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Friday, December 28, 2007

Lol XD

Hello there everyone! How are you?

Thank you for all the comments on my last post! =D *huggles* They were all very lovely. Lol, ElvesAteMyRamen you really want to call me Jack Skellington? XD lol, well go right ahead! He is like my true love! XD Actually my personality just about fits him. I am kind of oblivious to a lot of stuff as well and desire for something better in life. lol.

Haha, anyways, yeah I said I wasn't going to post until after New Year's, but I heard that I am going to be busy around that time so I can't post exactly... I am freaken dog sitting while my precious brother goes out of town with his wife Kristi. ugh. He has two dogs, Freckles and Jack. Freckles is really sweet but Jack is a freaken idiot. I mean I am not kidding, I love dogs, but this has to be one of the dumbest dogs. lmao. Sorry Jack, but its the truth^^; So anyways, I have to watch them for a few days, so that means locked up in my room with Jack because he doesn't get along with my dog Koda. They get into fights all the time so we have to keep them separated. -__- *sigh* I don't understand why they just don't let their other friends watch them!!!! >=(

Haha, ok enough with my complaining^^; So how did your holidays/Christmas go? Hopefully they all went good. Mine was fantastic I must say. I got some very lovely gifts....um, I hope you wont think I'm a spoiled, selfish brat if I list the stuff I bought^^; I feel really self-centered when I do that...but here's my list of what I got for Christmas...

-Third generation I-pod
-The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass for the DS
-Air tv volumes 3,4 and the movie(finally have all of the volumes!)
-Meet the Robinsons, Shrek the Third, and Anastasia on DVD
-Disney Princess Belle doll
-Anime wall scroll, Kamichu!
-Anime figure, Genshiken's Ritsuko
-Haruhi Plushie doll, Mikuru
-Chobits stickers
-Gift card to Barnes and Noble

...ok so that was my Christmas....gosh I felt so freaken conceited writing all of that out. =( Anyways, the gifts were fabulous, but the best part was finding out that my brother Justin and his wife Kristi(yes the two I am watching those lovely dogs for) are going to have a baby. =^_^= She doesn't know the sex yet, but the baby is due in July. My Mom practically killed both of them because she was so happy^^ haha. I am as well...wow, my big brother is going to be a Daddy...its kind of scary how fast time flies by. But I am so happy for them. They were together for 11 years before they got married, and have been married for 3 years now. =3 But yeah, that means baby AND dog sitting. Lmao. It was kind of funny though because I went up to Kristi and touched her belly and just started smiling. Haha, she told me not to push to hard down on her stomach because I guess it was sore a bit. But I was just standing there, amazed. I mean, she is holding a little life inside of her stomach, in her body...is that not just beautiful? =)

Oh! Also one of the reasons I got so much anime stuff is because my Dad took me out(YES! HE FINALLY CAME OUT TO SEE ME!!!) and we went shopping. lol. So I asked him to take me by the local anime store. When we got there I noticed that almost everything was being packed into boxes! I was like, "WTF?!" Haha, the lady who owns the shop said to me that they were closing because the store was too much to handle but instead just selling the stuff on her website. She is a really nice lady so its going to be sad to see her leave. But I got a ton of discounts on a lot of stuff in there! XD I just wish I had gotten there sooner because a lot of stuff was already packed up. Lmao. My Dad was just walking around with this look on his face, "O_o" Haha. He asked me, "Meagan, this book here *points to manga*...are these the ones you read upside down?" XD lmao. "Umm, well you read them backwards^^" Haha. He seemed soooo lost in that store and kept asking some really amusing questions to the lady who worked there. haha. Um if you would like to visit the anime website that she owns here is the web address down below. Just click on it and it should go there. I know they are having some pretty nice discounts right now! =3


Before I close this post out I wanted to thank some certain people for always commenting on my wallpapers/ecards. Xaos, just.me, Rurouni Kikyo, Sparkle 078, filo05 and DaFeather. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to go see my work....I am sorry but I have to get this off my chest. I comment on a lot of art, wallpapers, and ecards, but a lot of you never seem to comment on my stuff when I have it up. I'm sorry if I sound really stuck up but that just bugs me in a lot of ways. ^_^ but still I thank you for taking the time to visit me. Now DaFeather I thank you personally for all of your comments and your ever growing kindness^^ I admire you so much for making all those gifts for your friends! Down below is a picture of Belldandy DaFeather drew for me^^

Gift For Innocent Heart

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Thank you ever so much! *hugs* Also, PLEASE go see her artwork. She worked hard on all these gifts she made for everyone, so if you could please go see her art. Thank you.

