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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One word will sum up my feelings. That one word is amazed. I have been exploring the new version of Otaku and, I must say I sort of like it. I've kind of figured out how to do stuff but, I still don't undertsnad everything just yet. I still can't figure outn what a "World" is. I will eventually though!! Also, I found out that I have to resize any art work that I want to submit in the future but, that's ok with me. Speaking of my art work, i have sent some in. All the links on my site should still lead to the same place so, just click there. I honestly feel like being lazy and, I'm not going to provide a link inside my post like I nromally do.

So how has everyone been doing? Good I hope! Besides foiding out how different the new look of TheO is, anything exciting happened lately? I have some mews! I took the writing test. The prompt was lame, it was "What are some effects of technology on everyday life". I basicially talked about the pros and cons. I think I might have done ok but, I wont find out until the end of May. So yay for wating!! oh! Tito started the driving portion of drivers-ed today!! hahaha! I was all like "Oh my...now the side walks are no longer safe! What ever shall I do!!?". But he should do fine, I think he told me he has driven some in the past so, he should do fine.

Well, I have one last thing to mention then, I'll be on my way...I will eventually re-do my layout. I'll start on it whenver I have alot of free time on my hands and, once I have completly figured out Version Vibrant. So I hope you all have an amazing day and, God bless!!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Attention! Long post ahead!

Hey there Otaku Nation! How is everyone today? Good I hope!! Iím doing simply wonderful! I finally know all of my grades so far in my classes. So far I have an A in pottery1, A in English2, A in Civics and, a B in Biology. Yay for me! Iím very happy with my grades so far. Hopefully they will stay good like this throughout the whole semester. Have any of you gotten you ďinterm reportsĒ as they are called where I live? Are you doing well in your classes? Itís cool if you donít want tom tell me. Itís up to you.

Anyways, I have something Iíd like to share with you all. Last week my English teacher asked us all to take part in a mock writing test, seeing as how to 10th grade writing test is next week, and heíd like for us all to do well. So we had to write a definition essay on ďloveĒ. He told us that only one person in the class made a 100 an, A+. I honestly thought that it wouldnít be me but, it was! I let my mom and dad read my essay and, they really seem to like it, along with my teacher, obviously. So Iíd like for you all to read it. Itís a little lengthy but, according to my teacher, and parents itís worth it. So if youíd be kind enough to read it, here it is, also if youíd rather not read it then, just skip on down below my essay.

Love is a very complex word. It can mean many different things to many different people. Generally we think of love as being able to sacrifice everything we have for someone. I think love is when you are willing to do anything and, everything for one specific person. Examples of love can be found in great works of literature. For instance in the Bible, and Romeo and Juliet.
Low can be when you are willing to give up your family and everything else that matters to you for the one you love. This can sometimes lead to death, like in Romeo and Juliet. They were both willing to refuse their fatherís names in order to be with one another, despite what others thought. This shows love in one of its purest forms. In the end Romeo and Juliet both committed suicide, because they could not bare the thought of living one second with out the other the other. Wanting to be with someone without caring what others think is what lets us know that this is love.
Love can also mean self sacrifice. One example of this is Jesus Christ. Jesus willingly gave his life so that all of mankind could one day die and, not have to spend and eternity in the pits of Hell but, give their life to God and live forever in Heaven. Jesus took all of mans past, present and future sins and, suffered a horrible beating, pain and emotional anguish just for us. This shows that he truly loves us no matter what we do. He will always be there for us and, love us. This in my opinion is the best example of love.
Love means that you are willing to do anything and, everything for one person. Love to most people means that you want to give up everything that you have in order to make someone happy. Like getting your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife something as simply as a card, for no real reason. Just to show them that you care for and, love them. That you would gladly do anything for them. Love is what makes us all feel wanted and needed. If we could not show love, then life as we know it would be boring.

