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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Well I knew it would happen. A very sad day is appon us my friends. Today is The Last Day Of Summer. Yep, it doesn't even feel like it for me. Even though I'll be going to bed early tonight and, getting up early in the morning and going to eat breakfast and, having my mom drive me to school, it still doesn't feel like it yet. To me it doesn't even feel like I've been out of school since June. It feels like I've been out of school for maybe a month and a half at the most. Does any one else feel like this?

I have some really good news for those of you that care to listen to it. My boyfriend got his license the other day! After almost five months his step-dad finially took him to go and get it! It's so kool too! He got to come over on Saturday and, we hung out and watched tv and, it was so awesome! He also came to church today! We got out early so he came over to my house again and we hung out and watched the ending of some random movie on tv but, then sadly he had to leave and go to a family reunion.[more good news] I will get to see him everyday this week! Also, it's quite possible that we will have lunch together! I'll get to find out tomorrow since it will be the first day of school. Sadly though his parents will not let him take me to school. But, the girl that took me last year said that she will take me for a cuple of weeks as long as my parents will bring me to her house. So that means that I'll have to get up really ealry and leave my house at six in the morning but, that's ok with me as long as I don't have to ride the bus. So hopefully within those two weeks I will be able to find a ride to school. My boyfriend is suppose to find out where one of his friends live and, depending on where he lives he's going to see if the guyt can take me to school.

I should eventually have some new art up. I gave my boyfriend my most recent pics so that way he can scan them. I've gotten tired of having to take the pictures with my camera and, not being able to see the detail I try to put into my art. So hopefully he will scan my art soon and then he'll send the scaned pic to me in an e-mail. Then you all can see how much I've improved in my art work! I'm so excited! So eventually I will have no art up for all of you to see! Well i don;t really have anything else left to talk about so I guess I'll be on my way. I hope you all have a great day!

[EDIT] My site is having some issues. The links are not working. I will fix them whenever I have time. Sorry for the incovenience.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hello all my lovely otaku friends! How are you all doing on this lovely day? Good I hope. I'm doing quite well. Especailly now that I FINIALLY, got my hair cut like it was suppose to be. Now my hair looks awesome...and, I rarely say such nice things about myself...so you know it's got to look good.[lol] I took a picture of myself after I got home from getting my hair cut and sent it to my boyfriend[since he wont see me until tomorrow], and he said that my hair looked really kool! So that made me feel really good about myself.

So enough about my hair and, on to other topics. Like the lady that cut my hair![insert evil laughter here] After the lady finished cutting and highlighting my hair and, styleing it she decided to say this, "dang girl you look sexy!". I kinda freaked out whenever she said that, it's not that she is another girl telling me this[she is 40something so I don't care], it's just that no one has ever had the nerve to say those words to me. To me saying that is almost demeaning to a girl but, that might just be me...I dunno.

On to more fun times with the haircutting lady!!! She went "soooooooo j3:16[leaving out my real name], what grade will you be in this year?...the 8th?" I was like "WHAT!?", "NO!!!".....*dies*. And then she was like "Oh...I'm so sorry. But at least whenever your in your 30d's you'll look like you in your teens." After the whole thinking that I'm in the 8th grade thing, she couldn't fix it with any sort of sweet words. I mean serioulsy I don't look 13 people. I look my age! It could be because I'm so skinny and not that tall that she though I was an 8th grade kid...I dunno...it just kinda buged me is all. Oh well. It made me laugh afterwards.

Also today I have decided to send in the Kakashi picture I told you all about the other day. So please if you have any free time go and check it out and, leave a comment. oh! Tomorrow I have youth! After not having it for a week I feel like I've been away from all my friends forever!!! So It's going to be great to get to see them all again! Well I really don't have anything else to talk about so I guess I'll be on my way. I hope you all have a great day!!

[EDIT] What do you all think of my theme?

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Monday, August 20, 2007


Hello all. How are you all doing today? Good I hope. I'm doing ok I guess. The only thing that's wrong is that it's the last wek of summer vacation, and I still don't have a ride to school. The girl that took me last year is for some reason saying now that I live to far away from her and that she doesn't want to do it because of that. I mean at most she lives like 10mins away from me and, we pay her good money to come and get me and, she doesn't go straight to my house like you think she would. Oh no, she goes to this stoire close to my house and sits dowen there talking to peoplez shge knows and, then decideds to come and get me at 7:20! And I live 15mins away from school!! And yes I am one of those people who can't stand to be late and, if I am I start to freak out and, almost run to my classes thinking that I'm super late when in reality I am not. So as of right now I have no ride to school for my sophmore year. My boyfriend says that he would take me but, the only problem with that is that his parents wont let him get his license for some reason so, for right now I'm stuck.