ALSO if you could go see one of my good friends on here, deadly neko. She is a very sweet girl and she is looking for some new friends. I know all of you who come visit me are fantastic friends^^ =3 So please go visit her, thank you^^


Question Time!!
1. Do you like the changes to my site?
2. So what was your favorite Christmas gift?
3. Do you collect any manga series right now?

My answers:
1. Haha, yeah this is probably my most favorite theme so far for my site^^ This little story is one of the main reasons why I love Chobits so much. The short story is called, "The City with no People"
2. I don't really know...I love all my gifts and I am thankful for all of them^^
3. Oh my yes, maybe too many. -__- Rozen Maiden, +Anima, Fruits Basket, Saiyuki, and Vampire Doll. FINALLY just finished DearS and Kamichama Karin


Quiz Result and Video:

What Color Is Your Aura??? (7 breath-taking results!!!)

You’re shy, have low-self esteem, and is a sad person deep inside. But you’re also extremely honest and loyal to people you love, (well…the people you let in your heart anyways) and is quite secretive about your own and other people’s feelings. You’re very good at keeping secrets. You’re afraid of people betraying your trust, which had probably happened before. This is why you’re so sad. Above that sadness, you put on a quiet and innocent smile which seems to fool everyone. Honestly, you’re just a bit too nave, or trusting. You cannot believe it when humans torture animals, and you hate it when people kill each other for stupid reasons. You’re a sweetheart, but just too shy and un-confident to share these great ideas. People see you as a nave person who’s kind and forgiving. Black and White mixed together gets grey, so you beware! You have a dark side too! When you’re dark side is revealed, you’re more confident but a bit harsh to others and stuck-up. Famous Grey-Aura: Draco Malfoy (from Harry Potter) though he’s on his dark side right now…Most Compatible With: Green-Aura, Blue-AuraLeast Compatible With: Orange-AuraQuote:“The question is not how we forgive, but when we forgive.” –gomicha11At Your Best: Sweet, forgiving and very lovingAt Your Worst: Harsh, distant and a little stuck-up
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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LMAO. Haha, I'm sure some of you have seen this before, but this is just so freaken funny....lol

Wow...this was a really long post! I apologize^^; Reading back I realized I rambled A LOT and seemed kind of harsh. I hope I wasn't too bad. =( but anyways, thank you soooo much for visiting me! And if you could please go check out my ecards/wallpapers. Just when you have the time though. So I hope you had great Christmas and I hope you have a lovely New Year's as well! I will be visiting sites! =D Take care my lovely friends!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hello there everyone! Happy Holidays! ^_^

Wow, its been awhile since I last posted. Thank you to those who commented on my last post^^ Haha, yes I am Swedish. Maybe not exactly full blooded, but just about. lol. I have many cousins who live in Sweden and one of them just happens to own a hat shop^^. I really want to go and see them someday, I hope I can....haha, anyways I hope you are all doing well. I am doing good, just happy that I'm out for Christmas Break! XD I go back on the 3rd of January. -_- But oh well, it just feels good to be off. And not to mention that Christmas is just around the corner^^ I am so happy....Christmas time is just so beautiful.

Lets see...this week for me was ok, just busy with finals. They were actually not that bad. I have also been reading a lot, but I really enjoy that^^. Probably the best thing this week so far for me was my Band concert^^ It went very good! We got to wear our concert attire the first time this year. Haha, it felt weird to be all dressed up^^; lol. But I really wish my Dad could have come. I asked him to come but he said he was watching my sister's kids, but I know that was a lie. Then he said he was going to come out Saturday, but that was also lie. -__- He says he is supposed to come out Christmas Eve in the morning, hopefully he will. I want to see him so badly...I miss my Dad, even if he is a huge jerk to me. But he's my father, I have to love him. Though my Grandma keeps saying I need to go to a counselor to talk about my Dad, saying it would help me. But I feel fine, sure it can bother me at times, but I am thankful for my friends and family, so I am perfectly happy....its just at times I feel lost...does that make any sense?

