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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

   yaaa I really need to get a life
what do ya know. 4 years of being an otaku :C *thumb up*
sad how I really need to post more.

but yes.. nothing really happens in my life as I said e_e
11th grade now c8 and...god report cards tomorrow e_e

*has really just been drawing* recently got more indepth to makeing myself comics c8 i don't know whether to consider it manga. mostly for the fact im not at all, japanese; dont live in japan; and its not in japanese lawl :C

oh well... the word comic works dandy c8 *ramble*

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

wow its been a while xD
yeah...i havent been on this site for a while...my life just isnt exciting enough to write about xD

aside the fact my hands are freezing off, its 2:37AM and im being sneakysneaky cuz its past bedtime, im fine xD

well i submitted new fanarts and changed around the site a bit... lol

nothing really else...maybe ill have something to tell you all tomorrow c:

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

neee -v-
thank you hiei...for careing -v-

and i missed you osoraku ;v; welcome back

neh i couldnt bare to delete my otaku account ;v; ive been on it so long....

news? i get to be n artist for a petsite how cool is that?! X3

join? :<
its more fun than neopets in my opinion cuz is not strict at all and you can accually post pics ect...though it is smaller but oh well ^^'
(i also made that reffer button :D)
i guess ill post the next chapter to me and archers fanfic :>
(cuz chapter 4 is already done XD )

Chapter two

If somebody asked to Lust, she would have answered that Envy had been talking for approximately 4 hours. Talking and talking and… Well, she could at least pass the time admiring Edward’s… no, Pride’s perfect body.

- It’s not that I’m jealous…

- No, obviously, not.

- I just don’t understand why he has these marks whereas I haven’t !

Lust just smiled and chose to let him continue.

- So, you are not jealous of Pride but you’d like to be like him.

But before Envy could answer, an authoritarian voice stopped him.

- The name of your feeling, my son, is envy. You cannot deny what runs in your blood and lives in your flesh.

The three homunculi turned immediately, facing to the blond-haired man.

- Father, began Envy, I was just..

But Hohenheim stopped him raising a hand.

- Each of my children is as I chosen him to be..

Envy smirked and murmured just as loudly for Lust to hear it.

- Seems that Hoho-papa is inspired, today…

Seemed that the man could hear it too.

- Shut up Envy !

- Sorry… even if I don’t really… Envy smiled

- Envyyyy…. Groaned Hohenheim between teeth

Lust smiled. Poor Hoho-papa was frustrated ?

- Anyway.. we need to rule again the country. I can’t send Wrath again to be Fuhrer so, Envy, you will be in charge of that. Pride will help and supervise you. Said Hohenheim
- I… WHAT ?!!

- Could it be possible that you didn’t understand what I said ?


Hohenheim just stared at Envy with a neutral expression and said.

- I’m not asking you to accept. You’ll do what I tell you to.

- I REFUSE, YOU SILLY OLD… Envy took a deep breath to calm himself before wheezing. Go to hell with your projects. Even if I accepted, I couldn’t : do you imagine what these humans would say seeing me in the Fuhrer’s office.

- They’ll say nothing for they won’t see you. Smiled Hohenheim

Envy raised an eyebrow, suspicious and waited for him to finish.

- It is Fuhrer Roy Mustang and Edward Elric that they’ll see.

i had a case of "cant draw" when i drew that -v-'

so....i go :<

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Monday, June 12, 2006

im starting over >_>
im thinking i might quit otaku alltogether cuz i never post and when i do nobody comments....(cept for rach and sarah >_>)

so....dumb post :D

i makin a fanfic with someone >D
is fun so far and people seem to like it.

but i lack in teh fanfic skillz so my friend archer is writing it and im giving ideas, editing (she doesnt know perfect english) and illustrating :D
i shall be nice and post the first chapter

(and i promise ill try to be more active but if i recieve no comments i delete DX )



No more time nor space, just infinite, perfect and cold darkness.

And beyond…


Chapter one

Beyond the darkness there is…

A white wall.

He opened his eyes and got up slowly.

Where am I ?

He stared at the wall, which wasn’t so white, after all… strange red marks were painted on it, tracing like a circle in the room.


That voice… he tried to remember but nothing came. Why ?

And it seemed that, the more he tried to remember, the more his memory was fading into nothing. So when Envy came to meet him and gave him some clothes, he just accepted it and did nothing more.

He met a man who called him Pride, but that was unimportant too, wasn’t it ?

The man told him that he was his son and, therefore, he had to obey him. He just bowed.

- Pride ?

- ?

- Welcome among us.

