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Thursday, April 6, 2006

i just got back from school~~~
-3- report cards come out tomorrow so im probably gonna be grounded....RIGHT BEFORE SPRING BREAK ;O;

well...the convention was AWSOME!
we saw 2 armour als...only 1 trisha, winry and envy, 3 greeds and hoeinheims and uncountable eds! but i was the only ed with a zipper and not a buckle >D
a ho ho papa came up to us and was like "Who's your daddy!?..................ive been wanting to say that all day...."
i got a pic with him w00t! and sarah was like "its like jerry springer! which kid is yours!"(talking to hoenheim)
pics-->Image hosting by Photobucket

i got 4 laminated posters $2 each and 2 keychains and a ufo ed coin purse which i dropped in school and will never see again ;________;
im gonna put the video footage on you-tube as soon as i can...(meaning as soon as i get the card thing)
i entered the cosplay contest but showed up too late cuz the info desk sucked T3T

i had my new FMA DVD volume 8 signed by winry and marta's voice actors :D
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winrys voice actor seemed a little snooty.....martas was nice and had a good sence of humor XD (w00t marta) she said that they changed her name from martel to marta cuz marta seems more like a real name.... and winrys voice actor said that its not winly....its winry....and people need to say it right
guy on stage-skittle ninjas! your powers combine and you create Captain Planet!

ive never seen hiei smile so much O>O
she glomped SOOOO many people!......it was funny XD
she also made a new friend :D

i was glomped by a vendor lol she LOVED my zipper! everyone did!
we were known as "the ed group" lol it was good stuff

we are going next year cuz my mom loved it so much O>O
shes trying to take as many people as possible
and since next year i can drive....she wants to take 2 cars...im hoping all turns out well ^^;
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