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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Attention! Long post ahead!

Hey there Otaku Nation! How is everyone today? Good I hope!! Iím doing simply wonderful! I finally know all of my grades so far in my classes. So far I have an A in pottery1, A in English2, A in Civics and, a B in Biology. Yay for me! Iím very happy with my grades so far. Hopefully they will stay good like this throughout the whole semester. Have any of you gotten you ďinterm reportsĒ as they are called where I live? Are you doing well in your classes? Itís cool if you donít want tom tell me. Itís up to you.

Anyways, I have something Iíd like to share with you all. Last week my English teacher asked us all to take part in a mock writing test, seeing as how to 10th grade writing test is next week, and heíd like for us all to do well. So we had to write a definition essay on ďloveĒ. He told us that only one person in the class made a 100 an, A+. I honestly thought that it wouldnít be me but, it was! I let my mom and dad read my essay and, they really seem to like it, along with my teacher, obviously. So Iíd like for you all to read it. Itís a little lengthy but, according to my teacher, and parents itís worth it. So if youíd be kind enough to read it, here it is, also if youíd rather not read it then, just skip on down below my essay.

Love is a very complex word. It can mean many different things to many different people. Generally we think of love as being able to sacrifice everything we have for someone. I think love is when you are willing to do anything and, everything for one specific person. Examples of love can be found in great works of literature. For instance in the Bible, and Romeo and Juliet.
Low can be when you are willing to give up your family and everything else that matters to you for the one you love. This can sometimes lead to death, like in Romeo and Juliet. They were both willing to refuse their fatherís names in order to be with one another, despite what others thought. This shows love in one of its purest forms. In the end Romeo and Juliet both committed suicide, because they could not bare the thought of living one second with out the other the other. Wanting to be with someone without caring what others think is what lets us know that this is love.
Love can also mean self sacrifice. One example of this is Jesus Christ. Jesus willingly gave his life so that all of mankind could one day die and, not have to spend and eternity in the pits of Hell but, give their life to God and live forever in Heaven. Jesus took all of mans past, present and future sins and, suffered a horrible beating, pain and emotional anguish just for us. This shows that he truly loves us no matter what we do. He will always be there for us and, love us. This in my opinion is the best example of love.
Love means that you are willing to do anything and, everything for one person. Love to most people means that you want to give up everything that you have in order to make someone happy. Like getting your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife something as simply as a card, for no real reason. Just to show them that you care for and, love them. That you would gladly do anything for them. Love is what makes us all feel wanted and needed. If we could not show love, then life as we know it would be boring.

So what did you all think? Be honest. Please try not to be too harsh but, do be truthful. Anyways, I have some new art up! Which can be found here! I tried coloring again as, you can tell if you check out my work. I think I only have two recent pics up. Oh well. Please if you have time go and check out my work and, comment! Oh yeah. Today, Tito got sick. I donít know whatís wrong with him though. He said that he felt like he was going to throw up and, honestly he looked bad. Usually I canít tell how bad someone feels but, seeing as how Tito and I are almost the same skin tone and, I know how I look when I feel really bad, I picked it up right away. So please pray for Tito that, heíll get well soon. Well, I donít really have anything else to talk about. Thank you to those of you that was kind enough to read my essay and, check out my art! Hope you all have an amazing day! God bless!

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