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Monday, June 12, 2006

im starting over >_>
im thinking i might quit otaku alltogether cuz i never post and when i do nobody comments....(cept for rach and sarah >_>)

so....dumb post :D

i makin a fanfic with someone >D
is fun so far and people seem to like it.

but i lack in teh fanfic skillz so my friend archer is writing it and im giving ideas, editing (she doesnt know perfect english) and illustrating :D
i shall be nice and post the first chapter

(and i promise ill try to be more active but if i recieve no comments i delete DX )



No more time nor space, just infinite, perfect and cold darkness.

And beyond…


Chapter one

Beyond the darkness there is…

A white wall.

He opened his eyes and got up slowly.

Where am I ?

He stared at the wall, which wasn’t so white, after all… strange red marks were painted on it, tracing like a circle in the room.


That voice… he tried to remember but nothing came. Why ?

And it seemed that, the more he tried to remember, the more his memory was fading into nothing. So when Envy came to meet him and gave him some clothes, he just accepted it and did nothing more.

He met a man who called him Pride, but that was unimportant too, wasn’t it ?

The man told him that he was his son and, therefore, he had to obey him. He just bowed.

- Pride ?

- ?

- Welcome among us.

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