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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ha well, I cleaned out my friends list... if you were on it and still are active, feel free to request i add you back xD

but i had people on there who hadn't updated since 2004 8U;

I'm kind of considering making this a doodle journal too, so that I really will tay more active and not, yet again, abandon it... I also should probably spiffy up this place...

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

wahhh x_x
haha it was just my luck today. The wind decided to take all of my papers this morning as the school was letting kids in.
I could count atleast 150 papers too o_o

*sigh* I was so ambarrased to have all my drawings spread out like that too >//<
Luckily noone commented on them :.D and i got most of them back. i only noticed 2 missing, both which I already scanned and photoshopped so phew >c<

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

waaaa >w<

im so happy my webcomic was featured (its amazing 8U! i never woulda seen it happeneing)


in other news...we had a snow storm so i got to miss school.... but ended up having to sit in bed for half the day anyway T_T *was in pain*

friking pain killers take to long to kick in and they make me nausiated... as much as id just deal with the pain...its too ntence for me to where i cry LAWL *doesnt cry much* c8

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