This weekend I am baking with my Mom and wrapping presents, so I am actually excited about that^^ Haha. And I am also going over to my Grandma's house Sunday to help her clean her house up. She is having Christmas this year^^ I am so excited! My Mom, my brother Zach, and I are all going to spend the night there Christmas Eve and our family will come over Christmas. ^_^ I really can not wait! Christmas time just makes me so warm and happy inside, being able to be with the ones I love. I hope you all feel the same. Its just kind of scary in a way that Christmas is already here...wow, this year has truly gone by fast. May 2008 be a blessed year.

I got to some sites yesterday, yes I know, my commenting skills are pretty bad lately. -__- I have hardly been on the computer at all, and this coming week and the next I know I will not be on here at all either. -__- So this weekend I will hopefully get on to all of your sites. I might make some Christmas cards for everyone^^ Hopefully. lol. But speaking of Christmas cards, thank you Stixx and GIDRA for sending me such lovely greetings^^ That was so kind! *hugs*


Question time!
1. What do you like most about Christmas?
2. Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?
3. What will be your goal/wish for the new year, 08?

My answers:
1. Being with my family of course^^ but also its a very "innocent" time of year, you feel just like a kid again
2. Yes, its Polar Express...its such a beautiful, glorious movie! I have watched it already 5 times this month! ^_^ It always makes me smile and cry. haha....and of course I love Elf...haha.
3. To be baptized


Quiz result and Video:

What The Holidays Mean to You

For you, the holidays are about emotional connections and bonds. You are happiest being around those you love.

You celebrate the holidays in an over the top style. If something is cute, you'll buy it. People end up with a lot of gifts from you - and your house is like a holiday wonderland, full of decorations.

During the holidays, you feel magical. You love all of the decorations and how happy people are. You like to sit back and take it all in.

You think the holidays should be nostalgic and sweet. The holidays bring out your inner child.

Your best holiday memories are of childhood foods and traditions. You secretly still wish you believed in Santa Claus.

Haha, this is so funny^^

Well I wish you all the best. May you have a beautiful Christmas. I shall see you all next year on theotaku^^ Haha. I will probably be on this weekend to comment on your sites. Anyways, may all of your Christmas wishes come true my dearest friends, take care!

Much Love,

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

~*I dedicate this section to all of my wonderful friends on here who have ever made me a gift. I truly cherish each gift, always making me smile^^*~


Gift from: Sparkle 078

This is a picture of Chii that she colored^^ Fantastic coloring skills she has, doesn't she? =) Sparkle-Chan is a great friend and is a lot of fun to talk to^^ Also, she is the one who made my Chii icon as well^^


Gift from: LystikinenaXP

This was made for me by the always sweet Lys^^ Everytime I look at this button it just makes me smile^^ Lys is a fantastic friend, who has a very kind heart. Thank you Lys! *hugs*


Gift from: excalababe

This was so thoughtful^^ I love this button so much, since the scene is from Chobits^^ excalababe is a great friend on here! With amazing art skills I might add^^ Thanks again!


Gift from: Rurouni Kikyo

This was such a thoughtful gift^^ Rurouni Kikyo is a fantastic storyteller! She has a story on her site right now that she is writing, and it is truly lovely^^


Gift from:

This was such a cute drawing^^ I asked him to draw just a simple anime drawing, but instead gave me this truly lovely gift^^ LGA775 is a very thoughtful, loving friend who can always make you smile with his comments. =D


Gift from: Dafeather

This gift was so lovely^^ She drew Belldandy for me, who is one of my favorite anime characters^^ She was drawing sooo many pictures for everyone else, but still had the time to do one for me^^ She is a truly special person^^


Gift from:
Teapot Domescam

Haha, this is so adorable^^ This was my very first gift on theotaku, and it still makes me smile! =D Haha, she is the one in the tree while I am standing there with the confused expression^^ haha. Teapot Domescam is a very sweet and unique person who has fantastic drawing skills^^


Gift from:

Lovely, so marvelous^^ I was so surprised at how fast he drew this! And look how fantastic it came out! =D Akai-ryu was one of my very first friends on theotaku and he truly is a great guy^^ He has fantastic skills at drawing animals, especially wolves^^