So what did you all think? Be honest. Please try not to be too harsh but, do be truthful. Anyways, I have some new art up! Which can be found here! I tried coloring again as, you can tell if you check out my work. I think I only have two recent pics up. Oh well. Please if you have time go and check out my work and, comment! Oh yeah. Today, Tito got sick. I donít know whatís wrong with him though. He said that he felt like he was going to throw up and, honestly he looked bad. Usually I canít tell how bad someone feels but, seeing as how Tito and I are almost the same skin tone and, I know how I look when I feel really bad, I picked it up right away. So please pray for Tito that, heíll get well soon. Well, I donít really have anything else to talk about. Thank you to those of you that was kind enough to read my essay and, check out my art! Hope you all have an amazing day! God bless!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello Otaku nation! How are you all doing today? Good I hope!! I'm doing wonderful!! I just found out something really kool out, like 10 minuets ago! Would you all like to know what it is? well, here it is! It's a little small but, isn't it still just the koolest thing ever!? Well, it is to me!! The picture that I have circled and, an arrow pointing to is one of my very own! It's new infact!! So please, whenever you get dome reading this post, go and comment my art!! Which can be found here!

So doers anyone have any plans for this weekend? I do! Tito and I are going to try to go to the movies this weekend. He wants to go see "Witless Protcetion" with Lary The Cable guy in it. I think Larry is sort of funny so, maybe I'll like the movie. After the move Tito's going to go buy himself some new shoes!! Buying new clothes is always fun!! Yay for that!

Oh yeah1 Last weekend was a blast! I got myself some new clothes and, "jumper" is an awesome movie! Or at least I think so. I also watched the "Covenant" with my best friend. It's really good. I reccomend it! So yeah. That's about all that I have to talk about! Oh yeah!! Can you all believe that Version Viberant will be launched between March 2nd and 3rd!!!!???? I'm so excited!! hahahaha! Well, I hope you all have an amazing day/weekend!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bueno everyone! How have you all been since I last posted? Good I hope! I've been wonderful for those of you, that would like to know.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. I certanally did. tito got my a flower, a card that sings "The Bamba"[I think that's the name of the song], and a monkey the whistles.[lol] It made me feel kool to get something for Valentines Day from someone other than my parents. Oh, this year was my very First Valentines Day, where I acutally had a Valentine. Kool no? hahahaha! I thought it was pretty kool. My mom and day got me a "Dove" chocolate rose! I personally think Dove chocolate is some of the best out there but, that's just me. I made my parents a card, they said they loved it, which made me feel good. I also made Tito a card and, gave him a dove chocolate heart. he was very happy. He also attacked me with a hug after I gave it to him. It made me laugh. XD

Well, do any of you have any plans for this three day weekend? I do! I'm going to the mall on Sunday and going to watch "Jumper", with a bunch of my friends. Then afterwards, I'm going to go buy a new jacket and maybe a shirt and then, were going to this Japanese place to pig out. MmMmmMmmmMmmMmmmM...Japanese food. So good! hahahaha! After we eat I'm going to spend the night with my best friend. To us this is a big deal. In our 5-6 years of being friends, we'ev never slept at the others house. Granted we'ev slept over at our church with all the other youth members but, it's not quite the same. While I'm at her house were going to watch "The Covenant"! She says that the main character would be the perfect guy to play Edward for the Twilight movie! So I can hardly wait!! Any of you seen "The Covenant" or, a Twilight fan? I'm fo sho a Twilight fan and, I can't wait for the next book, or for the movie!!XD

Well, I'm pretty much done. I have some new art up which can be found here. Also I'd like for you all to pray for my mom. She was laidoff from her job on Friday and, she has always worked in a mill. So she doesn't know what she's going to do, since all of the mills where I live are either going over seas or, to Mexico. So, please pray for my family. Well, I hope you all have an amazing long weekend!! God bless!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yola Otaku Nation! How have you all been lately? I hope you've all been doing well. I have been! hahaha! I have some exciting news for you all. Like two or three things of exciting news...yay! lol

First off, I finially have my cpu back! It's better than ever too! I've missed it. We went from a 40 something hard drive to an 80. Sadly I don't completly remember what the "something" part was but, I do know it's a good thing. hahahaha! Shows how much I know about the internal stuff of a cpu. Oh well. I finially can scan my art again and. I don't have to wait forever, for a page to load! Speaking of my art! I have new works up!! So please whenever you get the chance go and comment all 5 new pics!!

