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Friday, February 1, 2008

Hola Otaku Nation!!!! Como estas!? I hope muy bein!! Yup, I'm in a really good mood. Yay for meh! hahahaha! Then again I'm almost always in a good mood. Oh well. Today is special. Wanna know why? Cause I'ma goin to the movies with my kool new friend Tito tomorrow! It made my day to be invited to the movies with a friend! Woo! Were gonna go see "Meet The Spartans" a movie I've been wanting to see for a while now, so I'm gonna have lots of fun! hahahaha! Do any of my Otaku buddies have any planes for the weekend? Maybe? If you don't that's kool. Oh well. XD

Oh! I have a video for you all to watch! It's a vidoe of two of my best guys friends!! Tito and, Jason! Jason is the guy in the flanel and, Tito is the one in the red jacket! They made a Pepsi song! Woot! Anyways, it's a pretty kool video. There is some guy that I don't know who decides to give the world the rod so, please ignore that. I didn't make the video so, I had no control over it. I hope you all like it!!

We got a call from the cpu place! It was our hard-drive just like I though so, they are replacing it. Luyckly it's only going to cost $200. Which really isn't that bad. Were getting Norton anti-virus for free and, possibly some other stuff. So it's a pretty good price. I'll just be glad to have my cpu back. I'll also get to send art again! Yay! oh! Speaking of art! I had the honor to make a T-shirt design for this type of cam called "Friendship Camp". The design I made was for the one in Romania. So!!!! Heopfully the head peoplez will like it and, my art will be on a T-shirt! If they do like it then, I'll get a shirt and, take pixs of it!! Woot!! hahahaahaha! I'm so excited!!

Well, I don't really have anything else to tlak about. So I hope you all have a wonderful day and, please pray for me and me friend Tito that, we have a safe and fun time tomorrow!! God bless!!

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