Gift from: RSRKingdomStars

Haha, thank you for taking my order^^ I truly do love cake! =3 Haha, RSR is a fantastic artist who has the cutest artwork you will probably ever see. She is a very lovely person^^


Gift from:

I love how much emotion she put in this picture for me, its so pretty! =3 Another good friend who has a lot of potential in her^^


~*I Thank all of those who have sent me holiday greetings, a picture, messages, buttons, comments, etc. You are all truly wonderful^^ so, THANK YOU ALL TO ALL OF MYOTAKU FRIENDS! =D*~

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hello there everyone! How is your weekend going?

....I think I'm getting worse...I don't know whats wrong with me....yesterday we were supposed to go shopping but that went down the drain. But we did go out to eat with the family. Anyway, my Mom started talking about money....and were not doing so good. So at the table I'm like, "Do we have enough money to pay for the bills? To buy food? Do I need to see if I can find a job to help?" My Mom being the way as she is just smiled and said we were perfectly fine. Well i started crying....again. Right in front of my whole family in this really busy restaurant. And then later on that day I started crying again. My Mom came up to me and had this really worried look on her face. "Meagan...what's wrong? You haven't been yourself lately." Well I kind of blew up right in her face, I just started yelling, "DO I NEED TO HAVE A PROBLEM TO CRY?! CAN'T WE JUST CRY WITHOUT A REASON?! I DON'T KNOW WHY I'M CRYING!!!" And then I pretty much broke down. She said we needed to talk....*sigh* I have just made her worry more about me...she might take me to the doctor here in a few days, I just don't know. Haven't been feeling good healthy wise as well. Yesterday I tried my best to be happy and smile for everyone, but each time I just felt tears come to my eyes....

Anyway, thank you all for the comments yesterday. My mood is really uncalled for and I apologize. I just feel so sad and lonely....and it worries me that I feel this way. I have felt like this before, but not for this long. I don't think anyone notices this, but my Mom of course. If anyone does, they don't really give a damn. It seems like everyone I know just likes to say, "I'm worthless...my life is filled with drama!" So I try to help them out, but then here I am, and no one is helping. -__- Haha, my Uncle said to me yesterday, "Meagan, your an angel...angels shouldn't cry..." haha, yeah right. Me being something like an angel is like hell freezing over. lol

I am sorry again for my mood...please forgive me. I will try to be better! So thank you for visiting me. You are all so kind....I wish you all the best. Take care my lovely friends....
much love,

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December 1st

Hello there Everyone. How are you? This is going to be a long post, but please read......

*Sigh* This week has been a real hell hole, at least the beginning of the week was. I have been in a terrible mood and have been crying a lot. I have slept almost non-stop and I feel really weak. It all started Monday when Derek came in to the library after school and started yelling at me about my religion. I believe in God and Derek is an atheist...Anyways, he started insulting me and such, so it made me very angry and sad at the same time....and I don't know why he did that. So me, being the stupid, sensitive person that I am started crying because I cry at every little thing. Later on that day my Dad called and gave me a bunch of crap so that didn't help at all either......*sigh* It has just been on thing after another. And the sad thing is, no one even notices or cares that my mood has changed. Usually I am really positive and happy, but when I'm sad, all people do is, "Aw, whats wrong?...Well, I hope you feel better!" Then they just smile and run off...I know they don't care...If they did, they would have comforted me more. The least they can do is call me. -___- I have also been thinking a lot lately, and I don't know, everything is just so sad! Haha, and no girls, I am not on my period. lol. Anyways, sorry for my mood right now...I just wanted to write down how I was feeling. I try to be helpful and kind to everyone, but sometimes I feel really worthless.

Anyway, at school this week, there were a couple of things that were amusing and also really annoying...haha...:

1: In French on Thursday I sit next to these two freshman girls. One is a stalker of mine, the other one is just plain weird. haha. So the stalker one, her name is Sam, she yells out random words during class like, "CHICKEN!!!!!" or "NAP TIME!!!" They are really loud and random..my teacher just stares at her. O.o and the other girl who is just plain weird, I don't know her name, she compliments me and just stares at me during class like all the time....It is really creepy!!! >.< But Sam just freaks the hell out of me. haha.

