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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One word will sum up my feelings. That one word is amazed. I have been exploring the new version of Otaku and, I must say I sort of like it. I've kind of figured out how to do stuff but, I still don't undertsnad everything just yet. I still can't figure outn what a "World" is. I will eventually though!! Also, I found out that I have to resize any art work that I want to submit in the future but, that's ok with me. Speaking of my art work, i have sent some in. All the links on my site should still lead to the same place so, just click there. I honestly feel like being lazy and, I'm not going to provide a link inside my post like I nromally do.

So how has everyone been doing? Good I hope! Besides foiding out how different the new look of TheO is, anything exciting happened lately? I have some mews! I took the writing test. The prompt was lame, it was "What are some effects of technology on everyday life". I basicially talked about the pros and cons. I think I might have done ok but, I wont find out until the end of May. So yay for wating!! oh! Tito started the driving portion of drivers-ed today!! hahaha! I was all like "Oh my...now the side walks are no longer safe! What ever shall I do!!?". But he should do fine, I think he told me he has driven some in the past so, he should do fine.

Well, I have one last thing to mention then, I'll be on my way...I will eventually re-do my layout. I'll start on it whenver I have alot of free time on my hands and, once I have completly figured out Version Vibrant. So I hope you all have an amazing day and, God bless!!

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