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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is a very sad day for me. Today my boyfriend left with his family to go to the beach for a week. This will be the longest time I have ever spent away from him, and it's tearing me apart. You all might not want to sit there and read about how much I miss him, but I need to say all of this, so be ready for it.

Today, tomorrow, and all next week is going to suck, and I rarely use that word. But I'm right it's going to. I'll eventually stop crying so much, and I'll be abel to talk to him a few times sure, but it wont be easy for me to try to be happy. A few of you are probally thinking that "oh sure like she really misses him so much that she can't be happy.", but it's true. I can't be truly "happy" with out him. The only other person that I can talk to like I do him is God. So that's what I'll be doing. But for me it wont be the same.

I wont get to feel his arms around me, I wont get to see his beautiful face, I wont get to see him at all. I can harldy take it. It hurts alot. The only good thing that will come out of this is when I get to see him again. I plan to tackel him, and not let go until were forced to go our sperate ways home. That will be the only good thing about this whole ordeal.

So please all of you that are reading this, please pray for my boyfriend and his family that they have a safe trip there, and back, and please pray for me. Thank you to all of those who read my whole post. I'll see yall later.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So today I didn't really do much. I called my boyfriend and talked to him for about three hours, which was alot of fun. I went to town with my mom and we messed around, and that's about it.

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to go to the mall. I have no idea what we'll do while were there, but w/e we decide to do I know I'll have a blast, because I'll be with him, and I always have a good time when I'm with my boyfriend.

Monday I got to meet my boyfriend's dad and stepmom, and his little half brother. They all seem very nice. His stepmom bought me a very nice/expensive necklace. I'm not sure why she did something like that for me, but I'm very greatful. It was good to meet the rest of my boyfriends family. They all seem to like me which is a very good thing. And I like them all back.

Oh, before I go I want yall to see this funny video that my friends made. It's a vid of my friend Cruz taking shots of cookies.^^ It's really funny. here it is:

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Well I don't have anything else to say, so later!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

   [Long time no see]----------------------------------------------
Hello all! I haven't been here in a while huh? Sorry about that. I've just been caught up in DA looking around and what not, but I'm here now so I thought that I'd post.

Now to tell you all about my trip to D.C.We got there at 8:00 that morning.The youth group got all of our lugage on the bus and we weren't but maybe 20mins out of town when our bus broke down. So we parked at a gas station nearby and waited for a man from our church to come and fix the bus. And we waited, and waited, and waited until he finially showed up. So he fixed the bus and we were off again to D.C.

Well we finially made it to Washington after a very long bus ride. We probally got there at about 6:00pm. We founf the church at about 6:10 or somewhere around in there. We didn't know that there was a gay and lesbian parade going on so most of the roads that we needed to use to reach the church were closed. And some of you know how younger sourthern kids are a few of the youth members made some rude remarks about the parade. I myslelf do not agree with gays or lesbians, but I didn't say anything about it because that's their choice not mine. I can only tell them about the Lord and hope and pray for them. But anyways back to the story! We finially reached the church parkinglot at about 7:30! Yep that's right we rode around in the blazeing hot air for an hour!

Once we finially got inside one of our members got really sick. She was simply miserable. And there wasn't any airconditioning on the floor we were staying on so that made things worse for everyone. We finially got her to go to sleep at about 11:54, and then I went to sleep a few mins afterwards. Well early that morning her little brother got sick, so our youth leaders mnade the decision that we should leave D.C. So we did at about 4:30 that morning we were all up and leaveiung Washington D.C. My poor boyfriend probally only got 30mins of sleep because he was so worried about our friend that was sick. I felt so bad for him. But we all slept almost the whole ride back home so we were all ok. We probally arived at our home church a little after church had ended and we all went home.

The next day though we were all up and left for a three day camping trip! And luckjly my boyfriend got to go! We all had alot of fun too! I learned alot about my fellow youth members and I also learned alot about my boyfriend and, about myslef. It was really kool! I would love to do it all again!

So that's my D.C. trip in a nut shell. I learned alot about many different things while I was gone. It was a good experience for me, and it was for the rest of the youht group as well. Oh yeah! Tell me what yall think of my site. I decided to go back to the basics. but I really like the colors. Be sure to tell me if you like it or not. I hope you all have a great day and I'll see yall later!!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hello all! How have you all been? Hopefully you've been good. If you haven't then I'm sorry to hear that.