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

well...i got BBI and beat the first 3 endings............and cried............
but.........thats not the point...(OMG! IM ACCUALLY POSTING!) :O

im uber lonely and noone is on AIM, Yahoo or MSN and i sad-ish....and very stressed >_>
i think mom is starting dinner.....its already 8:05 pm DX

well...its finally warm enough to take off my hoodie........problem is i feel over heated at 72 degrees....and it gets to a high of 101 degrees here....=____=;; im so gonna die of heatstroke....especially if i do go to california this summer to meet rach in the flesh |D (what~~~~we've know each other for about a year D:)

*stares at empty glass*.......i miss my grapejuice.......

im currently trying to get my mom to buy some more FMA XD
she really loves it :D
i even convinced her to eventually draw ed cuz she is uber good at drawing o_e

*brother comes in and gives me a lemonade* o__o???
ok...a bit random there XD
*looks to make sure he didnt do anything to it* o_e

well...i guess im just telling you people that im not dead yet XD

toodles XDDD

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

(90% chance anyway >_>)

anywho...im trying a new layout....which i stole the code from rach =_=......but im still working on it ^^;;;

im gonna be grounded~~~ D:
atleats its not on spring break ^^'

its spanish class that i got grounded for .__.
i got a 63 in it and thats not good >_>;

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

i just got back from school~~~
-3- report cards come out tomorrow so im probably gonna be grounded....RIGHT BEFORE SPRING BREAK ;O;

well...the convention was AWSOME!
we saw 2 armour als...only 1 trisha, winry and envy, 3 greeds and hoeinheims and uncountable eds! but i was the only ed with a zipper and not a buckle >D
a ho ho papa came up to us and was like "Who's your daddy!?..................ive been wanting to say that all day...."
i got a pic with him w00t! and sarah was like "its like jerry springer! which kid is yours!"(talking to hoenheim)
pics-->Image hosting by Photobucket

i got 4 laminated posters $2 each and 2 keychains and a ufo ed coin purse which i dropped in school and will never see again ;________;
im gonna put the video footage on you-tube as soon as i can...(meaning as soon as i get the card thing)
i entered the cosplay contest but showed up too late cuz the info desk sucked T3T

i had my new FMA DVD volume 8 signed by winry and marta's voice actors :D
Image hosting by Photobucket
winrys voice actor seemed a little snooty.....martas was nice and had a good sence of humor XD (w00t marta) she said that they changed her name from martel to marta cuz marta seems more like a real name.... and winrys voice actor said that its not winly....its winry....and people need to say it right
guy on stage-skittle ninjas! your powers combine and you create Captain Planet!

ive never seen hiei smile so much O>O
she glomped SOOOO many people!......it was funny XD
she also made a new friend :D

i was glomped by a vendor lol she LOVED my zipper! everyone did!
we were known as "the ed group" lol it was good stuff

we are going next year cuz my mom loved it so much O>O
shes trying to take as many people as possible
and since next year i can drive....she wants to take 2 cars...im hoping all turns out well ^^;
picture-->Image hosting by Photobucket

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Monday, March 20, 2006

new theme~~~

i got 2 .hack dvd's at the dollar store saturday for 3 bucks each (compaire that to 30!!) and watched them and fell in love with the series again >_>
im gonna make 2 ed coats in a little bit >_>
along with an ed belt! shweet
more cosplay soon ^o^/)
i might even be able to get footage of the camera onto the puter! OH NO! you people will then know what i sound like OxO

i drew a pic of the cosplay >D
sorry rach...you no fit right ;.;
<--was sposed to be in it >_>

thats the pic with me in teh middle (oh noes! i stole the sptlight! *hides*) hiei on the right as kiba >D and sarah on the left as movie!Al >D oh...and the pic above it is rach as pride!Ed but she didnt fit in right -3-;;;

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

im goin to a convention with my friends at the end of the month.... >D
sadly hiei might not go T__________T
its a B-day present for me >w<
i turn 15 on thursday >D
its also my first convention....im cosplaying as ed, sarah as movie al, and hiei is gonna be kiba
my moms gonna be trisha elric XD

i watched my FMA with her to show her the episode mother and she liked it 0.0
she wanted to watch more! shweeet!

i am haveing to go >w<

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

ahh teh fun!
i dont think ive been.......posting enough.....
officially addicted to Gaia online @_@
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
its fun though :3
sorry im not posting much.....i dunno why...mebe cuz my life isnt very interesting @_@

i went to sarahs today and we had a sword fight.....with scratch and sniff markers. after we were done....i smelled like raspberrys and she smelled like cherrys.....i got a pic of it!!
XDDDD we so fruity!
no...that not acne...that marker XDDDDD (LOOKIT MY COOL TRIGUN HOODIE X3)
now for random animations i made!
for gaia....
done with my action figure of ed :3
im working on a comic that might accually make it to the end! but right now im to lazy to scan it.......^^'

heres a random pic of mah :3

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