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Koneako here! Not much to say about me, Im just your average 14 year old girl. I cant keep my room clean for more than a day, my hair never goes the way I want it. And there's a boy Im crazy about <3 <3 <3
^.~ I ish an artist! Recently, I got a Bamboo board, so be sure to watch for improvement with my computer art!

Hmmm...well, enjoy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

*clears throat*
It's sad to see what has become of this place. Perhaps for some, it has been little change or none at all. But for me...it's like a whole different world. Nothing at all like I remember it, but I suppose that's best as well. This place allowed lots of things to happen for me. Some good, and well, some bad. But all in all this is my "official" Goodbye to this place. So much dedication, and four years later it's ripped out of my year book. I'm sure no one I once knew will read this. But it's my last mark on this place. So here, I will leave it.

~Rachel Liahona Mack

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