Now for the second bit of good news!! Do you all remember my friend I mentioned in my last post? Tito? Well, yesterday he asked my to be his girlfriend and, I said yes. I was sort of suprised but, then again not really. He had told me a while back that he was going to give my a rose for Valentines Day, so that along with a few other hints I knew it was bound to happen. I am happy too. If any of you'd like the see a pic of both of us then here, it is. Lunch is a wonderful time to take pictures. hahahaha! I love takeing photos of my friends while there eating and, they like to do the same to meh. XD My lunch friends are the koolest! So...yeah, I have a boyfriend. It still sounds funny for me to say/type but, oh well. hahahaha!

Oh! Tito asked me to draw in his notebook. I mean it was random. It went like this "ok, well I'll see you after second block", "Hey! Woulkd you mind drawing on my notebook folders for me, whenever you have some free time?"...."Um...sure! this should be interesting!". And that was it. So, that will explain one of the new drawings in my portfolio. hahahaha! I finished drawing in it as well. It was acutally alot of fun drawing in that thing! A first for meh!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and, incase I don't post on Valentines Day...Happy Valentines day Otaku nation! If I had any candy to give you all I would but, that's kind of hard to do over the internet. XD Later!!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hola Otaku nation!!!!!!! What's up? I hope you're all doing well! I am! I'm very happy today!! I'm not entierly sure why but, whatever the reason is, I'm glad I'm so happy!! So what have you all been up to lately? Me, nothing much ro report. I did go see "Meet The Spartans" with my friend Tito the other day. Like I mentioned in my pervious post. To put it plainily, it was really retarted, but it did have some sort of funny parts to it. Honestly though, f you're wanting to go see it and, you think it's suppose to be really funny, don't waste your money. But if you like movies like that then, it's totally the one for you!! hahahaha!

I did have a good time hanging out with Tito. We really didn't get to hang out much but, we did go to the book stroe and, I bought this book thing that had 11 Naruo posters. I'm currently trying to draw an image that's on one of them. They are really kool. I'll probally put a cuple of my wall and, give the others to my best friend and her little brother.XD I love giving people stuff. It makes me fele good inside. oh! Speaking of giving people stuff. My friend Tito's favorite Naruto Character is Shikamaru so, I drew him a pic yesterday and, I took it to school. I honestly thought he might not like it because, it was my frist real time trying to draw Shika and you could sort oftell but, he loved it!! I felt awesome knowing that he liked it so much! My frieds all seem to like my art, even if I think it's butt ugly. hahahaha! Oh well, that's why they are all so aweosme.

Oh yeah, I have a new phrase for you all. it's come from my friend Tito, ready for it? Here it is...SEXY AWESOME!It's the kool way to say something is really aweosme. hahahaha! Plus it's loads of fun to say!!

I hope to get my cpu back tomorrow. We were suppose to get it today but, they forgot the stand it comes with so, we have to wait one more day. It's all good though. I'm glad to finially get it back! Yay! Well, I've got to study for a cuple of quizes tomrrow so, I hope you all have a wonderful day and, God bless!!


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Friday, February 1, 2008

Hola Otaku Nation!!!! Como estas!? I hope muy bein!! Yup, I'm in a really good mood. Yay for meh! hahahaha! Then again I'm almost always in a good mood. Oh well. Today is special. Wanna know why? Cause I'ma goin to the movies with my kool new friend Tito tomorrow! It made my day to be invited to the movies with a friend! Woo! Were gonna go see "Meet The Spartans" a movie I've been wanting to see for a while now, so I'm gonna have lots of fun! hahahaha! Do any of my Otaku buddies have any planes for the weekend? Maybe? If you don't that's kool. Oh well. XD

Oh! I have a video for you all to watch! It's a vidoe of two of my best guys friends!! Tito and, Jason! Jason is the guy in the flanel and, Tito is the one in the red jacket! They made a Pepsi song! Woot! Anyways, it's a pretty kool video. There is some guy that I don't know who decides to give the world the rod so, please ignore that. I didn't make the video so, I had no control over it. I hope you all like it!!

We got a call from the cpu place! It was our hard-drive just like I though so, they are replacing it. Luyckly it's only going to cost $200. Which really isn't that bad. Were getting Norton anti-virus for free and, possibly some other stuff. So it's a pretty good price. I'll just be glad to have my cpu back. I'll also get to send art again! Yay! oh! Speaking of art! I had the honor to make a T-shirt design for this type of cam called "Friendship Camp". The design I made was for the one in Romania. So!!!! Heopfully the head peoplez will like it and, my art will be on a T-shirt! If they do like it then, I'll get a shirt and, take pixs of it!! Woot!! hahahaahaha! I'm so excited!!