2: In Band, Tata-uh, thats the senior named Derek who I sit next to, he keeps saying, "Meagan, scoot over more...I'm lonely!" So I simply say, "No." So he keeps on pestering me more. And then the other Derek who I also sit next to, they fight ALL OF THE TIME!!! Back and forth they say, "Shut the F*ck up Derek!!"...constantly. and once again, I am in the middle of all of this. >=( (Lol, I know WAY too many Dereks...)

3. Lastly, this was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my whole life. Ok, I am sitting there in English, and its about time to go to lunch. My teacher for English LOVES food, he eats all the time during class! He will just take out a random apple and start eating it! >_< Anyway, the bell rings for lunch and my teacher jumps out of his chair and yells, "EVERYBODY GET OUT!!! ITS LUNCH TIME!!! WOO-HOO!!!" and then he ran out the door past all of us......LMFAO. haha, it was so hilarious. He is so crazy!!

So yeah thats pretty much how my school week went, pretty amusing in some parts. haha. So I hope your week went well. So lets hope this weekend will be even better. I am actually going shopping today, so that might cheer me up a bit. I am going to the anime store thats around here^^


I wanted to say a BIG thank you to Ace for drawing this picture for me^^ This is me in my wolf form you could say. haha. Please go see it! And thank you again Ace! *hugs*


Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Also, the "Klutz Club" banner is now up^^ Please PM me to join! Or you can go to Sparkle 078's site and PM her! She was the one who made the banner, so all the credit goes to her! There is only a banner for this club, no site. We need more people to join^^ So please do!(Only if your clumsy though ^.~ Look above the post to see the banner!


Well, anyways, thank you for coming to visit me. I know I am a bit depressed sounding right now, and I am sorry for that. *bows* I will try my best to get more cheerful soon....So thank you again. I will try to make it to sites as soon as I can.

So take care my sweet, lovely friends^^
Much Love,

P.S. Like the site changes? This is my winter theme, so it will be staying up for awhile

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hello there Everyone^^

Well i should start out saying thank you to all who commented^^ and of course those who didn't, I understand completely^^. So always take as much time as you need to comment. Anyways, I will first start out answering the questions you guys asked me yesterday. And no, these questions you do not have to answer...haha...this is going to be pretty long, but bare with me here^^


Queen of Sheba: "What is your personal view on yourself?"
- umm...well i can say I have a pretty negative outlook on myself...but at the same time positive^^ haha, i have a lot of doubts about myself sometimes. T~T

the next FLCL: ....hahaha, um i would answer your question(s) but they kind of confused me^^;

Cosmic Rose: "What's your most treasured memory from your past?"
- oh wow, this is a tough question^^ I have so many! XD haha. But i guess the memories I treasure the most are with being with my cousin Caleb^^ I love him so much! X3

Sparkle 078: "Why are you so innocent?"
-Hmm...i have no idea! XD haha. I am very fond of the word....I can relate to it in a lot of ways. I guess I am mostly innocent is because I seem to look at the world with open eyes...does that make any sense?^^;

zero.or.die: "What are you hoping to get for Christmas?"
-Well i would love to have one of those new ipods^^ haha. But i also really want this Chobits wallscroll for my room^^

Koneako: "What's your outlook on life?"
-I think life is beautiful! Its the people who aren't so beautiful^^ lol. But i take life as a test and i don't want to miss anything!

LGA775: "What are you planning this whole weekend?"
-Yesterday I saw the movie "Enchanted" and today I am going to do homework. -__-

RSRKingdomStars: "Have u heard of, "veni vedi vici" by "Alizee"?
-No I haven't, but I'll be sure to check it out sometime^^

Effie-san: "If you could, for one day, have one million dollars to spend on whatever you wanted, what would you spend it on?"
-oh wow, another tough one...I would buy tons of gifts and give them to people who don't have much money^^ That is so much money to spend on myself! XD but if i had some left over, maybe a couple of books^^ haha.

MaliciousButtrfly: "What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?"
-I feel like I'm too young to have any accomplishments yet, but I guess my accomplishment of still being alive^^ I am so grateful to be able to live. Then i can help more people^^

bonitachika792: "How's the band playing going?"
-Aww^^ what a sweet question! *hugs* The band is going good! We are actually practicing for our Christmas concert, which is coming up soon^^

deadly neko: "What do you value the most?"
-I value people who have pure minds. There are a lot of people out there who have heart's of gold, but do they have a clean mind???

