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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello Otaku nation! How are you all doing today? Good I hope!! I'm doing wonderful!! I just found out something really kool out, like 10 minuets ago! Would you all like to know what it is? well, here it is! It's a little small but, isn't it still just the koolest thing ever!? Well, it is to me!! The picture that I have circled and, an arrow pointing to is one of my very own! It's new infact!! So please, whenever you get dome reading this post, go and comment my art!! Which can be found here!

So doers anyone have any plans for this weekend? I do! Tito and I are going to try to go to the movies this weekend. He wants to go see "Witless Protcetion" with Lary The Cable guy in it. I think Larry is sort of funny so, maybe I'll like the movie. After the move Tito's going to go buy himself some new shoes!! Buying new clothes is always fun!! Yay for that!

Oh yeah1 Last weekend was a blast! I got myself some new clothes and, "jumper" is an awesome movie! Or at least I think so. I also watched the "Covenant" with my best friend. It's really good. I reccomend it! So yeah. That's about all that I have to talk about! Oh yeah!! Can you all believe that Version Viberant will be launched between March 2nd and 3rd!!!!???? I'm so excited!! hahahaha! Well, I hope you all have an amazing day/weekend!

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