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Monday, March 20, 2006

new theme~~~

i got 2 .hack dvd's at the dollar store saturday for 3 bucks each (compaire that to 30!!) and watched them and fell in love with the series again >_>
im gonna make 2 ed coats in a little bit >_>
along with an ed belt! shweet
more cosplay soon ^o^/)
i might even be able to get footage of the camera onto the puter! OH NO! you people will then know what i sound like OxO

i drew a pic of the cosplay >D
sorry rach...you no fit right ;.;
<--was sposed to be in it >_>

thats the pic with me in teh middle (oh noes! i stole the sptlight! *hides*) hiei on the right as kiba >D and sarah on the left as movie!Al >D oh...and the pic above it is rach as pride!Ed but she didnt fit in right -3-;;;

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