Stixx: "If you could go into any anime world, which would it be?"
-great question^^ I would have to say....Saiyuki, just so I can travel with those 4 beautiful, awesome boys! XD

master hiko: "Who's your favorite classical composer?"
-a very unique question^^ I would have to say Beethoven! ^_^

kutekittykyo: "Are you ready for Christmas?"
-oh my yes^^ I love christmas! Just the whole month of December makes me happy!

Angel Zakuro: "Do you think that we're long lost twins?"
-XD haha, I think that we might be! ^_^ We have so many similar thoughts, so why not? X3

hinata-tenten521: "Do you like cake?"
- YES! XD i ADORE cake^^ haha...even if i don't have to much of it. T~T

Ikyuu-Nyuu-Kon: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
-Well in 5 years I will be 20...so hopefully going to a community college around here and having an apartment with a dear friend of mine^^...or maybe living with David..*cough* haha. But I know I will be studying hard to be a counselor^^

Fire Fist Ace: "What's your favorite movie?"
- oh come on now my dear friend^^ You could have come up with a better question than that! XD haha, I'm just kidding you^^ I actually love this question! My favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber! XD


Phew! There you go! So now you know a little bit more about me^^ haha. So i love to ask questions, thats why I ask them all the time in my posts! I like to know more about people, I'm just curious like that^^ haha....but I don't think I will have any questions today...kinda of sick of them right now...XD

So starting off my real post, how are you? How is your weekend going? Mine is going good! Yesterday was a lot of fun going to see "Enchanted" Aww, i loved the movie sooo much! =^_^= Its so cheery and positive, aw, i just loved it! You have to go see this movie! X3 Anyways, today i have nothing really planned...just going to do miserable hell homework. haha. So I might make it to sites today, and I might not. T~T I apologize for my lack of commenting lately, I will try to get better at doing it. *bows*

Sparkle 078 and I are planning to do a "Klutz club". haha, so if your clumsy, etc. This would be the club to join^^ lol. We are going to make banners soon^^ So I'll be sure to tell you when the club is actually finished.

No amv, quiz result, OR questions today^^

I hope you have a great new week starting tomorrow^^ Also, back to school again...ugh! -__- Where did the break go?! Well, take care my friends^^ I shall see you all later! Remember to Smile, it helps brighten up the world a bit more^^ =^.^=
Love always,

8) Hakkai is such a sweetie! X3 *huggles*

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hiya Everyone^^ How are you on this lovely Saturday?

Haha, I know this is kind of late, but how did your Thanksgiving go? I hope it went well^^ Mine was incredibly boring. -_- We went over to my sister in law's mother's house, where half the people there i had no idea who they were! haha, but at least Keri was with me, so I didn't feel to awkward. lol. It was so funny though, since all we did was sit downstairs in the basement and for three hours watched kids shows on PBS. Haha, and then i fell asleep...I didn't even realize i had fallen asleep. haha. Oh well. Anyway, my Thanksgiving went ok. I never really liked the holiday anyway.

So did anyone go shopping yesterday? -__- Yeah i woke up at 4 in the morning waiting for my brother to come pick us up to go shopping. He was supposed to get there at 4:30 he got there at 6:30.....T_T I was very pissed off. haha. So yeah we went to Best Buy first which was a freaken mad house, and then went to a couple stores after that. There was a lot of people I wanted to smack across the face yesterday. haha, especially this one guy who kept following me around at Target. -___- I found it kind of funny at the same time, because its like, "Uh, buddy...I can see you..." lol. So we finally got back home around 10(this is still in the morning^^;) and i fell back asleep. I had only gotten an hour of sleep the night before. Then i woke up at 5. haha. Wow, i sure do love my sleep^^

So what do you have planned for today or this weekend? Today I'm going to go see Enchanted and then probably coming home to do homework. haha. So I might post Sunday, or I might not. lol. Oh yeah, I finally hit 50 ecards the other day^^ YAY! XD 1600 of my ecards have been sent^^ So thank you to those who have commented or sent my ecards!