Alot has happened since I last posted on here. My only living grandparent died last Monday. She was 76. I have been depressed lately, but I'm slowly starting to get back to normal. With the help of my friends, boyfriend and my family I have been alot happier lately.^^

About a week ago a few of my boyfriends friends made some really stupid videos.My boyfirend and made one video where my boyfriend kicked the guy in the face and then the guy actually steped on my boyfriernds toe and it was so funny.^^ Alothough you'd have to see it to know what I'm talking about.^^

I only have one exam left,and then I'm done being a freshamn! WOOOOOOO!!!yay me!!!! OH!!! I passed my algebra exam!!!!!! I actually thought that I had failed it, but my mom called my school to find out my grade and I passed!!!!!!!!!*throws party*

Well, I leave for D.C. on Saturday at 8 in the morning!!!! YAY!!!!!! ROAD TRIP!!!!!^^ It's going to be so much fun! I can harldy wait!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm almost out of stuff to talk about, so I'm going to go now. Later all my friends!!!!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello there my friends! How are you all doing on this lovely Saturday? Good I hope. I've been doing great! Thursday the 24th was my boyfriend and I's 2month anniversary! Its was kool. We went out after school and ate pizza, it was great! I love him so much!

He has learned that I am tickle-ish and he'll randomly attack me where I'm tickle-ish, and it's awesome! It makes me laugh alot, and in turn my laughter makes him laugh. We are doing great for those of you who are wondering. We might get to go see the new Pirates movie on Monday since we don't have school. It'll depend on his dad though, so all is well.

School is almost over. I just have to go this week and then the next and I will no longer be a freshman! I'll be a sophmore!! WOOOOO! That also means that my boyfriend will be a junior!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I have testing this week and into the next, so wish me luck with that please.I shoul;d do ok.^^

My boyfriend gets to go with our youth group to Washington DC!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It's going to lots of fun! Were going for 6 days! YAY TRIP!!lol It should prove to be quite rewarding too, because were going for a missions trip up there! YAY MISSIONS TRIP!!!!!!lol

I have some new art up forthose of you who don't know. I had to take the pictures with my digital camera so the quality isn't that good, but go and take a look please.^^

Well I have to go! I'll see yall later!!!!!! BYE!!!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

today makes 7weeks that my boyfriend and I have been dating! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooo,....sorry that I didn't post for a long time again. I just don't ever feel like posting much anymore.^^ I'll probally post more this summer. But I have exams coming up really soon so I wont be abel to post then. I'll be off craming like crazy.^^" OH! How do you all like me new theme? I wne twith hearts and stripes, and music all at the same time! And check out my icon! It's so true for me!

So how has everybody been? Good I hope. I've been pretty good. My boyfriend and I are doing great. He is so awesome and sweet.^////^

Tomorrow is my schoolsspring fling. I've never been to one so it should turn out interesting. But I get to spend three hours with my boyfriend at school so I'll have alot of fun.^^

OH! In June my youth group is going to washington DC!! It's going to rock! Were going on a missions trip! We'll be gone for 6 days and three we'll have as free days to do whatever basically. My boyfriend is coming so that'll be even more fun.

Lately I've been replaying KHII and I didn't realize how much fun it was to reply it. OH! I saw the box for KHIII-The Kyebalde Wars!! It was for PS3!!!! But my boyfriend says that the will probally make a copy for PS2! So I can harldy wait for it to come out!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!

Well I've talked enough so later all my taters!!!!!1 Have a great day!

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

WOW! I haven't updated since the day before my birthday! lol Sorry about that. I just haven't felt like posting. Oh well, I'm here now.^^

Quite a few things have happened since I last posted. I had a great birthday. My boyfriend gave me some awesome lavender colored socksl, and he also gave me some money.^^ I am a big fan of knee socks so getting purple ones from him was awesome! I also got a camera from my parents. So, I had a great birthday!

My boyfriend and I are going strong. Just yesterday we went to the mall and saw Spider Man3! It was awesome! So that was alot of fun. And the day before that we went to a school play together, the play was great! It made us laugh alot. So everything is going simply wonderful with us. He came to church with me today and that was wonderful. A few people asked me if he was my boyfriend. And when I said yes, they were sort of shocked. I guess they didn't think I would ever have a boyfriend. Oh well.^^ So all in all my life is going great! And it's all thanks to our Lord and Savior. God is so awesome! He truly answers prayers!