Sorry about all that up there but, it just really bugs me is all. And I needed to complain a little. OH! Just in case some of you are asking yourselves "why can't she just ride the bus?". The answer is quite simple, the bus is like Hell on wheels[no I did not just cuss]. It's simply horrible to ride one of my schools busses...especially with a bunch of middle school kids who think they are God himself[no offense to you nice middle school kids] but, serioulsy...they get on my nerves. Also the last year I rode the bus a girl got raped. Yeah I know it seems like it couldn't happen on a school bus right? Well my bus driver didn't believe us kids that were telling her what just happened and, she didn't care either. So I swore off riding the bus after that. So will yall please pray for me that I am able to find a ride to school before school accutally starts back? Thank you.

On to some better happier news! My boyfriend is coming home from his dads today! I'm soooo excited! I've missed him alot! So later on this evening I'll get to talk to him! I can hardly wait! Also! I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow! It needs it badly...it's staring to get longer and, when that happens it tends to stick out in random places...and it looks bad also, I'm getting red highlights put into my hair! So I'm also excited about that! OH! One more thing! I drew a picture of Kakashi and, I was wanting to know how many of you would accutally go and look at it and comment if I posted it on here? Well I hope you all have a great and wonderful day! Later all my friends!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


[time of post: 12:44am]

I have got to stop staying up so late!!! rawr! Oh well, I still have another week to get back to going to bed at 10. So I got to talk to my boyfriend he forgave me, so I'm very happy. A super awesome friend of mine really helped me to see that I was making something out of nothing. I've told you about her before, here's a link to her site. She really helped me out alot and, so did all of your prayers. God is simply awesome you know? He ROCKS!

So how is everyone doing today? Good I hope, I'm doing quite well. Right at this moment it's really hot where I am, but that's because I am in a small room in my house where the cpu is at...and I have to keep the door shut. But that's ok, I really don't mind it som much I'f I'm doing something to keep me occupied.

The other day I sent in a manga strip, please if you have the time go and check it out. I didn't try on it at all[as you'll be able to tell] and, to add to the not so good-ness of the strip I was really bored. So yeah please go and check it out if you have time.

The other day I got the new Barlow Girl cd. It's called "How Can We Be Silent". It's such an awesome cd! If you haven't ever heard any of thier previous stuff then you have got to check out their newest cd. It blows the other albums away!It amazes me how three sisters can reach so many young Christians out there with just a few songs. It rocks! Well I don't really have anything else to talk about so I guess I'm off to bed. Later all my friends!

[PS] What do you guys think of my theme?

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Friday, August 17, 2007

This will be a very short post today. I would like you all to pray for me and my boyfriend. We have been going through a rough spot in our relationship lately and, sadly it has not ended yet. So please pray for us. I have been praying that our relationship will get stronger and all these problems will go away but, so far it has been an unanswered prayer but, that's ok because I know God has a reason for that. So I hope you all have a great day and I'll talk to you all later!!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hello everyone! How has everybody been on this lovely day? Good I hope. I've been pretty good. I sent in two new pieces of artwork today so, please go and check them out and tell me what you think. also, I have a question for those of you that have ever tried to send it a manga strip!: What size should the image be? If anyone knows then please PM me and let me know.

Thank you to all of those that went to my boyfriends site the other day and, signed his gb and added him to thier friends list! Thank you very much. I can't really say when he might sign your gb's back and add you but, I know he will so don't give up on him ok?

OH! I have started to read a new manga series! It's called Thousand Years of Snow. It's really good! I've been reading it online and what-not...and it's really kept me interested. If anyone is looking for a new manga you might want to check that out...idk. Well I'm going to do something that I don't do normally...I'm going to reply to comments! WOOOOO! So...yeah...

furubaFANN-[lol] Thank you very much for signing his gb and what-not. To see is he's good for your little j3:16 huh?[lol] Awwwwww....thank you^^ And yeah I'm kinda upset at my youth leaders for not telling us why we couldn't go but, oh well.Yeah...we sophmore are awesome.^^

Aquamarine Angel- Yeah it is really kool for me. I don't feel like I'm all by myself here on TheO anymore. And don't worry you'll find someone some day!

