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Monday, June 15, 2009

Ching-a-ling; hear me sing

Just one more picture up. Not much, but that's what I got. I can't find my bamboo pen... *tears*
Oh...for the pee wee brains, this is my bamboo:
wacom tablet Pictures, Images and Photos

I can't think of much to post about. I need to like, work my ass off so I can get $500 for a plane ticket and hotel and food and all that jazz so I can go to Santa Fe,NM...and I just realized. I can't drive! Ha! Thats great! Make me older Father in Heaven. DX Yeah...relizing that, I dunno what Im gonna do then.

Um.........so yeah. I dunno. Maybe I'll just, go to Enola, PA instead to meet my other friend or something. I don't know. I need a life. My (only) local friend here, Sabrina, yeah. She ditched me and went to Vegas untill the 22nd of July. So Im gonna kinda be like. A potatoe this summer.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Art is up. Afraid it isnt fruit, lol will catch you all later ;D

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Blue Berry Pomegranet
I think for my art now, I'll use projects and categories.
I had project Panda, which is complete. The quilt and pillow cases are all sewn, so now...Ill start...well, Im not too sure what I will call it. Something to do with different combinations of fruit. So, it'll be slightly abstract and stuff. Eh, you'll see soon enough.

I finally graduated DX I was sitting there waiting for my name to be called- And I had to pee so bad!!! And these stupid parents brought blow horns! And I wanted to slap the shit out of them, sorry-- lol. But now Im finally on my Summer Vacation!!! I really need it. Im so stressed out lately. I want to go to California with my friend sooooooooooooo bad this summer! Hopefully the begining of next month, because yeah. But, I'll go whenever he can, ^.^ All that matters to me is that I get to go with 'em.
My other friend wants to tag along with us with her soon-to-be boyfriend. That would work out really well financially, but I wonder...IDK yet.
Okays well....I gots to clean my room.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ring ring
hey, who is this? oh! ok. look im at rachels house.

XD Hahah! YAY!!!!!!!!! Chrissy's over at meh house! LOL He's my buddeh! I wuffles him :3 I saw Up with him last night though, it was a sad movie. I want to find someone who I can marry and grow old with. But yeah, Josh, my other friend, who is Chris' younger brother (Chris is 18 and Josh is 14) yeah. He drank like ALL of the Sprite and there was only one soda to share between the three of us. Yeah...I was so dehydrated. Stupid fat Josh. Meh.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

The most fun a girl can have
Hahah! I kept my piggy theme for like, what? A day? I suppose I could have kept it- but I change so much! And thus, so do my themes. I want to die my hair black...but Im meeting lots of people this summer, so Id like to stay completely natural and me for that, ya know?

School is finally almost out! Just till Thursday for promotion. I remember, I used to think 4th grade was like this huge thing! And now, here I am off to highschool. Im excited though, because I have alot of honors college credit, so Ill graduate from highschool Sophomore year! Is that not awesome? ;D I still am not sure if I want to go to Law School, Med School so I can go into scientific research for Diabetes, or Tech school so I can do graphic designs with video games and computers. They're all things Im so addicted to! Even the law and science. lol Im glad I have some time to focus on that,

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meh. (LOL)
Well~ Maxi came down last week! Oh emm gee! It was so fun!!! :3 He fed me Chile Pepper, lol! It's this local restraunt that has seemed to really suceed in town, but I wuv it alot. I noticed for the first time is'ts an extra 75cents for extra cheese...Meh. LOL
Our pool got really green Thursday, I wonder why. What's it called, Shoc or something? Yeah. We had to buy a bunch of that and stuff. Im going to try and get out of highschool with a scholorship in two years. I mean, I can. Now I just have to beat competition. Ive wanted to go to BYU Utah, but maybe Ill go to this tech school in New Mexico or in Pennsylvania depending on how all my current relationships with meh peeps work out.
Augh, my neck hurts.

Oh! *points down*

Blue Submarine no. 6 Pictures, Images and Photos

That anime, is awesome! It was a little hard to me to follow, but just with some of the characters, I dont know how to explain. Im sure Ill force some more definition out of Maxi about it.

I has a new art up! You dont have to comment, lol no one does, I'll admit to that. But it's so kyoot! It's part of meh project Panda =3 I drew it for my friend Max. LOL

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Friday, June 5, 2009

I smell sex and candy... OwO
Hahaha, yeah, the title of my post? Its just a song- but maybe theres meaning to it? The world will never know- But I guess two people do even so. Meh. Im posting from my Ps3, lol my fingers hurt already. XD OH!!! Maxi-kun came down this week. It was sooo fun! But it sucks. Cause he made me so happy, but obviously he had to leave... ;^; I hope he can come back for a longer period of time later this summer. Wellz, I ish out.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

It's uber sad.
Ever since Version Vibrant started, TheOtaku has just beeen slowly...dying. Over a period of time, it seems everybody I used to have contact with has dissapeared, I think Id delete my account, except for there are so many memories from on here, that and when I miss Zaku I can come and see a post and know she's alive, and well, old man KD I have to PM, but eh.
Maxi comes down tomorrow :D I ish happehz!
Well...I has a boyfriend too. *gasp*
Remember when I was like, 10 and I'd say Id never get married or date.
~In love with a boy <3

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yo yo yo my peeps!
Erm....Well, there's not much to talk about. Kinda, but now, and eh...Idk @_@
Ive played Bioshock like a bajillion times, *laughs* yeah...my kitten is going evil too...um...hmmm...I really dont know what else to say...
~Im in love with a boy~

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well, there's only four weeks left of school left, Im rather excited. :3
So, now I sit here. Typing as my kitten presses keyes with me. (lol) Oh yes! I gots a kitten! She's so adorable! Im not too sure yet if she is a breed or a mutt... >.> But her name is Sugar Kitten! Ahhh, she's just my little angel. She's about a month...but it's sad, because, since she's so young she want's her mama's milk...so in the middle of the night I find her pecking around underneath the collar of the ack of my neck looking for the milk buds.... ;^; She even thought my eye was a possibility the other night. *sigh* So then I warmed some milk up in saucer for her, and well...she had the craps like all night long! I had to open my window and everything, I feel so bad...cause mama doesnt want me giving her milk anyway :(

Well, things seem to be going pretty good for me actually. It's interesting how it feels to be wanted, or to want. I dunno, I guess Im not making very much sense, but I wouldn't right now. *laughs*
Oh! But Evilninja and I have become like as close as anything XD Which makes me very happy! He's an amazing friend, such a total sweetheart, I like him alot! It really isn't fair at all that he's such a long distance away in hours and miles. But, Im glad I have him.
I get to watch a movie with Sabrina, Chris and Kyler Saturday night. LOL I don't have a picture of Kyler, wish I did, he's such a face to laugh at! Coolest geek I've ever known!

Hope all is well for all of you.
Here is a picture of meh Sugar Kitten!

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