Also thank you to those who commented on my last post^^ and to those who didn't, I understand. haha. I actually got to about everyone's sites yesterday! =) I was half asleep and delirious at the time, but at least I got to sties! haha. So hopefully I will get to them again this weekend.


Question Time!!
1. What kind of person do you dislike?
2. What emotion/mood do you feel most of the time?
3. Hmm....why don't you ask me a question^^

My Answers:
1. Self-conceited people, I mean OVER the top. To put it simple, they bug the hell out of me. -_-
2. Mostly i feel content or a curious kind of mood. lol


Yes, its another beautiful quiz result^^lol:

What is your heart's true emotion? {Results include Beautiful Pics}

Innocence is your heart's true emotion.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

I love this quiz! XD one of my favorites! ^_^

Well i hope you all have a great weekend! I know this post was a bit long, So thank you for visiting me, its always appreciated^^ Some of you guys are way too kind to me. lol. So take care my friends and be safe! Remember to smile^^
Love always,

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hello there everyone!! How are you?

Haha, it feels so strange to posting on a Wednesday...at midnight. lol. But oh well, out for school now for the rest of the week^^ *sighs happily* ^_^ Today is going to be so much fun! Keri is coming over to spend the night and then she is celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and I. =) Her family really didn't have anything planned and I felt bad that she had to spend a holiday not celebrating or with family. So i told her to come over and spend it with my family^^ So that should be fun. XD haha.

So yeah, yesterday my Dad called me while I was in my school library. So i talked with him, and all he said to me was, "Have you gotten your permit yet?! Meagan, go get it!!" and "You need to get a job." -__- I haven't talked with him for about two weeks and i haven't seen him since March 3rd(his birthday). He lives 20 minutes away from my house. -__- My Dad is a very poor soul who is very depressed and has some major issues. He spends a lot of him time drinking and going to bars. He basically told my older sister, who lives close to him, that he doesn't come out to see me very much is he thinks I'm spoiled and I think he would much rather drink alcohol then come see me. *sigh* He has made me almost afraid to be with men because of what he has said or done to me in the past. Alcohol changes everything about a person, its terrifying. I just pray he can sort out his problems and i will love him no matter what. I just always need to keep on smiling and being positive^^ I have so many wonderful friends and family, so I can't let him get me down. But it would be nice to have a father figure.

So anyway, do you like my new site changes? haha, the image in the background is my most favorite anime image ever^^ haha. I made the colors look kinda of fall-ish. ^_^ I love Fall.

So I might get to sites early today before Keri gets here. =( I feel terrible, since last Sunday i said i was going to get to sites but i only went to three sites. -__- I promise i will get better soon at commenting. I truly love it when i see all of the people who comment on my post or pm me^^ It makes me feel really happy. -__- but i have been doing so badly of returning the favor. So i apologize. If i don't get to sites today, I will get to them Friday.


Question Time!!
1. Favorite Thanksgiving food?
2. What are some things that make you the most happiest?
3. How do you act during school/work?

My Answers:
1. Pumpkin pie^^
2. Family/Friends, sleeping, helping people/giving advice, animals, and FLOWERS! ^.^
3. I am very quiet and i like to glare at people in the classroom...mostly the people who never shut up. ^_^ lmao.


Another beautiful Quiz result(yes, i know...i love quizzes..haha):

+)(+ What Symbol or Emotion Does Your Soul Resemble? +)(+ {For girls only! Beautiful Pics!}

BrokenTrue Name: DierdreElement: Water or DarkColour: White, Clear, Gray, Silver, BlackDescription: "Broken" people's hearts seem to always be hurt. They usually don't know who they are inside, so they try to shape into the perfect girl for what she thinks is the perfect guy. This will usually always lead her to be hurt in the end until she takes off the masks and reveals her true self. Broken people have many people they talk to, but only one or two people they will call "friend". They expect their friends to always have time to listen to them and to let them cry on their shoulder. Broken people always have to build up trust and understandment with a person, so usually their true friends will always listen to them. In school, Broken people usually are towards the back of the classroom. They are usually daydream, yet somehow pay attention to the lesson. They rarely if ever attend school fuctions or are in a school club. They get average grades in school, but true love, trust, and loyalty and finding it is the thing these people care about most.
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WOW!!! That sounds sooo much like me! :0

So thank you for visiting me^^ Sorry if I was rambling on a bit. haha. So i hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving^^ Even if you aren't celebrating, still have fun^^ hee-hee^^
Love always,

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hello there Everyone! ^_^ How are you?