Well, I don't really have anything else to tlak about. So I hope you all have a wonderful day and, please pray for me and me friend Tito that, we have a safe and fun time tomorrow!! God bless!!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


small little rant. so bare with meh until i finish
thank you

Ugh...hey there Otaku nation. Guess what happened to my cpu? Yep, it crashed. So now I'm having to use my very slow and, more than likely very infected older cpu[ME addition Dell cpu]. But at least it still works. My mom is going to take our other computer to this repair shop and, hopefully they will be abel to fix it, or something. I dunno. All I know is, I won't be abel to submit any art until I get my cpu fixed. What a sad day today has turned out to be. But I'm not really sad, just dissapointed I guess. Oh well.

On to happier news!!! I got home yesterday around 7:30 in the evening, after two days at "The Revolve Tour"!! It's all all girl thing where, you learn about how guys think, God and, you get to ehar all these kool bands play. Like, Hawk Nelson! Natalie Grant! Ieasha Woods! And a few more! Ugh! It's was so much fun but, I am still pretty sore! Jumping up and down, headbangain randomly and, screaming my guts out take alot out of me. Also not getting to sleep until like 1 in the a.m. doesn't help much either. Oh well. It was way worth it. Also, for all of your fello girls out there, a amazing book you should read is "The Truth About Guys" by Chad Easthman. It'll teach you alot and, it'll also answer many questions that I know we all have.

Well, I have school tomorrow so, I'll be on my way. I hope you all have an amazing day and, God bless!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hola Otaku Nation. How are you all doing today? Good I hope. I'm doing quite well. Today was the first day of the second semister and, all in all it wasn't that bad. I had re-learn how to use a combination lock but, that was probally the worse part of the day. I had forgotten how confusing those things can be. Oh well. After school I got my first perido class changed from Comp. programming1 to pottery 1 so, that should be alot of fun. Also, so far biology isn't to bad. My teacher seems really nice and, helpful. She told us as long as she can tell we are trying that, we will pass the class but, it's up to us if we pass the state mandated exam. joy o joy. Just be glad you don't live where I do and, you have to make a level three or higher on certain exams in order to graduate to the next higher class. In this case that would be going from biology to Chemistry. Ugh...oh well. I'll hopefully do ok in this class.

So I do have some home work so, this will be a pretty short post. Was today anyone elses first day of the second semister? Anyone? hahaha! If not that's kool. Good for you. oh! I do have some new art up. Only like two new drawings though. So not to many. Well, I hope you all had a wonderful day! God bless and, I'll see you all later!!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hola Otaku Nation!! Guess what? ...

New Theme!!!

Yep...I finially have a new theme. I didn't do like I said I'd do though. I stuck with bleach but, It's Grimmjow! I can't seem to get enough of this guy! He's so aweosme! hahahahaha! So yeah...what do you guys think of my new theme? I really like it. I started gettinf all of the images last night and, I did all of the coding today. I stayed up until like 12 something in the a.m. trying to find good enough images. And it paid off. I'm happy with the outcome. I'll probally be keeping this theme for quite some time. I really like it. XD

Anyways, how have you all been letely? Good I hope! I've been doing just fine! Drawing quite a bit...it's been great! I love having alot of time off from school. The bad thing is, whenever I start back the new semister starts. I'll have biology, civics, aand english2 one right after the other along with, computer programming1. Ugh....my back is already starting to hurt. Three of my classes requires you to keep a book, throughout the whole semister so, I'll be carrying around three very thick and, very heavy books. Oh well.

I have some new art up! Only like three drawings though. One I just messed around with for fun...you'll probally be abel to tell if, you look at my gallery. If you do then, please be nice and comment me works. I think I have figured out why I draw some much every day. Well, there are a cuple of reasons. One I want to improve so, I draw alot to get practice and, two, I'm addicted to drawing. I dunno if that's a good thing or not. Who knows? What's you guys opinion?

Well, I'm done typing this post. thank you to those ofyou that read the whole thing. It means bunches to meh! I hope you all have a wonderful day!! God bless!!

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