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Sunday, July 2, 2006

neee -v-
thank you hiei...for careing -v-

and i missed you osoraku ;v; welcome back

neh i couldnt bare to delete my otaku account ;v; ive been on it so long....

news? i get to be n artist for a petsite how cool is that?! X3

join? :<
its more fun than neopets in my opinion cuz is not strict at all and you can accually post pics ect...though it is smaller but oh well ^^'
(i also made that reffer button :D)
i guess ill post the next chapter to me and archers fanfic :>
(cuz chapter 4 is already done XD )

Chapter two

If somebody asked to Lust, she would have answered that Envy had been talking for approximately 4 hours. Talking and talking and… Well, she could at least pass the time admiring Edward’s… no, Pride’s perfect body.

- It’s not that I’m jealous…

- No, obviously, not.

- I just don’t understand why he has these marks whereas I haven’t !

Lust just smiled and chose to let him continue.

- So, you are not jealous of Pride but you’d like to be like him.

But before Envy could answer, an authoritarian voice stopped him.

- The name of your feeling, my son, is envy. You cannot deny what runs in your blood and lives in your flesh.

The three homunculi turned immediately, facing to the blond-haired man.

- Father, began Envy, I was just..

But Hohenheim stopped him raising a hand.

- Each of my children is as I chosen him to be..

Envy smirked and murmured just as loudly for Lust to hear it.

- Seems that Hoho-papa is inspired, today…

Seemed that the man could hear it too.

- Shut up Envy !

- Sorry… even if I don’t really… Envy smiled

- Envyyyy…. Groaned Hohenheim between teeth

Lust smiled. Poor Hoho-papa was frustrated ?

- Anyway.. we need to rule again the country. I can’t send Wrath again to be Fuhrer so, Envy, you will be in charge of that. Pride will help and supervise you. Said Hohenheim
- I… WHAT ?!!

- Could it be possible that you didn’t understand what I said ?


Hohenheim just stared at Envy with a neutral expression and said.

- I’m not asking you to accept. You’ll do what I tell you to.

- I REFUSE, YOU SILLY OLD… Envy took a deep breath to calm himself before wheezing. Go to hell with your projects. Even if I accepted, I couldn’t : do you imagine what these humans would say seeing me in the Fuhrer’s office.

- They’ll say nothing for they won’t see you. Smiled Hohenheim

Envy raised an eyebrow, suspicious and waited for him to finish.

- It is Fuhrer Roy Mustang and Edward Elric that they’ll see.

i had a case of "cant draw" when i drew that -v-'

so....i go :<

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