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Friday, December 9, 2005

im not a pot-head :D
98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you are one of the 2% that hasn't copy and paste this into your profile
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Thursday, December 1, 2005

for osoraku...or anyone that needs a blog ^^
lol umm...difficult to teach over pm but i try.. i will have to try this method
go here http://photobucket.com/practice.php?id=3zqlw
it should have the code there...if you want me to pre-make you a "blog" (is what they call it) open a pic in paintshop pro, and make a square part lighter by ajusting the hue, saturation and lightness..ect. cool effects with that program ^_^
anywho! when you make the pic send me the url..(sry for it being sooo long ^_^')
if you wanna try yourself, use where it says "width=512 height=398" (the first time it says that)to adjust the size of the picture...where it says "background=" put the url of the picture after that
the first time it says "td height=190" change that to how far down from the top the word box is gonna be.
where it says "td height=190" the second time change that to how big the word box is going to be vertically.
where it says "width:99%" thats used for how wide the word box is. if you want it as wide as the pic use 100% 50% for half the size ect.
and last but not least (or is it ^_^)
where it says "color="black"" put the color that you want the font between the quotation marks.

and so you know whenever you want to post the blog you have to copy and paste the code for each post...putting it in the post styles page doesnt work for some reason....
well ^^ thats all i can think on how to touter you on it...but if your still confused you can pm me on the problem

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Take the quiz: "Which wolf are you most like?(pictures)"

Eastern Gray Wolf
The gray wolf, including the eastern subspecies, the eastern timber wolf (Canis lupus lycaon), is a large animal. Adults weigh 50-l00 pounds (23-46 kg). Males are generally heavier than females. Coloring is usually a mixed gray or grizzly color, though a few are black or white. Gray wolves appear quite similar to large German shepherd dogs. They have a pointed muzzle, erect pointed ears, bushy tails and moderately long legs.Gray wolves usually live in family groups or packs of 2-8 individuals, though some packs contain 20 or more members. Packs are territorial, frequenting areas of 20-200 square miles.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

   AMV time :D
yeah...there all trigun but very cool ones -.- plus it matches m theme :D
a heavy song..but a good vid

a slightly heavy song but one of my fave AMV's

i love this song and it is always stuck in my head o_O

i love this song too! its a softer song...its more sad than anthing

another sad one :P

more around humour

funny and sad -3-

now the purely humourous ones XD

this is a mix of trigun and cowboy bebop :D

another and its the last one :P

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i finally got the downloading thing to work *phew* thanks to firefox :D
Ive changed my theme twice since the last time i posted XD im really behind
im limited to two hours a day for the puter -_- but on weekends i kill it with attention XD *looks at downloads* NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
THEY STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!I ONLY HAD 20 MORE MINUTES TO GO!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* *restarts download and looks to see that itll take another 2 hours -.-'* -frustrated-
anyway! trigun is me new theme. i missed the show SO much! taking it off adult swim is mean -3-.
bush Vash-o is back! the humanoid typhoon! destroyed the city of July in one blow....but doesnt remember o_o....also the fact tat he swears to never kill....hmmmm....hes not human XD
hes a plant (as in power plant kinda thing...not a flower like i thought until just last week -.-')but he so kewl XD *looks at ed and masataka* o___O you are too!
ed-shaddup -.-*
masataka- :P
i show piccys! XD
in other news...our TV has been broken for the past few months...so we couldnt watch TV and i was going crazy from the lack of anime -3- BUT today mom and dad are buying a new tube 0.0 hopefully bigger! the better to rot my eyes with XF
if i said i miss one show the most (thats still aired) it would be bo bo bo bo bo bo...it is SO friggin funny! who wouldve guessed that he would be turned into a carrot by medusas third cousin?!?! lol XD
wellll......i gots new wallpapers and drawings :D
and obviously this new blog -3- WOOT FOR BLOGGYS XD thanks to Ra-chan (Fallen_Angel101) it works! XD
i got a webcam too! XD HAAHAHA!
it also a digital camera! w00t!
new method of crappy scanning XD
well...i go now...byes XD

Now for some piccys :D

he looks so happy :D
He sad cuz he nearly killed someone out of anger T_T
what happens when you try not to kill people...and you have a $$60,000,000,000 bounty on your head O_o
Love and Peace, All the way XD
I have absolutly NO CLUE what is going on here *ps. dude in front is wolfwood...vashes friend :D
that it for now -3- photobucket and image shack are being too slow so byes :D

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

   here i am.....sitting on a plastic chair.....
i have a feeling this is gonna be a long post >:D
*looks at chair* WHY CANT YOU BE COMFY?!?! it plastic.....this is what i sit in for 7 hour a day in. lol i want a lay-z-boy ><
oh well.....it doesnt get me numb so im happy enough with it ^^
yesterday the fire alarm went off in our school and it wasnt expected....nobody panicd though....then it went off today too....there are rumours that it was just someone pulling the alarm....but there are also rumours that threr was a fire in the cafeteria...mmmm....cafeteria....
*eats fruit* :D i love fruit!stirfry is my fave food XD....yet i dont like to eat in chinese resteraunts because they talk in chinese...and they watch you O_O
i dont like eating in front of people from different countrys (not trying to offend anyone that isnt from america) it just bothers me cuz of that "America is fat" steriotype.....i mean...sometimes it isnt there fault >< i like to eat! :O but my metobolism is very strange.....so.....besides....it not the peoples fault they were born here *3*

soo....getting off the subject...i gots me a new site :D
i got another favorite character besides Ed so it was hard to decide who to put up after this haloween contest thing.....besides....its been almost two years since ive joined the otaku so i guessed that it might be fun ^^
Meep :P
it isnt much now.....but im working on it....apparently owning two sites is harder than i thought -.-
I cant wait till this halloween contest is over cuz i want to change thins around SO badly....I hate Same-old Same-old kinda things....><


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Monday, October 17, 2005

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the last time i postede this clip, it didnt work so this time maybe it will...

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Friday, October 7, 2005

I found a vid of tenjou tenge.....and for some reason i really like it.....i think there is something wrong with me ><

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

i ran my watch through the wash and now its dead b*goes and cries maniacly on the ground*

in other news i saw episode 3 of chobits and episodes 2 and 3 of tenjou tenge...i like those shows even though they are bothe perverted.......the one is interesting and chobits is funny ^^
....ToT MY WATCH!!!!!!!!!!

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