So how is your weekend going? Hopefully good. Mine has been going ok. All i did yesterday was clean house and clean my room. -__- Sometimes i really hate cleaning. but oh well, it always feels good to have a clean house^^ haha. Anyway, this week at school was pretty good! ^_^ I got Concert in Band, which is good. I sit next to two Derek's. lol. One Derek is one of my best friends and the other one is a really annoying senior who won't leave me alone. -_-; but oh well, at least i get to sit by my best friend Derek^^ XD lol.

So what do you have planned for Thanksgiving? I'm just hanging out with the family of course...eating a ton of food. lol. So next week i just go to school Monday and Tuesday, and then out for the rest of the week. =^_^= YAY! Its going to feel fantastic having a nice break off^^ So hopefully you also have a long break. But i doesn't i feel weird that Thanksgiving is already almost here?! This month has gone by so fast! Pretty soon its going to be Christmas! O_O i love that holiday, but i like to enjoy the time of December and such. lol. I need to go Christmas shopping soon....

Today i don't have much planned, just doing homework. So i will most likely be getting to sites today^^ So i thank you all for coming to visit me! It means a lot. *hugs*


Question Time!
1. If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
2. Do you have regrets?
3. What do you want for Christmas this year?

My Answers:
1. i would wish happiness to all of my friends and family^^
2. yes i do
3. hmmm...well i would like one of those new ipods this year, but also i want to just be able to be with my whole family^^


Quiz result and Video:

Which Bleach Captain Would You Be?!
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You scored as Hitsugaya Toshiro

10th Squad Captain Hitsugaya Toshiro (Shiro-chan)

Hitsugaya Toshiro


Ukitake Jyuushiro


Kyouraku Shunsui


Komamura Sajin


Kurotshuchi Mayuri


Yamamoto Genryuusai


Kuchiki Byakuya


Unohana Retsu


Soi Fong


Tousen Kaname


Zaraki Kenpachi (Ken-chan)


Ichimaru Gin


Aizen Sousuke


Demyx is Fergalicious! XD LOL!

I hope to be on sometime early this coming week since i will be out of school soon. ^_^ So i hope you have a great day! Take care! *hugs*

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello there everyone! How is your weekend going?

So how did your week go? My week went pretty good actually! I did my band audition, so i think i did pretty good. hopefully. and i got that huge biology project done, so now i feel so happy to know i don't have to worry about those things. And pretty soon Thanksgiving break will be coming up^^

ok earlier this week my Administrator called into his office and said i had a truancy. O_o So he was saying i had skipped like 5 days of school. I told him that was not true one bit, so i kept on arguing with him. lol. Well he looked at my attendance record and everything was clear. -__- He was like, "oh...I apologize...it seems you have been here..." What an idiot. Yeah, he said he was going to suspend me from school if i really did have truancy marks. -_- He is so stupid.

Also the other day a boy from my school was killed. He was riding his bike and a car that was speeding away from the police hit him...it is so sad. I didn't know the boy, but he had a lot of friends. I saw a lot of people crying in the hallways and even some were going home early. And these people that hit him kept on driving away from the police, not even caring about the boy. That is so sick. We already just went to a funeral this week who died in a car wreck. What is wrong with people? *sigh* Its is so depressing.

Yeah i haven't been getting on the computer much lately, with homework and such. Also my mom gets angry at me when i stay on the computer for very long. -__- So i might only start updating on Sunday's, haha, maybe.

I will be getting to sites later on today.I am so sorry for not vising as much. But thank you so much for coming to visit me, everyone. You are all so kind^^ Especially you Fire Fist Ace! you come by my site every single day i have a post, from when i first started here! *huggles* So thank you so much^^


Question Time!!
1. Favorite Final Fantasy character?
2. Favorite hobby?

My answers:
1. Tifa from ff7
2. Reading or playing video games^^


Here is a video for you^^

Air amv with the song, "Memories" by Within Temptation

So i guess thats it for today^^ Thank you for visiting! Take care!

How cute! =^.^=

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