Also I have art up again! So please do me a favor and check it out and comment. My scanner is haveing problems so the pics are taken with my camera, but they still look prety good.^^ So that's all I have to say. Hopefully I'll post again for to long. I don't have but maybe 2 or 3 weeks left of school. But I also have testing for one of those weeks. So that wont be any fun for me. Well that's all I have to say from now. Goodbye all of my freinds!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

   hello all!
Long time no see my friends! It's been a little while since I last posted huh? Sorry about that but, I just haven't felt like posting for some reason.^^ oh well.^^

Sooo, lets see here the last thing I posted on was about the lock-in right? Well I had a blast! The whole entire youth group was there along with two guests of some youth members! And now my boyfriend is an offical youth member! so, yay!! And we also gained a new youth member in all of this! She seems pretty cool.^^But I didn't get to sleep until about 2:30 in the morning. But I sorta of went to sleep before that. I was sitting on one of the couches that was in the fellowship hall with my boyfriend and, he had sat his head down on my shoulder and almost went to sleep and so did I.^^ It was cool. So then I got up and found a open couch and went to sleep. And then half of the youth group didn't sleep at all but, the half that did woke up before me and my boyfriend was in the group that woke up before me and, he said that he wanted to take a picture of me while I was sleeping because I looked so cute! But he didn't.^^

Sooooooo! Tomorrow is my birthday! wooooooooo!!!! YAY ME!! My parents are getting me a digital camera!! woooooo! So I'll have alot of fun with that! And I don't eve know what my boyfriend has gotten me. He ahsn't told me yet so, I'll be surprised.^^

I don't have anything else to talk about so I'll be going now! I hope you all have a great day! Fare the well!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

   Good day!^^
Hello all! Have have you all been since I last posted? Good I hope. I've been great. Infact I've been better then great!^^

My boyfriend and I are doing simply wonderful. And here lately more and more peole tell us that we are either cute together or we are good for one another. And it always makes me feel good. Well was really awesome for me and him. See usually after school he comes down to the car pick up line and kisses me goodbye and then he goes to get on his bus but, today he didn;t do that. And my youth leader came to get me today so she was there earlier then my mom usually is so I had to go and get into the car. Well I told her that I hadn't seen him yet and that I was worried so, she let me out and I walked all the way down to the band room looking for him. While I was out looking for him he had already made his way out to where I usually stand and he was looking for me. So while I was walking back to my youth leaders car he saw me and I saw him finially. So he ran all the way to me and kind of stoped and then he huged me and I huged him and, we sort of spun around a little bit. Kind of like the movies. And then we kissed of course. it was really cool.

So tomorrow will be a great day!^^ Yall want to know why? It is because my youth group is having a lockin!! It is going to be so cool! I'm pretty sure that the whole youth group will be there!! And also tomorrow at the lockin is when my boyfriend will become an offical member and he will get to paint his name on one of the cement blocks on our wall. I think he said he was going to put his underneath mine because the space beside of mine is already taken. So that is so cool I think. And my boyfriend plays basically every instrument there is in band. So he is going to bring either both his flute and his sax or just one of them. He hasn't decided yet. So everyone will love that. And also tomorrow at the youth locking we are celebrating the April b-days. And my boyfriend and I are the only April b-day people so I feel very special.^^

Well I don't really have anything else to talk about so I will let you all go. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow! goodbye my friends!!!!!

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Simply amazing!!!!!^^ Yep today was simply amazing! I have had such a great day! I got to see my boyfriend and I also got to kiss him...alot.^^ And that was great!And we were both so happy! So today was a great way to start school back aftere spring break!

So how is everyone doing today? Good I hope. But yall know what? Even though we may be doing great I know of quite alot of people who aren't doing good at all. And those people are the students that go to Virginia Tech. V.T. isn't that far from my area so yeah...For those of you who do not know what happened today I will tell you all. A man cam onto the campus at about 7 this morning and shots were fired. And then about two hours later he made his way into it was either a dorm or a classroom I'm not sure which, but people were killed and injured. Atleast 33 were killed or wounded. And I'm also no sure if he commited sucide or the cops might have shot him, either way he no longer alive. I don't think they have identified him or not. But I would like to take this time for a moment of scilence in honor of those who have died today. ......................@---^---A rose for those who have died today in this horrible shooting. Please keep these students and family members in your paryers.

So with that I don't really have anything else to talk about so I will go now. I hope you all have a great day!

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