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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hi yall. How has everyone been on this lovely Saturday afternoon/evening? Good I hope!

Yesterday I talked to me boyfriend for hours. It was alot of fun. And He and I can't wait till monday. We'll get to see each other and whatnot. I've told a few people that we are going together. Its a great thing knowing that there is someone that truly cares for you that isn't part of your family.

Sadly my boyfriend isn't at home this weekend. he had to go to his dads yesterday, but thats ok. It just gives me all the more reason to look forward to Monday.^^

Well I don't realy have anything else to talk about so I guess I'll go.PM me if you want to talk I'm pretty bored. Have a good afternoon!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

   Second best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOSH YALL!!!!!!!!!! YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't usually make two posts in one day but this is sooooooo called for!!!!!!! My crush asked me out!!!!!!! there is now an US!!!!!! I HAVE A BF!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooo-hoooooooooooo!!!!!!!! *throws party*

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Today was a great day! I only had to go to school till 1 because of a staff meeting so that helped my day along quite a bit. But the mani reason why my day was great was this: my crush told me something today that I didn't get at first. And what he said was this "I noticed something today! You always have your hands in your pockets" and I thought about and went "Yes, but thats because I have nothing else to do with them". And then he said "you didn't get what I ment behind that did you?" and I said "Um....no I didn't will you tell me what you ment please?" and so he told me "I never get the chance to hold your hand!^^". So seeing as how we do not have school tomorrow I cannot wait till Monday!!!!! And neither can he! He is just as happy about it as me! Monday will be a simply great and wonderful day for both of us!

More good news. People in my classes that see me hug him all the time ask me "is he your boyfriend?" and I usually tell them no. But my crush said that I can tell them whatever I wish. So that is a great thing! And one other thing! I was talking to my good friend Amber and she went "3:16, you know that snese he wants to hold your hand and yall hug for sooooooo long that your basically going out right?" and I had the dumbest look on my face and went "really??". So yes it is true 3:16 is blind to these things! But now you all know! ^^ yep so its good to be imformed!

So my day had been good all around!^^ Well accutally these past two weeks have been the best ever!^^ So how is everyone doing? Good I hope! I am doing great! oh! One last thing! my crush use to like my best friend more than me. But he told me today that he likes me alot*underline alot* more than he does.^^ So that made me so very happy! well I must go so I'll see yall on the flip side! Later all my taters!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yep I am finially better! I had to get out of school early yesterday because I got sick. But I got some great medicen from the doctor and now I'm all better! hahahahaha! I feel great! I still don't have much of an appitite but I will soon. And that'll be really good.^^

Well today at school my crush didn't get to hug me first thing and that made us both a little sad. But I huged him at break and after lunch and...at the car pick up spot! And the last two times he huged me we held on to each other for a long time. It was simply great! And he wrote me a note telling me that he missed me, even though he had just seen me like 15mins earlier. It was so cute! So today was a great day for me! Also my crush is coming to youth with me again tonight! So that'll be a good thing.^^

So how has everyone been on this fine Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 day? Good I hope. As you can probally tell I've been simply wonderful. But these past two weeks have been so good. And For the first time in a very long time I have been happy alot. I didn't use to be a happy person. But now that I've found my crush I can't help it. We both make eachother so happy all the time. Its is great! Well I don't have much else to say so later all my taters!!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

   HAPPY!...but still sick
Yes I am very happy today! And yes I am still sick. But I am happy today because I huged my crush for a very long time today. Three times to be exact.^^ Its was awesome! And it made me and him both very happy to get to hug the other for so long.^^so it was very cool to both of us.

Now then I am still sick. I threw up the morning but I still went to school and made it the whole day too. So I was proud of that. I haven't gotten to eat much today since I might throw it back up, and everytime I do eat I feel horrible. But maybe I'll feel like normal by tomorrow. Rightnow I feel fine. But that might change soon I don't know.