InsaneAndroid- Three times huh? Wooow...thank you! Yes I'm very excited. John...dude...don't call me john. It makes me feel like a man and, I'm a GIRL![lol] Just call me j3:16...that works alot better I think.

just.me- Long time no see my friend! How have you been lately? Good i hope! Thank you for checking out his site! Yeah it's really kool having someone that you know in real life on here. You take care too!

chikara51- It's ok that we didn't get to go camping. There will be other trips to take whenever winter comes around so, it's ok.^^

Jesus Freak- Yeah it is really kool that he has a site on here! Thank you for adding him and what-not!

randomized05- AWESOME! Thank you very much my friend! It's ok that we didn't get to go.^^ Yep a sophmore! In the 8th grade huh? Koolest. I enjoyed my 8th grade year...I had alot of fun.

I dunno if I'll always reply to coimments or not...but I really wanted to today for some reason. Well I hope you all have a wonderful day! And I'll see yall around! BYE!!!!

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Monday, August 13, 2007


Hello all of my wonderful friends! How are you all doing today? Good I hope. I'm doing quite well. I have some awesome news for those of you that care enough to want to hear it! My boyfirend has made and account here on TheO!!!!! His user name is, apersonsname. I'm sooooo excited, because I finially have someone on this site that I accutally know in real life! It's so kool! But please go and make him feel welcomed like you all have made me feel. He made his first post today...to me it's like the koolest thing ever but, maybe not to any of you but that's ok.^^

Do any of you remember in my last post that I had mentioned that my youth group was suppose to go camping this week? Well were not going to get to because my youth leaders are going to the mountains. The bad thing about that is though is that we wont be having youth this week...so I wont get to see any of my friends! Also I'm a little bit upset at my youth leaders for not telling us the reason why were couldn't go camping...I mean we would have all totally understood that they wanted to get away from it all for a fews days and, have time to relax...but...oh well. I'll get over it all soon.^^ So all is well in my little world.

I go back to school soon! I'll be a sophmore! WOOO! I'll get to see al of my friends from school and, I'll hopefully have some classes with some of them. But If I don't that's quite alright because I can always make new friends.^^ Well I really don't have anything else to talk about so I guess I'll be on my way. Please go and make my boyfriend feel welcomed here! Have a great day all my friends!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I have awesome news my fellow Otaku friends! I got my permit today!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! I could have gotten it months ago but, I didn't really see the need to until now. So now I just have to re-teach myself how to drive...and learn how to drive a stick-shift and, I'll be set to drive with an adult in the car!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Go me!!!!

Well I spent a little bit of time last night and, a few hours today making my friends site! She wanted and Emo love theme...so it took FOREVER to find a good enough bg, and I had to pretty much make the icon myself...but it was totally worth it! I got to do what I love to do...so yay me! So please go and check out her new site. She isn't really a new member, she had forgotten her old sites password...so she asked me to make her a new one...and there you have it!! I had alot of fun!OH! This goes out to my most awesome-est friend ever!! I <3 YA PAYTON!!!

Well...nothing has really happened since I last posted.,...my youth group is going camping pretty much all next week...so I wont be on. And that's about it. I hope you all have a great day! Later all my friends!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


time of post: 11:11pm

Hey there all of my otaku friends! How are you all doing on this fine evening? Good I hope. I know I don't usually type the time of my post...but today I wanted to, just for fun.^^ Sry that this is such a late post, but I really didn't have anything to post about until about now, plus I'm tired...and I want to be weird I guess.^^

Sooooo...today I didn't really do much of anything. I talked to my boyfriend, that was alot of fun! I went to youth like I usually do, I got to see my boyfriend! I was really happy about that! But then again I'm always happy to see my boyfriend. He's the best! Sadly though he will be going to his dads tomorrow...which really, really stinks. But I guess I'll just have to deal with it.Oh! All of myO friends that pray and even yall that don't, will yall please pray from my mom. She's been trying to find a new job for months now, but nothing has turned up and now her boss peoplez are saying that they are going to move her department...which is not good. So please pray for my mom.

Well I don't have anything else to talk about, so I guess I'll be off now. I hope you all have a great day![evening] Later all my friends!

PS: I made some slight changes to my site. Can any of you tell me what's different? I'll give you a cookie if you get it right!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well I finially have a new theme!! It's Ulquiorra from Bleach!! WOOOOOO!!!!! I realy like this theme so I'll probally keep this one for a while. Please tell me if you like it or not. It took me about a day to do everything you see so, yay for me!!

Today I get to hang out with my boyfriend!! I'm soooooo excited, I can hardly wait until I get to see him! Were going over to my ants house and we'll get to hang out and stuff, it'll be alot of fun! And I have learned that I can't stop eating Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, and drinking Mt.Dew. They taste sooooooo good!!!

OH! The yard sale went well! We accutally got sleep! I was so happy too! I got to spend all day with mty boyfriend! I have no idea how much money we made, but we sold just about everything. So yay! Well I don't have anything else to post about, so I hope you all have a great day! Later all my friends!

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