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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I find it hard to organize my posts into sections that go orderly. They always seem to end up cluttered and randomly placed.

My uncle and his wife have their positions in banking. Well, since there is this economy situation, they have recently lost their jobs. They both have temporary jobs for the moment, and my uncle recieved a call from a lady in Manchester, England. (O_O) It's a job offer. So, he's gonna take the interview and if he get's the job, he get's to move to England! And I'll get to move there with him!! =D England!!!!
But, when I think about it, it's sad. I won't beable to text my bestfriend anymore ;_;
See, my uncle currently lives in Phoenix, so this last week I was going to go live there with him in case he did get the England offer. And just moving to Phoenix I would have still had to give up texting my best friend. ;_;
So...I don't know what I'll do.

I tried to do suicide yesterday....um.....well. Interesting experience...I was so close to pulling the trigger on that gun too. ^^"


Our church has a little halloween thing for members this Friday. They expect all of us to dress up. lol So, Im being a vampire! Bella, actually, from Twilight. LOL So, the thing was, my friend was like, "Where is...your Edward? LOL"
And I just kinda stood there. "..."
So then we made a joke out of texting my bestfriend <--(Same as all the other times mentioned) and we were like;
"I need to kidnap you next Friday."
And then had to explain the whole I need an Edward. Then, he was lost so I had to review the whole Twilight series with him baisically. LOL
Every 18 minutes somebody dies from a suicide.
Every 38 seconds somebody
attempts one.

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