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Sunday, January 29, 2006

ahh teh fun!
i dont think ive been.......posting enough.....
officially addicted to Gaia online @_@
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
its fun though :3
sorry im not posting much.....i dunno why...mebe cuz my life isnt very interesting @_@

i went to sarahs today and we had a sword fight.....with scratch and sniff markers. after we were done....i smelled like raspberrys and she smelled like cherrys.....i got a pic of it!!
XDDDD we so fruity!
no...that not acne...that marker XDDDDD (LOOKIT MY COOL TRIGUN HOODIE X3)
now for random animations i made!
for gaia....
done with my action figure of ed :3
im working on a comic that might accually make it to the end! but right now im to lazy to scan it.......^^'

heres a random pic of mah :3

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