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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hola Otaku Nation!! Guess what? ...

New Theme!!!

Yep...I finially have a new theme. I didn't do like I said I'd do though. I stuck with bleach but, It's Grimmjow! I can't seem to get enough of this guy! He's so aweosme! hahahahaha! So yeah...what do you guys think of my new theme? I really like it. I started gettinf all of the images last night and, I did all of the coding today. I stayed up until like 12 something in the a.m. trying to find good enough images. And it paid off. I'm happy with the outcome. I'll probally be keeping this theme for quite some time. I really like it. XD

Anyways, how have you all been letely? Good I hope! I've been doing just fine! Drawing quite a bit...it's been great! I love having alot of time off from school. The bad thing is, whenever I start back the new semister starts. I'll have biology, civics, aand english2 one right after the other along with, computer programming1. Ugh....my back is already starting to hurt. Three of my classes requires you to keep a book, throughout the whole semister so, I'll be carrying around three very thick and, very heavy books. Oh well.

I have some new art up! Only like three drawings though. One I just messed around with for fun...you'll probally be abel to tell if, you look at my gallery. If you do then, please be nice and comment me works. I think I have figured out why I draw some much every day. Well, there are a cuple of reasons. One I want to improve so, I draw alot to get practice and, two, I'm addicted to drawing. I dunno if that's a good thing or not. Who knows? What's you guys opinion?

Well, I'm done typing this post. thank you to those ofyou that read the whole thing. It means bunches to meh! I hope you all have a wonderful day!! God bless!!

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