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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bueno everyone! How have you all been since I last posted? Good I hope! I've been wonderful for those of you, that would like to know.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day. I certanally did. tito got my a flower, a card that sings "The Bamba"[I think that's the name of the song], and a monkey the whistles.[lol] It made me feel kool to get something for Valentines Day from someone other than my parents. Oh, this year was my very First Valentines Day, where I acutally had a Valentine. Kool no? hahahaha! I thought it was pretty kool. My mom and day got me a "Dove" chocolate rose! I personally think Dove chocolate is some of the best out there but, that's just me. I made my parents a card, they said they loved it, which made me feel good. I also made Tito a card and, gave him a dove chocolate heart. he was very happy. He also attacked me with a hug after I gave it to him. It made me laugh. XD

Well, do any of you have any plans for this three day weekend? I do! I'm going to the mall on Sunday and going to watch "Jumper", with a bunch of my friends. Then afterwards, I'm going to go buy a new jacket and maybe a shirt and then, were going to this Japanese place to pig out. MmMmmMmmmMmmMmmmM...Japanese food. So good! hahahaha! After we eat I'm going to spend the night with my best friend. To us this is a big deal. In our 5-6 years of being friends, we'ev never slept at the others house. Granted we'ev slept over at our church with all the other youth members but, it's not quite the same. While I'm at her house were going to watch "The Covenant"! She says that the main character would be the perfect guy to play Edward for the Twilight movie! So I can hardly wait!! Any of you seen "The Covenant" or, a Twilight fan? I'm fo sho a Twilight fan and, I can't wait for the next book, or for the movie!!XD

Well, I'm pretty much done. I have some new art up which can be found here. Also I'd like for you all to pray for my mom. She was laidoff from her job on Friday and, she has always worked in a mill. So she doesn't know what she's going to do, since all of the mills where I live are either going over seas or, to Mexico. So, please pray for my family. Well, I hope you all have an amazing long weekend!! God bless!

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