So how is everyone doing today? Good I hope. I don't really have anything else to write about so I'll let you all go. Later taters!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hi there all my taters! Soo, yesterday my crush got to come to my youth groups movie night. We had alot of fun. He walked me all the way to my car and then he huged me. But it was a different type of hug. It's kinda of hard to explain. But trust me it was awesome. We both had a really good time all in all. OH! Last night and the night before I stayed up until 12 in the morning talking to him on messenger. And I've never done that before. We talked about alot of things. And we both found out something about the other. Wehn we hug it puts us both a peace, like nothing could go worng. And like everything will be alright even if everything is going horrible. And there I though I was the only one who felt that way. But nope he feels the same way. Its really cool!
And for those of you that asked if he was a Christian I have a answer for you! Yes he is. He has been raised just like me in a sourthern Babtist home. So thats really good.
So how is everyone doing? I accutally had to come home from church because I threw up. And my mom wouldn't take me back so now I'm stuck at home. But my mom had the same thing that I havew right now so I should feel better by tomorrow. I haven't thrown up in about an hour, so I might be getting better I don't know though. Well I'll talk to ayll later. Good bye and I hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

   yet again...
Yep yet again I have had a simply great day!^^ This has possibly been the best week of my semister.^^ I love it too!

So today my crush gave me a reply letter to the one I wrote to him. And in it it said something like this "I love to hug you. I can't really explain it, but it gives me a warm feeling, even just thinking about it. And when I hug you, this "warm feeling" usually stays with me for about an hour. Yep! It makes me happy!^_^" I was so happy! I couldn't really believe what i was reading! it was so awesome! And oh remember when I told yall about going to see 300? Well I still don't know if we'll get to go but he is sapose to come with me to a youth movie night! So either way I'm going to be soo very happy tomorrow.^^ And oh! This afternoon he went home with a friend of his and he was sappose to meet him down at the JROTC room but he came down to where I was just to talk to me!^^ And then his friend came and found him and was like "What are you doing? My mom is waiting on you!" and he said "I came down here to talk to 3:16"(I replaced my name) And then my ride came and his friend was still there and we didn't want him to be right there so we were like "bye..." and his friend didn't get the hint so we just huged and it was a really big hug, and then I had to leave. I was so happy too!^^

Ok so how is everyone? Good I hope. I've been doing great all week! So yeah no need to ask me.^^ Anyone doing anything cool this weekend? I am so yep there is my answer. ok well I'm going to go and I'll talk to yall later. Goodbye for now all my taters!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

   Yet another awesomely great day!
Yep I had another great day! I huged my crush whenever we got to my class after lunch. it was so cool. And then at the car riders thing I huged him for a longer time than normal. It was awesome! And also today my crush wrote me something very sweet in a note I got from him. He told me that I was a very, very special person to him!!!!^///^ I felt so loved! It was great!^^

So how are youall doing today?Good I hope. As you can tell I'm doing great!! OH! If my crushes friend doesn't get to spend the night with him tomorrow he said he was probally going to invite me to go see 300 with him. He and I both really want to go see it so I really hope we get to go! Well I don't really have anything else to talk about so later all my taters!!!!!!!!!^^

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I had another awesome day today!^^My crush walked me back to class after lunch like normal and he also huged me again.^^ I was so happy. I wal;ked into class smileing from ear to ear. It was awesome. And then at the end of the day where I usually wait for my ride home he usually walks with my best friend down to where I satnd because they both have band fourth period. Well my friend is staying with her grandparents for the rest of the wekkk, so I didn't think my crush would walk down to where I was but...HE DID!!^^ And I huged him just as I was leaving to get in my ride. I was so happy! And I'm still happy!^^ heehee.^//^

So how is everyone doing on this fine day? Good I hope. As you can probally tell I'm doing quite good. OH! I have youth tonight and I invited my crush to come and he said that he would try his best to get his mom to take him. So he might get to come! YAY! Well if your bored then just pm me I'll be here for a while. ok later all my taters!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today was so awesome! Well to begin with it wasn't so great. I will explain my day to you all that care to read this.

Today my crush went to eat at this pizza place but I didn't get to go seeing as how I'm not a sophmore. So I was kinda sad that I wouldn't get to eat lunch with him tioday. Well before he left to go eat I passed him in the hall and I gave the note to him. And well by the end of the day when I finally saw him again he huged me for a long time. And I gladly huged him back. I was so happy!^^ I could have stayed in his arms for the rest of the day. But I had to go to my class room to make up some missed work from the flu and he had to go to the busses. So he and I walked all the way down there together. It was awesome!

So how was everytones days? Good I hope. OH! My algebra grade should go up seeing as how I made up that work! So all is good in math land once again!lol Well I'm kinda bore so if anyone wants to talk then just PM me I'll be here. Farewell...

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