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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Family guy stuff! Very funny show!
Recomending you only play one at a time

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Monday, September 5, 2005

WHY! is my CD burner being weired!!
I wanted to burn a cd but the cd burner didnt burn them right!!
thank god its a re-writable cd...
I love this song *dances*
I cant believe the waffles are gone T.T man!
I gotta wake up at 10:30 and clean out the fridge... *sigh* its equivilent exchange though... dad gave me the CD so i clean out the fridge... *sigh* i have to re burn mah CD too... oh well...

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Sunday, September 4, 2005


Video provided by VideoCodes4U
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Ok.... bad day today... I woke up by my sisses music blairing through the house....... I came upstaires to see that josie was in a bad mood..... My bro and sis both had like 3 friends over and i HATE when they have thier friends over...... They were on the puter (my puter!!)...... I drew a pic which sucked and it brought down my pride a bit....... My brother and sister were being hipocrites!!! They yell at me when my friends eat at our house when i invite them to but thier friends were raiding our kitchens and eating our food without permission!!!....... THEY ATE ALL OF THE WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT DID IT!!!!!!! NOONE EATS ALL OF THE WAFFLES!!!!!!!! i marched down to josies room and told her about it! she said she didn't wanna hear it and that she was in a bad enough mood that she can't smoke tomorrow! THAT is a GOOD THING!!! And another bad thing is that my brother raised his arms.... that alone is enough to scare anyone!!
Plus their friends are being obnoxios! AND (yes... there is more) this dude keeps mocking me on AIM!!! AGH! SOMEONE make my day better!!
Also the fact josie has her friends over and she isnt even hanging out with them! There up here annoying me and she is in her room wich is in the basement! >.< I wanna punch something!!

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Saturday, September 3, 2005

   have you ever noticed the banners make this look like a sandwich?
w00t! I had WAFFLES this morning!!!
what the eff?
i is happy today! I had to skip lunch yesterday T.T
ive been hungry ever since...
I had two waffles this morning but they made me even more hungry... T.T So now im makin a pot-pie! w00t!
made me a few FMA doggies....WTF?
oh man what bordom will do to yah... phew!
mmmmm.......waiting for pot-pie....
im working on a second website... dont know what to call it though lol. TROGDOR!!! TROGDOR!!!
wanna see trogdor?
click here!
Click here for the e-mail of the day
w000000t! pot-pie is done!!
welll....you watch the cartoon and ill eat mah pot-pie!

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Friday, September 2, 2005

making me a FMA font!!
plus i was partnered up with a girl in science and when i got my calculater(which has ed all over it) to figure out the average of somthin, she was like "OMG! you like fullmetal Alchemist!"
i thought heaven struck or sumthin cuz it was amazing! i thought she was a prep!!
geuss that goes to show that you dont judge a book by its cover!!!

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

4th day of high school.... so... tired..... the school it HUGE!!
its basicly just a little smaller than a collage...
c- -.-
my legs hurt... yesterday on the bus, i had to sit with my weight supported on my knees for about 15 minutes and it was raining. when i got inside, i slipped cuz my legs were so lazy and my shoes were wet... the first impression sticks with you too ^-^;;;;
aw man... I also met two anime freaks that never saw FMA!!!
OMG!! so i lent the one dude my dvd and today he said that it was AWSOME!!! and he told me(yesterday) that there are better anime's then FMA...I didnt believe!! NOOO!!! they also like video games! *3*
and this guy started hitting on me.... and it was FRIKIN WIERD!!
the first thing he said was "Sooo.... do you like Spider-Man?" I was laughing SO HARd inside my head!! it was hilarious! lol the other thing is that he is like, 2 years older than me.... i dont want a boy friend... they just seem like a pain (sorry edward1123) not trying to offend anyone its just the ones i had never accually talked to me... soo... you know how first impressions effect you greatly... *3*
The one dude i sit with said that soon i was gonna start getting into drawing hentei!!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

   C- - . - *phew*
My first official day of high school.... yesterday was my first day but only freshman went and scince the school is so big they got a tour of the school...
im beat.... noodly legs....insomnia.. -.-
wow... lots of homework too....
And the fact that none of my friends have the same lunch as i and we have the same lunches for the whole year. TTTTT.TTTTT
i cant eat when im alone either so by the end of the school year im probably gonna lose like,,,15 lbs from the worst possible way which is refusing to eat.
Oh god i just wanna drop out...
but im not gonna cuz ill never get anywhere if i do... T.T
Im gonna probably get depresed...
*bawls on pillow* WHY ME??!! i cant even sit with my sis cuz she has a different lunch... TTT_TTT
Why couldnt this happen to a popular person? they make friends easily! i only make about 1 friend a year...

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

All of my store bought FMA stuff ^-^
When i was telling abby(sarahs little sis)how many ed things i had, i realized that i hwve to much @.@
Here are all the things i have:
FMA DVD vol.1: the curse

my watch which came with a necklace:

my shirts:

My keychains:

My action figures:


And i have a pack of trading cards....

*thinking* anything else.....*thinking* ummmmmm..... i think thats it....

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Went to knobles yesterday. w0000t!
I had lots of fun! I also made dolls for my ed doll and i gave the roy one to sarah. We had lots of fun with those!
mine was ed and hers was roy. She drew mantittys on roy! The roy doll was named fuglinater and ed was named fuggles. That would be cuz they were frikin fugly. one very funny thing was when we were on the cosmotron and you spin while there are lots of flshing lights. and sarah was waving fuglinater back and forth but on one blink of light, his shirt was on then the next blink of light it was gone!
Another thing would be when we saw the giant ferris wheel And we wanted to sig "My Will" because of the flashy designs it had.
and on friday we went school shoping and i gots me another ed shirt and another ed keychain! w000000t! thats 4 ed shirts and 3 FMA keychains ^-^

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