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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My week did get better and i didnt even go to the amusement park yet!
first off, I found a japanese class so ill start to learn japanese better; second, I made cupcakes that have ed and als faces on them, dad let me stay up later cuz i woke up early; third, i now get to listen to a J-pop radio station and last and best......*drum roll*
Dad gave me TWO
the bad things though are that i keep just missing my friends on the shoutboxes and that i have writers cramp from all the notes i took from japanese... and that the needle on my sewing machine broke while i was sewing my ed cosplay suit T.T now ill never get it done....

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wanna know the exact definition of the word
some guy gave this url to me. it explains what otaku means very detailed like! ^-^

here is a sample:
In English, an otaku (plural usually otaku, since Japanese words are not pluralized using an "s") is a variety of geek (or an overly obsessed fanboy / fangirl) specializing in anime and manga. A simplistic English translation might be 'culture hermit'.

This is the link for the complete article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otaku

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   wheres my marker!?!?
my description ^-^

I made it for devaint art, and decided to put it up here ^-^

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

   My Only T.V.

sry.... just thought that looked cool ^^'

any way.... Man school starts in less than a week and my dad is making me go to bed 1 hr earlier for the rest of the week.... not to mention that my T.V. has been broken since saturday and that my dad is making spen 2hrs scrubbing every spot in the bathroom till he can see his reflction!!!!!
GOD! wellll.... the week sucked so far, but maybe itll get better? ^^'
But the highlight of my week will probably when my friend sarah takes me to knobles...
That is a very fun place! Though i call it cornellobles. lol
btw... knobles is an amusement park. and on the way there we are gonna use her portable dvd player to watch my FMA dvd! w000t!
Well as long as i look past the mising FMA, no T.V., Scrubbing grimy bathrooms, Going to bed early, and school starting, it should ba a good week???? ^-^'

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Monday, August 22, 2005

I added banners at the top and bottom of each of my posts! yay!
soo my site will be pretty now ^^

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I drew a piccy today and, not to be narcisistic, i think its pretty good!

and over the past 3 months(litterally) i have been thinking if i should take requests or not. I decided that i will.

So if you have an art request, please let me know cuz this is exciting for me ^^

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

welll.......I made lots of wallpapers today...... around 6.... oh! i made more shorts!

read my shorts! o.o
have fun with my shorts! "O.O"

well.....i gtg. its 3:22am here and i have to go to bed. ^-^/ good night!

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Friday, August 19, 2005

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christan: w000000000t!
Me: W000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000t!
christain: -.-
me: XD MY w00t totally kicks your w00ts ass!
christain:O.o..... OH YEAH!!!


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   mmmmm....O.o oats....
I went to my cousins on sunday. thats why i wasnt here ^-^ but he just moved so his house is over 2 hours away from mine. ......so on the way we stopped at a chinese buffet. lol when we were on the way to the buffet, christain(my couzin) and marshall(his moms fiancee) and i were talking about how when you eat chinese food that on your way out of the resteraunt, you fart and your hungry again. lol. so christain and i got some chopstics there and ate everything with them for 3 days straight. i even showed him how to eat ramen with them.
The coolest thing to eat with the chopsticks was the oatmeal! I make my oatmeal really liquidy, like tomato soup before you add water. lol. we had a race to see who could eat the oatmeal the fastest! it was awsome! ^^
Then at lunchtime, i made more oatmeal, and christain made raviolis. we had another race to see who could eat thier lunc faster....and i won...lol. when we had a race to see who could eat thier oatmeal the fastest... at the end of it christain had oats everywhere! on the floor, on his chin, on the table, ect. took 4 napkins to clean up his mess...
when i was done, not one oat was out of place. they were either in my mouth, in my tummy, or in my bowl. ^.^

Very fun.... kinda like getting my sis frustrated because i dont show emotion. lol i have a GREAT poker face!

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