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Monday, October 13, 2008

Really not much to post...oh, but...I found these pictures of my friend Kirstin and I on this blog. O_O' I didn't think they'd be uploaded onto the internet, but alas, I was wrong. -_- I hate my pic, but my friend is soooo cute! But, people are always negitive about themselves. So...I guess....here they are. ^^



I now realize how horrible a camera that was. And how the quality of a camera can make you look. O_O But Im posting the pic and holding my breathe. Because it's who we are, and I wont change for a long time to come.


Hm...Im not fat. O.O Can't complain to Sareena 'bout that anymore. X3

Oh! So I got my Wi-Fi set up for my D.S!!! (Finally -_-)
So, I went to the GTF, (Global Trading Center for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) and I submitted my Lv.1 RioluRiolu Pictures, Images and Photosbecause it's only a Lv. 1 and Im too lazy to train it into a Lucario, so Ive been trying to get a Cherubi since I started playing the game, (you wouldn't believe how hard they are to get!) and I got a Lv. 6 CherubiCherubi Pictures, Images and Photosfrom this guy in Kanagawa Japan!
And lately, I've had an obsession with Munchlax OwO
So last night I put up my Wormadem and it's only a Lv. 20046 Wormadam Sandy 2 Pictures, Images and Photosso I only requested a Munchlax 20 or lower, and this morning, when I woke up, I got a Lv. 100 MunchlaxMunchlax Pictures, Images and Photosfrom some guy in Tokyo!!! =D I was so happy!!!!!!
I also breed Eevee's since they are rather rare in games, so I did trade my Lv. 100 HikariEevee Pictures, Images and Photos(an Eevee) and I gots a Lv. 100 Latios!!!!!!!!Latios Pictures, Images and Photos

OwO Oh I love life XD

Talk to you all later then! I'll be on the chatbox tonight! Ja nee!

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