friend of mine at school, well I owed him some pics, so I was trying to find her album on photobucket, I totally forgot the name of it, so I tried finding one of her pics that was linked to her album. This was funny, I typed in: "My Ryosuke" That's what she named one of the pics, and the picture....showed up. It was hilarious, 'cause I yelled out: "HAHA! AARON YOU CANT HIDE FROM ME!!!" And my brother was just staring at me, so I sent this picture of Ryosuke_Forever to him, and I'm like. "You wanna date Jenn, Josh? You gotta go up against that" And then Josh answered back: "I have no chance" It made no since, but I replied, "Chance huh? Ironic"
But yeah..that was funny, and I've got $60.00

I feel..awkward. I've got a headache too. And I'm fighting the fact I'm actually moving to Indiana. It's funny though, all my mother talks about now is Dyer Indiana, and that used to be only a key word that when I would hear, it's like: bring!
But we havn't even sold the house yet, so yeah...
But we hould be in Indiana by my B-day if the house sells.
Agh, I'm sleepy. >.<
I went through my friends list. There were some people I was really hapy to get rid of on there. There's so many people on Otaku who I really...really hate! *sigh* Oh well, I think about them, and I cry and get stressed! I need a stress releaver!

One of the games I've played ever since I was like, 6 was the series of "Rayman" for the 64 and Dreamcast. It wasn't too popular then, but I loved it! Now the "Rayman raving rabbids" series for the Wii has gotten it pretty out there. ^^ I feel good for it, and then its awsome that I was a fan before all of the popularity. I even have a rayman rabbid T-shirt! It's awsome...heheh.
Happy Thanksgiving from me and the rabbids!!!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shhh I'm sneeking! ^^
I'm starting to really freak out about moving to Dyer, Indiana. It's scary, plus Indiana is reall the last place on the planet I would really ever want to move. I want to stay within AZ! ...But, Texas..is kinda okay too I guess.

I sent my Otaku christmas cards yesterday. It was really was the only mail I've ever actually sent. Akward~ But I was like:
*dials number* Yeah, Ben? I need you over hear for just a sec. Hm? Um..why? What If I tell you it ivolves so and so?
*Ten minutes later*
So the stamps....go...hear? O_O'

Yeah..maybe mail isn't my thing, ^^;
The math teacher's dad dies last Thursday..so we've had a sub. I was reading Vol.3 of Vampire Knight in math, and the teacher is all, "You iin the very back, put the book away" I was like..."Eh..." and I set it down on the desk. And then..he made me put it on the floor! He's like, "No...not where you can see it. On the floor!" I literally wanted to cry! My precious book on the floor?! Nuuuu!

My friends and I have been having recent anime debates every Tuesday night. XD This was a really weird discussion:
Koneako: "Hm? Nah, I've only got Bleach for my D.S"
Kirsten: "I bought it for the Wii when I still lived in Okinawa, so of course though..it's not dubbed, XD"
Micah: "So which character works best in the one for D.S Ray-ray?"
Koneako: "Personally I alwase go with Yachiru, none the less she's really good in that game, but then again this is me we are talking about. I dont reccomend Kenpachi in that game, he really doesn't do to good, and then Ukitake can mannage, but he actually will have a coughing attack in the middle of the fight, so..."
Micah: "What about the Wii Kirsten?"
Kirsten: "Yachiru."
Micah: "Ah....uh, Ray-ray! Whatdaya doing on your phone!?"
Koneako: "Checking calls...whay did I tell you about that Ray-ray thing Micah-chan...?"
Micah: "Ben....456-9078...*****....*****?!?!?!?"
Koneako: "Um..yeah that does say, *****."
Koneako: "Nope. No three-way on the cell. And he didn't call the house phone, nothing I could do."

It's been a random week so far. Nothing really to post about though I'm sure I had something in my head earlier...

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